Survivor Insider Episode 3 Transcript [Spoiler]


Lopevi Tribal Council
John P. Jousted

John K. (Votes Roory ): (Mutters – “Man, I don’t want to go first” ?) I guess because you’ve never been gone before (??????), you’re not going to be going tonight. Pretty sure of it.

Chris (Votes J.P.): I’m voting for you. You must have forgot. You told me you thought I was weak. I might be weaker than you physically, but I’m stronger than you mentally. It’s just a game.

Brady (Votes Rory): Hey, nothing personal man. I’m just being consistent.

John P. (Votes Royry): I’m voting for Rory tonight because you are the weakest guy in the tribe. Hopefully it will be 4 votes to get you out, or tied with me.

Chad (Votes J.P.): This is kind of a combination of your actions around camp and our strategy. Sorry, my friend.

Bubba (Votes John P.): I know you probably don’t believe me, but I really did try to help you. But I won’t come to Tribal Council with my heart on my shoulder no more. And for the rest of the people in the game: game on.

Rory (Votes J.P.): J.P, the fact of the matter is, your apology is just very veil (???) and thin. I think you’re the most dangerous person at camp because you bring a very poisonous attitude to the camp. Peace

Sarge (Votes J.P.): Once again, your encountering a moral (????). My strategy goes on. Got nothing against you.

Yasur Tribal Council
Mia Muscled Out

Lisa (Votes Mia): I really don’t want to vote for you, but one of the reasons I am is because I don’t think you’re getting voted off, so I just don’t want my vote to go to anyone else. In fact, I hope you’re still in the game and you’re not mad that I put your name down. See ya.

Scout (Votes Mia): Mia, I nicknamed you cool, and it has 2 meanings. You’re cool, and you’re cool. Your volcano erupts a little more than I’d like. Good luck with finding a husband that will put up with you.

Ami (Votes Mia): Mia, I just have to tell you that this morning I wasn’t mad, and I was sitting there calmly, and the first thing I heard was you saying, “I don’t care, just vote me off. I’ll go home. I want to go home.” So that’s the only reason I’m casting this vote. Because you don’t say stuff like that in the game. You gotta play hard the entire time. You can’t give up at any moment in frustration, anger, or whatever, love. You can’t do it, honey. Sorry.

Mia (Votes Twila): Twila, I’m voting for you. It’s either me or you tonight. I’m hoping you have a warm bed tonight and a good meal because I don’t want to go home. You said you can’t relate to women, and unfortunately, you got stuck on an all-womans tribe. I just don’t want to spend another day on the island with you, so hopefully this is your last night with us.

Eliza (Votes Twila): Twila, tonight’s my vote for you because you’re the only person here who’s ever yelled at me. Had Dolly not been playing both sides, I have to say my vote at the first Tribal Council would have been for you. I think you have an amazing work ethic, but you can’t be here anymore. Sorry.

Julie (Votes Twyla): I don’t know how to spell Twila’s name. That’s how much we’ve talked. Twi… la. Let me count the ways. Ha. Um, I think you are manipulative in the sense that you are an emotional light switch, pawing people. You never made an effort to talk to me in any sense. Dolly should be here instead of you. That’s about it.

Twila (Votes Mia): I think you’re a young woman who’s got a big chip on her shoulder. I think you got a mouth and a half, and I think you need to go. That’s all.

Leann (Votes Mia): I guess at Tribal Council I am confused, but I gave my word to some people as to who to vote for. And if you happen to still be around tonight, then I hope you can chalk it up to both of us making a bad decision.

John P.
Final Words

John P.: What I learned about myself in this is that I need to pay attention to people around me. I need to actually listen more, instead of being so judgmental. I need to connect with several different people. No matter who they are, I really need to connect. And about myself especially is, I gotta look at myself from inside out, not outside in. You know, who is JP? What do I have to offer someone? What can I do to help somebody out? I need to stop evaluating people from the outside. I really need to appreciate and respect people’s backgrounds and where they come from and I need to show a little more sensitivity to people


What surprised me the most about being out here is number 1, the culture. Coming to Vanuatu I had no expectations whatsoever, except from the textbooks I read. And to experience a culture that has been around for hundreds of years and the spirituality and the idols, I had the utmost respect for what I experienced on this land, I feel I actually became part of this land and the Vanuatu experience. To be welcomed as strangers, and then to be put on a pedestal as males was just a really, really great experience.


What else surprised me is, we were divided right away. Male versus female. That was a huge surprised. I expected to be integrated with females. I think more of my talents and skills and communications would have come out more if I had females around me. So a big surprise right in the beginning was the division between males and females, and I think of everything I’ve seen over the last 6 to 7 days, that was the most overwhelming surprise event that happened or occurred.


