SD News: Full Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results [Spoilers]

Credit: and Broadway Bobby

Smackdown taping at the Fleet Center in Boston, MA

Dark and Velocity Matches:

*Shannon Moore pinned Akio with a rollup.

* Luther Reigns pinned Ricky Vega with roll of the dice.

*Torrie Wilson welcomes everyone to Velocity to pop the crowd and introduces the next match….

*Rob Van Dam pinned one of the Basham Brothers with the five star frog splash.

*The Dudley Boyz defeated the Full Blooded Italians. Bubba Ray Dudley was chanting “Let’s Go Yankees” to get heat.


*Smackdown Opens with John Cena, who says he usually makes fun of people but he has to give Booker T his respect. He talks about the Red Sox and the Patriots and made fun of Michael Cole. Carlito Caribbean Cool (Man, I loved him tonight and thought he was funny) makes his way to the ring. He says it would be cool if John Cena fought him for the United States title. They bicker back and forth. Carlito goes to grab the belt but Cena pulls it away and is hit with a COOL DDT. Teddy Long comes out and makes the main event Cena vs. Cool for the United States championship.

*Rey Mysterio defeats Kenzo Suzuki with a roll up Before the match, Kenzo sang “New York, New York” and did a kick line with Rene Dupree and Hiroko to get heat.

*WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield did a promo, saying he was from New York City and insulted Boston – this may have been for just the live audience.

*Hardcore Holly defeated WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield by countout. Layfield was busted open but walked out.

*Paul Heyman and Teddy Long argue and Long says he doesn’t agree with what Paul Heyman and Heindenreich did to the Undertaker at the PPV.

*Kurt Angle did a promo saying he wasn’t at 100% at No Mercy against Big Show.

*Teddy Long announces John Bradshaw Layfield will defend the WWE championship against Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore match.

*Big Show pinned Mark Jindrak with a chokeslam. Kurt Angle did commentary. Eddie Guerrero attacked Luther Reigns and stopped him from interfering.

*Josh Matthews interviewed Carlito Caribbean Cool who said it would be cool when he becomes United States champion.

*Billy Kidman vs. Charlie Haas – I believe this went to a no contest but it could have been a DQ as the bell never rang. Kidman wouldn’t do the shooting star press but hit the BK Bomb on Miss Jackie. Rico ran out for the save.

*Heidenrech came out and read a poem in the ring, then jumped into the crowd and threw some “fans” on the ground.

*Backstage, Booker T runs into Orlando Jordan. Jordan is being nice to him. Booker tells him never to touch him and if he does, “It’s all over, sucka”

*Carlito Caribbean Cool defeats John Cena to become to new United States Champion after hitting him with a chain and knocking him out.

Notes: The whole balcony was tarped off….I was annoyed there was no Paul London and no Undertaker – not even local boy John Walters in a dark match…The crowd was in a good mood all night because the Red Sox won and was into everything.