WWE News: RAW Ratings Hold Steady, Angle’s New “Union,” More


– According to WrestlingObserver.com and Nielsen Media Research, RAW drew a 3.5 rating Monday night, down from the past few weeks, but close to how it’s been recently.

– Last night’s results from dark matches and International HEAT tapings at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City:

Mohammad Hasad (Mark Magnus) beat a jobber
Chris Benoit beat Rodney Mack
Maven beat Rob Conway
Chuck Palumbo beat Steven Richards

Also, the “fan” who Eugene was cutting the hair of last night named Scott Colton (a rib on Colt Cabana) was ROH wrestler Ace Steel. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– Keith Elliot Greenberg and Anthony Cali of WWE.com have a story up about Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak’s new group, referring to it as both an “alliance” and a “union.”

The story includes these comments:

“I’d like to introduce you to my new group,” Angle said while standing to the left of his cronies just moments after buzzing Show’s head. “We’re gonna be innovators in sports-entertainment, and you’re gonna see a very brutal side of Kurt Angle. What you’ve just seen by myself, Reigns and Jindrak was only the tip of the iceberg. What we did to Show tonight is something he can look into the mirror — whether it be from now until No Mercy, or after — and remember us by.”

For the full piece, click here.

– WWE.com has a column up showing what RAW superstars think of Taboo Tuesday here.

– The Taboo Tuesday Web site has this story up about Eugene Dinsmore and his Uncle Eric.

– What does Gene Snitsky think of Kane? Check it out in this WWE.com story.

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