What I’ll walk away from this experience is the appreciation of life. When I say life, I mean the essentials of life. What makes people tick. I’m not going to look at people from the outside anymore. A lot of people are very judgmental. I’m really going to ask the right questions, and really look at what’s inert. What makes that individual tick? Why are they so special? And it has also increased my sensitivity, my awareness of how sensitive people really are. In this game, you’re walking on eggshells all the time, so you have to be aware of everyone around you and what you say. So the elements of a person and our nature and our human being, of who we are, that’s going to make me look at people different. And the outside elements, of environment, which is the fire, is essential to life, water gives us purity and hydration, and shelter that keeps us warm and cultivated inside from the outside variables that can actually hurt us, such as hypothermia and cold and shivering. So these are the things that I will take from this game and utilize them to mold me as a human being to better myself, and to pass on what I’ve learned. What an uplifting experience!

John P.
The Day After

1) Survivor caused John P. to revert back to puberty, where hormones are raging and emotions run high.
2) John P. wishes he had been around the ladies, but he will settle for hugging the men when he next sees them.
3) John P. claims to be more appreciative of nature, but he probably doesn’t recycle and lets the water run while brushing his teeth.

John P. seems like a nice guy, but I wouldn’t want to live with him.

John P: I planned on staying in the game a little bit longer. The level of sensitivity in this game played an important role. You have to realize, when you’re with a group of guys, or a group of individuals, you have to have a guard. You really have to go have some type of shell, because what you say, what you do, how you act, how you talk, how you eat plays an important role of who you are and people perceive you. And I was not really aware of my surroundings in that aspect of the game. So this whole sensitivity, I think hurt me a little bit as well because I think I said some things that may have been offensive to some guys, and they didn’t take it lightly. They take it kind of personal, which was my mistake, because when you’re around 9 guys who are hungry and thirsty and starving and dehydrated, the only way to alleviate the insanity was to have some fun. And we were having a lot of fun, but unfortunately people had fun at my expense, so to speak, so that kind of hurt me in the long run.


My overall experience of the game was a profound appreciation of life. I would say, and when I say life, I mean I think as human beings, we take a lot of life for granted as elements. The essential elements of life, and I am going to have a whole different outlook now, because 5 days of living on an island with a whole group of guys was a great experience, but 5 days of actually no food and no water, when I look at a papaya now or at an orange, I will look at it differently now because it will take me back to Vanuatu. Just the experience of living off the land and my acuity; the senses of my vision waking up and seeing the most beautiful sunsets, the most beautiful sunrises, the smells within the jungle, the tasting of the fruit which was so succulent because we were so starved, the filtration of water – we built a primitive filtration system. So now I appreciate water. I look at water a little bit different because water is an essential element of life, and we all take it for granted. I was the fire starter! I was coined as the fire-starter in the tribe, and I tried my damnest (sic) to get a fire started, and we were really close. And now I appreciate a fire. Looking at a flame within a fire, takes me back to trying to start a fire with bamboo in a primitive fashion, which we never did, but just to say we actually tried – we actually tried, we actually came close. JP was the closest ever starting a fire within that tribe. And the camaraderie we built in doing so, building the filtration, building the shelter, starting a fire, is just an uplifting experience. An uplifting experience.


What I learned the most is don’t judge people from the outside. Do not judge people from what they look like, what size, what shape, what color, what race, what religion. Really get to know somebody. Really get to know somebody. And again, I have to revert back to that level of sensitivity. At one point in time in the game I was afraid to even say a word to anyone, because I was afraid it was going to be used against me. Or taken the wrong way. I was even afraid to take off my shirt in front of these guys, because to them I was a threat, so having my shirt off just because I may have been physically fit, and they weren’t (HIS VOICE IS GETTING REALLY HIGH PITCHED HERE)! That’s a threat to them, because they were playing the game on an individual basis. “JP, in the long run, I cannot compete against JP,” which was true. They really couldn’t. So I said, “Hey, use me as an advantage to your strategy to get you farther. We can work with each other.” But unfortunately, like I said, there was an alliance of 5, there is a pattern going on, and there was just no room for me.


If I were to do something different, my hope would be that they would, instead of splitting the tribe, guys versus girls (laughs), I would hope that it would be mixed. So that was an element of surprise for me right there, right away, when they said “9 guys, guys versus girls,” I was thinking, Wow, we’re going to win every challenge.” But then, as I got into it, we didn’t win every challenge. We lost the first 2 challenges, and then also I formed alliances with the younger guys, because I thought I could relate to them quicker. So if I were to do this over, I would probably try to treat everybody the same, and I would’ve went on some of those walks to the creek with those guys, because again, I was judging people by what they look like and not who they are, who they were. So I would really spend more time, ask more questions. That level of sensitivity, if i knew what I know now, I would probably play the game differently on the sensitivity level.


