The MSG Rant


I’m will preface this with a note that in no way shape or form do my opinions for the next 5 minutes of your life reflect the overall consensus here at Inside Pulse. I debated on the drive home from MSG whether or not to write this and I decided to. So just read. If you want to feedback you are free to do so.

If you read my column weekly you will know that generally I am positive. I enjoy the wrestling product as a whole. From matches to silly angles I just relax and enjoy. For the better part of 14 years I have enjoyed this product and specifically the WWE. With that in mind I am angry to say that for one night I absolutely hated wrestling. But it wasn’t the show. I enjoyed the show from section 68. That is, I enjoyed what I could see. Which brings me to this rant if you want to call it that.

To those of you that bring signs to WWE TV tapings and/or Pay-Per-Views I have a message for you: PUT DOWN THE SIGNS DURING THE MATCHES. Plain and simple. If you want to get on TV that’s great. Just do those behind you a favor and put your sign up DURING INTERVIEWS OR ENTRANCES. Yea you paid $54.50 just like me. Great. But I didn’t pay $54.50 to sit behind a sign THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

How damn selfish it is for you and those around you to decide that “…you gots to be on TV son.” Or “Gosh I really wanna get on the tube.” Why should I, another paying customer, have to sit behind you to see a damn sign that says CRAIG with an arrow pointed down to you. And if you’re there to see the show, don’t call half of your F***ING BUDDY LIST TO TELL THEM “HEY DUDE CHECK ME OUT I MIGHT BE ON TV!” or “WHAT UP SON! YO PUT ON SPIKE I GOT THE ‘RKO’ SIGN!” Guess what schmucko, half the arena has “RKO” signs. I didn’t mind it during the opening interviews. But when you spend more time looking at the TitanTron to see if you’re on TV then watching the matches you just don’t deserve to be sitting there. I don’t give a damn if you sold a kidney and your first born to go see this show. What gives you the right to disallow the people behind you for at THE VERY LEAST 5 rows to watch the show? WHAT MAKES YOU SO DAMN SPECIAL!?

Now I know that this is, in all liklihood, not indicative of any readers of InsidePulse. For the most part we’re fans of the workrate and just want to see a good show. We’re more likely to bring a pen and paper to put down notes than to bring a sign and impede other people’s views of the ring. Thank the good God that, for the most part, we have some respect. Not only for the other fans in attendance, but for the business in which we cut our teeth with columns and news. We do it because we love it. And thank God we have great readers who trust us to report accurately and fairly. Whether you check out InsidePulse for games, wrestling or anything else, you know that with the Pulse staff you get the real deal.

So to those who decided that since they took the time to draw “Kane” with a flaming hand on it, an RKO logo, a Captain Crunch portrait and, lest we forget, CRAIG…Kiss my ass. For one night you made me hate wrestling. Never…never for 14 years have a hated anything about wrestling. Disagree with an angle? Yea…necrophilia. But at the end of the day I am always able to seperate fact and fiction and go to bed with a smile. Not tonight. I’ll watch the Chris Benoit and Ric Flair DVD’s to give me a good feeling about what this business is about and how people sacrifice. But I won’t go to bed smiling. I’ll go to bed pissed because of you jackasses. And that is really damn annoying.

To the Pulse readers and staff who have read this: Thank you for allowing me to vent. I’m sure that if I’ve gone overboard I’ll be reeled back in by you guys. But, if at any time, you are or know someone who does this sort of thing, tell them to either put the sign down or get out. Some fans, which I consider myself first, go to bed angry at the product they enjoy.