Survivor Insider Episode 4 Transcript [Spoiler]

Lopevi Tribal Council
Brady Banished

Chris (Votes Brady): It’s all about strategy. It’s all about a game plan. You’re just one of the numbers.

Rory (Votes Brady): Brady, you caught the first fish. You even climbed the pole. But the spirits sometimes dictate that it’s time for you to go. Ain’t nothin’ personal, only business.

Sarge (Votes Brady): Nothing personal. I started one strategy and the worst thing I could do is change the vote in the middle of the game. Sorry guy.

Bubba (Votes Brady): Brady, it’s nothing personal, it’s just part of the game, man. Wish you could stay longer. I really wish that we had won that today.

John K. (Votes Brady): Sorry bro, it’s either you or me.

Chad (Votes Brady): Brady, you’re a really good guy. This is based solely on strategy, for better or for worse. It was good getting to know you.

Brady (Votes Rory): Maybe the third time’s the charm.

Brady’s Final Words

Brady: Wow. Well, I learned a few things. I learned I can go a long, long time without drinking water, without eating. I learned that even in the most basic group dynamics, people are generally out for themselves. I learned how to live off the land a little better than I used to. I learned a little bit better how to get along with people from completely different worlds than myself. (Imitates Bubba) People that can’t go five minutes without talking about fatback and buttermilk biscuits, and flapjacks, and NASCAR. (Normal) And you know what? I enjoyed it. I really did enjoy it. As much as it grated on my nerves, I enjoyed it.


The game of Survivor is much more dramatic now than it was to me before. You can’t ever appreciate the deprivation or the group dynamics unless you’re a part of it. It’s much more powerful to me now than even I expected it to be or what I thought it that could be.


The most important thing that I’ll take away from this place is appreciation. Appreciation for things like fresh water. Electricity. The love of the people in my life. When you’re deprived of these things, the appreciation grows in you enormously and I that hope I never lose that.

Brady: The Day After

Brady: I don’t know if I can say it was an altogether enjoyable experience, but it was a fantastic experience. The game in general, like I said was not necessarily enjoyable, but it was fantastic. I mean, it’s hard to say that it’s a good thing to be that hungry, or a good thing to go for three days without water, but when you get that water, it’s a fantastic thing. And when you finally discover manioc or a ripe papaya, it’s a beautiful thing.

So there was kind of these highs and lows that make the highs seem higher when the lows are freezing your nuts off all night long, and getting so worn out by shivering, that 1/8 of a piece of one small papaya in the morning can taste like heaven. Overall, it’s a good thing to be that deprived and that nasty and hungry and tired because things like a cold glass of water are like a godsend. It’s like the first time you’ve ever had it afterwards. It’s good.


I wasn’t ready to lose. I wasn’t ready to go home. I felt like I should have done better. I felt like I could’ve done better. Although there was a certain amount of hopelessness in the game for a while based on the immediate alliance that sprung up on our tribe.


I don’t know that I could’ve done anything differently after the first hour of the game. Things were polarized so quickly that I think after that first day, it didn’t matter what we would’ve done. I think some of the things that I did kept me from being first or second out of our tribe: working as much as I did, building the shelter, always hunting the papayas, climbing the trees to cut down the plantains, fishing. All those kind of things extended it to the ten day mark. (Laughs) All I was hoping was that I could just stick in there long enough so that some major rift or shift occurred in the game.


You know what, I was probably not consumed enough with the game while I was there. Maybe if I was more focused on just the game itself, maybe I would still be there. Maybe I wouldn’t.

But I actually did take time to appreciate the things that were around me. I called the other guys’ attention to it time and time again — “Hey guys, just look at this. Just look out across the water when it’s pure glass, as far as you can see.” The visibility of the water – I spent more time in the water than anybody else, fruitlessly chasing fish most of the time (laughs), but I got a chance to see fish that looked like they were dressed up for the circus. I spent time mostly just trying to avoid the inane conversation, just sitting out on the beach, finding these amazing shells that are right underneath your feet. You just walk right over them all the time. So I thought that maybe to my own detriment in the game, but I did spend time appreciating the place they put us, the kind of prehistoric nature of a lot of it. It seemed like it was totally untouched. So I appreciated that.


