New Kids On The Blech: Canadian Idol Kalan Porter Conference Call Highlights


How has the adjusting been from small town guy to superstar?- Feels like the same guy.

How do you deal with all the screaming girls?- It’s strange, but he’s really appreciative of it.

Who’s your favorite performer on the show?- Everyone has their own unique thing, and is good in their own way.

How’s your confidence grown in this whole journey for you?- It’s definitely been built, especially dealing with judges responses.

What are your strengths going to be battling Theresa?- It doesn’t feel like a competition, we’re both winners, and it’ll be a positive experience no matter what.

What happens to you after you possibly win on Thursday?- The winner won’t be able to go home till mid- November, will be very busy.

What are some stories you can tell me about fellow competitor Jason?- No individual stories, but he’s really a fun guy.

What’s your last supper going to be before the big show?- Doesn’t know if he’ll eat because of how nervous he is.

Are you going to be able to sleep before Wednesday night?- He’s done what can he do, and is comfortable enough to feel that he can get some winks.

How confident are you with the 10-1 odds in your favor?- The game is really unpredictable, and he’ll just have to do his best.

Have there been many intrusions upon your privacy?- Maybe a little, but it’s a sacrifice you make as a public performer.

Are you doing anything for the last show that you haven’t done before?- Not really, just going to be who he is and hope Canada likes it.

What genre of music do you want your first album to be?- More of a rock feel. He writes his own songs, and plays in a few groups at home.

How has your family been through this whole process?- It’s been great, nice to see a friendly face, and feel their support.

What weaknesses have you been working on?- One weakness is being a perfectionist. He just has to go out there and do his best.

What’s the song you’ve done that you’re really proud of? -“I’m a Nature Boy” was a big challenge, but he feels he pulled it off well.

Thoughts on Awaken the Dream?- Think’s it’s a great winne’s single.

How would you like to spend your first chunk of personal time?- Just hanging out, watching movies.

What movies do you like?- Action-films, nothing too lovey dovey.

Any truth to the rumor that your parents don’t want you to sign the winners contract?- None, it’s a false rumor.

How important is it to come out on top, and how do you prepare mentally?- It would be great, but he feels like a winner nonetheless. Just trying to focus on what he needs to do, and will try to his best.

What’s like as a guy to have a stylist?- Weird, and takes time getting used to, but image is a huge part of the competition, and needs to be considered.

Do you feel your image has been changed?- The final choice on image is up to the performer.

How weird is it to be doing a conference call, with all these people giving you questions?- It’s weird but very flattering.

Are you still in a relationship?- Yes, he has a girlfriend, and is trying to carry on a long-distance relationship.

How has your musical style changed?- Just being an Idol has opened his mind to all types of music.

Are you prepared for an upset?- This show is so unpredictable, and anything can happen.

What would Plan B be if you lose? Is music still an option?- Contacts have been made, so music will still be a viable option.

Would you ever consider Broadway?- Yeah, it’s always a possibility. You never know what your going to do.

Is this your first time in Toronto and do you plan on staying?- Yeah, but still considers his hometown his true home.

What have been your biggest challenges in the competition and what have you learned from them?- Confidence was a problem, but he’s been working through it. It’s been tough to see fellow Idols have to leave.

What have been your favorite moments?- The Lightfoot show was great. It was good to be able to perform with his own instrument.

Will you stay in touch with any of the competitors?- He’ll keep in touch with all of them, and will be

Were you surprised about the elimination?- Absolutely. Didn’t have any idea who’d leave.

Will the female fans be the type of voting block that puts him on top?- It could definitely help.

Do you see yourself as a hearthrob?- Not really, but doesn’t mind being one to fans.

Win or lose, will you take any dancing lessons?- Might take some.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the top ten shows?- John would have a lot of fun., and was the funniest, though most didn’t reach air.

Where’d you get the clothes?- Most were provided by the show.

What do you wear in your spare time?- Regular non-formal clothing.

Who is there to support you?- His family has been down there the entire time, and some friends have joined since

How are you and Theresa supporting each other?- They’re great friends, and have supporting each other. Feels like they’re both in it together.

How do you pick songs?- Usually goes through songs that he likes, and that he’ll be able to pull off.

How has your voice been?- Getting a little tired, has rested it a lot.

Do you feel you’re an unofficial ambassador of your hometown?- Definitely. You have to carry your self in a way that represents your area.

What did you do while other competitors were performing- Just focused on what he was prepared to do.