Having Jeff say those words, which I thought he’d never say: “JP, the tribe has spoken,” and then my torch is extinguished, it’s an empty, lost feeling which I hope I never, ever feel like that inside. It was like being in a dark room. Everything’s has been shut. And you’re by yourself now. And to look back and to see all those guys and to hug them, and say “Nothing personal, I understand”. But it’s a game. I totally understand where those guys are coming from. I just wish I would have played the game a little bit smarter.

Final Words

Mia: This experience definitely changed my life. I mean, I took a lot of things for granted, and being out here and having 7 days of really nothing to do except – well, there was a lot to do, but there was a lot of time to think about life and really how we take a lot of things for granted. And being stripped of everything that I’m used to having around, it just makes you appreciate the little things in life. And bonding – I had an amazing bond with Julie and Dolly and I’m so happy that I met them and I feel like I really made friends for life. And just the whole experience, not eating, not drinking, not sleeping, and still coming together and working as hard as we can to win challenges and keeping our strength up and it’s amazing how the body recovers so quickly, and you can go into a challenge so strong, so it’s definitely changed my life in a lot of ways.

What surprised me the most out here was how lack of food, sleep, and drinking can really wear your body down. I’ve never felt this exhausted. It’s been 7 days. I totally came into this thinking this was NOT going to be a problem at all. And the eating, drinking thing we’d get through it, and it’s just amazing how my body has broken down. I’m exhausted. And I’m going to be so proud for the people who stay till day 39 because I can’t imagine how much more my body could break down. So that’s the most thing that surprised me

This is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, even though I was only here for 7 days. It was UNBELIEVABLY hard. It was – I guess nobody would ever understand unless they are out here doing this, and if anybody ever, like I did, kind of thought this is not as hard as it seems or as hard as everybody says it is, you’re completely wrong. This is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. I think it is a great experience for everyone to go through because you really have to realize how lucky we are.

Mia on Twila

Description: Watch as Mia rants and rants on why the votes should go to Twila and not herself!

Mia (Confessional): I cannot stand Twila. She threw us under the bus, me, Julie, Lisa, and Eliza last night, saying we are lazy. She’s FAKE, she’s a PHONY. She was a total HAG at the beginning of this, and then she thought her head was on the chopping block, so she started kissing up to everybody and now she talks in baby voices. She’s being completely fake, and it’s just so annoying. She’s getting under my skin, and she’s playing the martyr, working all the time, trying to get us all out of energy, which I CANNOT understand what she’s doing. I mean, If she’s used to working like that, fine! If she wants to take on this role, fine! But don’t begrudge us because we’re not hauling limber – lumber at 4 in the morning. I’m not getting up and starting a fire. We don’t need a fire at 5 AM! So I don’t know what point she’s trying to prove. And then she’s doing it so she can point us out as bad people and it’s just RIDICULOUS. And she’s just trying to overwork us all, and I’m obviously not playing into it and some of the other girls aren’t either. So, whatever. She can just keep working like a horse. I’m not going to. I’m conserving energy.


I think me and Twila have gotten into it, and she pretty much knows where I’m at, but I’m going into Tribal Council and I’m gong to speak my piece, definitely, and probably repeat many things I said today about her. Cause I just want to let it out there, just in case I go home tonight, I want everybody to know where I stand. I’m not being a baby about this. I just can’t stand her. She’s fake and I want her to be exposed for what she is.

Leann Interview

Description: Watch as the sun goes down and Leann prepares to leave for Tribal Council. Find out where Leann’s thoughts are and how confident she is going into the vote.

Leann (Confessional): So it’s getting dark, and we know we are going to Tribal Council soon. It’s been another – it’s been 2 days in a row, and another day of wondering, and suspicion, and not trusting anybody, and not knowing how this is going to end up. And I have my idea of how it’s going to go, but I know that anything can change at the drop of a hat. So I’m not convinced that it’s going to go the way I think it is. Right now my vote is going to Mia, which I’m not really crazy about, but I guess that’s the decision. It’s just hard. I’m hoping that I’m not going to get blindsided, because that can happen. And Dolly was, last Tribal Council. So I’m just hoping that’s not happening again.


Everyone does run in every direction, and it is mass confusion. But it was that way yesterday too. And I don’t think anyone has a clue where they are. At any given point, I think up until we leave for Tribal Council anything can happen. I don’t trust anybody 100%. Right now, everybody believes Mia is going to go home. I would not be surprised if that didn’t happen.


This Tribal Council could be a surprise. It could be ugly. We had a little catfight this morning (laugh), and who’s to say it’s not going to continue tonight?

