Bob's Amazing Thoughts: The Fogs Of Justice

Somewhere in the far north, it is forming like a mad mist. A thickened cloud of freezing particles, set tom change the course of events. Some called this cloud Karma, while others feared to name it anything at all. Yet to many others this was the Fog of Justice, coming down on a Canadian airport, only somewhat distorting my thoughts on this week’s episode…

1. The Amazing Winners: “Chip time is over… Now it’s Kim time, go for the jugular.” You got to give it to the big man. He began this race with a few mistakes, but in the end pulled it all together and with the help of his wife, won the big prize. One of the big things I liked about Chip is he new where to find a happy medium to between being nice and playing ruthless. I believe one of the biggest lessons that Amazing Racers needs to learn is to how to pick your battles, and Chip was an expert at this, and because of that, and a little luck Chip and Kim are going home a little richer.

2. Weasels of the Week (Mega-sized for your pleasure): There is so many reasons I picked Brandon and Nicole as this weeks weasels I need to break it down into groups.

a. “We’re kind of sneaking behind Chip and Kim.” There are some acts that I find more weaselly than lie and cheat and backstabbing and one of them is shameless mooching of another team. For me, sneaking behind Chip, letting him work to check the clue to see if it’s the right flag, was just rude. Chip, in my opinion, had every right to lie straight to Brandon’s face. He’s not there to make Brandon’s life easier, but to win the million dollars.

b. “Hey Chip. Beat it.” When your floating in water, screaming “Help me,: it’s pretty understandable that someone may think you’re drowning Hell, watching the clip, I had flashbacks to Osten from Survivor. To treat Chip like some common thug who was just coming to steal their clue was just wrong. A simple, “Hey, it’s OK. I got it.” Would have sufficed.

c. Nicole has a Floment. It wasn’t just Nicole’s screaming, and crying during the bicycle challenge that annoyed me, but her reaction afterwards is what took the cake. The challenge was tough, and it was probably a bad choice. Yet, despite what she said, she didn’t make the decision to slide. Brandon asked her if she wanted to slide, she answered, “Yeah, I guess.” Then when Brandon notices the bikes and suggests that they do that instead she says, “…then let’s do the bikes.” Finally when Brandon is indecisive and she yells at him to stop changing her mind she adds a very helpful “Brandon, I don’t know.” Oh, but she made the decision to do the luge.

d. A couple of fun Brandon and Nicole quotes should nicely round out this section.
Nicole “There is no way I can beat Chip at anything.”
Nicole “I feel so bad, I don’t do anything. I won’t feel so bad when I have that check in my hand.”
Brandon “Picture Jesus up there, like he has his arms wide open and you’re running to him.”
And finally, in a bit of Amazing foreshadowing, Nicole “I didn’t do this race to be third. I want to be first.”

3. Line of the Week: I really, really wanted to like Colin. He’s was a good racer, competitive, and didn’t make too many stupid blunders that plague some racers. But his nuclear temper just made it so hard. That’s why this quote is on the money. “Too bad I’m just an ignorant American.” Yep, man, too bad indeed.

4. Slowly but surely, despite something deep in my soul fighting it tooth and nail, I became a Bowling Mom’s fan. I’m not really sure where it started, but what put me over the edge was their ability to finish stunts that I thought there was no way in hell the would complete. I had them pegged to go the way of the Gutsy Grandma’s, but I get that’s what I get for underestimating a couple of Mom’s. I loved how they stuck together, cheered each other on, despite their screechy, high pitched voices.

5. What else is there left to say about Colin and Christie. At times I cheered, at times I cringed, and times I wanted someone to turn around and pop him in the face. A lot has been made of his anger, which held them back at points like a slow third whiny teammate, yet in the end, it’s not his anger that did him in. It was the Fogs of Justice, as some may call it. A delayed plane, a checked-in bag and a bit of cockiness. I haven’t hid the fact that I had a tentative fondness for this team. If Colin was a little more in control, they may have nudged Chip and Kim out as my favorites. In some ways they reminded me of Kelly and Jon, from last season, who also ended in second. I guess the words of Christie may sum it up the best, “There’s something called Karma…” Yep, and it’s gonna get ya.

6. Yeah, I covered Brandon and Nicole plenty, but I don’t want to end this season without saying something nice about them. For all their quirks, they had plenty of fun, funny and touching moments in this race. From there lovey, dovey support for each other, to one of the more touching moments of the race with Brandon and that little Indian boy, these two brought a lot of great memories. Yet, probably the best thing about them was the fun that The Amazing Editors had with them, especially their searching for God in the clouds shots.

7. For someone who always harps on and on about the skill in running the race being so crucial, I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this race despite it being one of the weaker technical group of racers. The personalities really did shine this time. Each team, in their own way, offered something special this year. Except for maybe our first team Philiminated, Dennis and Erika, I think this season may go down as the one with the most memorable characters. Just seeing Allison and Donny, Mirna and Charla, The Pizza Boys, Bob and Joyce and all the rest gave me flash backs to all the great moments in this season. This show truly deserves the Emmy that is now has a monopoly on, and even more so, deserves a Prime Time Survivor Style reunion show.

8. I’m a sucker for the finale’s. Maybe it’s the emotion of finishing an adventure., but I get left with this glow that sticks with me for a while. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently, but this one was just a lot of fun. Colin’s come from behind, was exciting, if not a bit frustrating, probably more so for most of you guys out their. The last leg didn’t seem as intense as last season, but had a lot of fun, funny moments, especially Chip and Kim on the luge. I probably read a lot of opinions saying how this finale was boring but that’s for another day. For now, I’m reveling in the afterglow.

9. So I’m going to end it like I began it. Praising Chip and Kim. It was a pleasure to watch this team perform and probably the most rewarding victory in The Amazing Race history for it’s fans. There was no Flo this time, no Chip and Reichen, and no anonymous, uninteresting boy team. It was a fun and flawed, not physically gifted, goofy team that took home the prize this year. Good job.

Well, that’s all for this season. See you all again soon.

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