J.P. Talks Back

Description: Watch as a jealous J.P. explains why he wanted to be the guy to visit the girls of Yasur instead of John K. Does he think that John K now has an advantage?

John P. (Confessional): I wish I was over there spending time with that other tribe, because that was my whole strategy coming in. I thought there was going to be a mixture of guys and girls. But obviously, I got stuck with 9 guys, which has been quite difficult to manage.


I think all of us in the tribe are a little envious of John, because we all are anxious to see how they’re living (THAT’S NOT THE ONLY REASON). What are they eating? What does their shelter look like? How are they getting along? We’d really like to know what kind of luxury and lifestyle these women are leading in the Yasur tribe.


I think they are having the same lifestyle we are: probably just gathering around a campfire, telling a bunch of stories, because girls like to gossip. So I’m sure they’re telling a bunch of stories, having a good time and really enjoying the experience and moment.

In John’s point of view, it is definitely an advantage for him to be at that tribe, because whoever he gives that immunity to tonight, he’s actually forming a bond or a relationship right now, even though the 2 tribes haven’t merged. Whatever person he gave that to, they’re going to remember, “Hey, John helped me out.” And John’s going to find out if he asked the right questions. Who are the power players right now? So when the merge does happen, he’ll be able to form up an alliance right away.


Description: Watch as Sarge searches for wood and finds some much needed protein.

Sarge: I’m going to look for wood. We need a game, but we had a pile of wood, and everyone said that’s a 4 days supply.

Rory (Confessional): Sarge’s role in the camp right now is wearing a little bit thin. I mean, he’s helpful, but after 7 days of his constantly talking. It’s getting a little tiring.

Sarge: (Pushes down a tree) TIMBER! If you can’t cut them down, push them down. (Points to a grub) Oh, dude. Look at that larvae right there, a half an inch long on top. That’s an awesome dinner, dude.

(Around campfire – Bubba looks sick at the sight)

Lea: It’s protein. I mean, that’s the thang. We’ve been eating all these carbs. America’s on a low carb diet, and we’re sitting here on this island on a high carb diet.

Someone: You going to eat it?

J.P.: Yeah, I’ll try it.

(Lea chops up bug with machete)

Bubba: I ain’t eatin’ no grubs. I’m hungry and that’s all we got, that’s fine. But if there’s something else in the cupboard…. whoo.

Bubba (Confessional): I just thought that was downright nasty. Maybe they feel self-conscious about their manhood, or maybe it’s just a flashback of being little boys at camping out. I don’t know.

(J.P. eats one and grimaces. Sarge coughs as he eats the bug)

J.P.: Hey Sarge, you all right?

(Sarge coughs up the bug and spits it out.)

Everyone: Oh HO!

J.P.: You just choked up all your protein! (LMAO!)

Bubba (Confessional): They can keep the grub worms. I’m not going to eat them no more. We got food.

Sarge’s War Stories

Description: With many life experiences, Sarge becomes the tribe’s entertainer. However, is the tribe actually listening? Watch as Sarge goes on and on and on….

(Guys are around campfire in early morning)

Bubba: I have to say, I slept better next to that than I had…

J.P.: Yeah Bubba, never heard a peep out of ya.

(Bubba laughs)

J.P (Confessional): Today is Day 7, and finally we’ve got fire. I think everyone appreciates fire, because now we can actually drink clean water, eat food, and stay warm!

Bubba: Chris, would you mind runnin’ to Kroeger and gettin’ some eggs and milk? And a cuppa joe?

Chris: I would, but I forgot my key.

(Brady laughs)

J.P. (Confessional): The morale is up, the spirits are up, but really, it’s 5 against 3 right now. There’s 3 sitting ducks: me, and Brady and John. So I’ve gotta start working on Sarge. He is the key to this game. And I tell you what, Sarge is annoying people.

(Military march music. Sarge gets up out of the shelter and walks over to the men around the fire)

Sarge: Hey! What’s going on?

Guys in unison: Hello Sarge!

Sarge: I can’t believe it’s a 12 hour night. Let me tell you a funny story. I mean, I’ve been cold. When I was in Korea, back in ’88, I was in a boxswat. The PFC. A PM master. And I’m sitting there manning the F16 machine gun –

(Rory yawns)

Sarge: – and the machine guns start –

(Bubba yawns)

Sarge: – it’s about 9 o’clock in the morning, 11 degrees, and I’m sitting there, so cold –

(John K. falls asleep)

Sarge: – And for the first time in my whole life, I’m sitting there and I said “Please god, let me die)

Rory (Confessional): When Sarge tells all of his war stories, I pretty much leave him to rant. They are enthralling for probably about 5 minutes –

(Sarge yammers on around fire)

Rory (Confessional): – But after that, dude, man, enough with the stories already. Can we eat breakfast?

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