You know, I’m going take a lot away from this game. I was only out there for ten days, and shame on me for that. You can do a lot of thinking in ten days. You can also do a lot of shivering, a lot of starving (laughs). I’m going to take away an enormous amount of regenerated appreciation. Appreciation for things like long-sleeve shirts, warmth, running water, toilets, food in general.

But I’m also going to take away a lot of appreciation for the people in my life that weren’t there that you spend a lot of time thinking about. I mean, I’ve been away from the loved ones in my life many times during my life. Deployments and work and stuff like that. But I’ve never been quite so isolated from them that I could actually taste that they were gone. It was almost like a discernable taste in my mouth and in my head. It was weird! It was the first time I’ve ever been that separated from people.

I think I will take that appreciation with me for a long time. And also, you get a lot of crazy ideas while you’re out there- not wacky crazy (laughs) — but crazy as in, “You know what? Maybe it is time for some big changes my life.” Maybe it’s time for some shifts, or maybe more subtle ones, but definitely things you don’t want passing you by in life, and you don’t really realize it until you’re so isolated you have nothing to do but think about that. So I got a few ideas on things I’m going to do. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. But I certainly would not have thought about them so seriously had I not done this.


It meant a lot to me as a person to be able to come out and do this, because I’m a at place in my life where I have (mockingly serious) 12 years of federal service (laughs). I have a pension building, a 401K plan, and I got a mortgage. I got all these things that kind of start to entrench someone as a person, I think. Not that it’s a bad thing, necessarily, but for me, it’s more of a limiting factor than something that kind of allows you to experience life more. Not that I have a midlife crisis thing going on, but to me, this was the quintessential example of breaking away from mortgages and taxes and the fifty-hour work week, and doing something that — how many people in their lives get a chance to do something like this? It was essential for me as a person, I think, to at least do something like this in my life now, so that I don’t feel like too much of it has passed me by years from now. It was huge for me.

Brady & the Bat

Description: After losing the Reward Challenge, Brady lists his concerns. Find out what’s got him worried, and what he thinks about kale.

Brady (Confessional): Wow, that is a gigantic bat! I haven’t seen one that close yet. That was just a flying raccoon.


We lost another challenge again today. Getting sick of losing. We’re down three to two by my calculations, and I think we really missed out today. Da, I think was his name, the fellow, the native fellow that was going to be the big reward. I get the feeling that the longer we’re here, we figure things out a little better. I get the feeling there’s a thousand things here we’re not making the best of use of. I’m certainly cold every night. I’m hungry all the time. We could have really, really used his assistance today.

To kind of combat that, though, we kind of came back and everybody, not everybody, most everybody, jumped into and I went fishing, we went to collecting wood, we tried to collect more food. We got energized a bit to get over the fact that we’re missing out on a really good opportunity.


Yeah, it was after the challenge we came back, and like I said, I think I had just either tried to go fishing or maybe gone on a wood run for firewood, and we’re hanging out at the fire for a few minutes


And somebody had pointed to Da, and said, “Da! Da! Hey, I think that’s Da!” And we watched him paddle right down the horizon, right past our beach. It was a nice little tease.


Our meal this afternoon was great. When we first got back, our usual standby is finding a couple of plantains and sticking them in the fire like a hotdog. Tastes just a little like a steak fry with no salt. And then Sarge and I went out, and I think it was Sarge, or somebody, and collected a whole bunch of cabbage. Sarge keeps calling it ‘kale’, whatever that means. And it was fantastic. It’s like spinach. We cooked it with salt water, had a little flavor to it, beautiful texture. Filled our guts. I speared a couple of tiny little fish that we threw in there. And the soup that it made was fantastic. We’re doing a derivation of that tonight with plantains and more kale and another little fish, and see how that turns out.


I’m not happy with my spear fishing yet. I think I got 3 or four more fish today, most of which you could fit in the palm of your hand. One of them was decent size enough to pass around to everybody — again, get more of a tease then anything else out of. I’m not exactly sure if there’s one particular cause. The fish are kind of few and far between. They are definitely skittish. I’m kind of slow in the water without fins, and they’re just making it really tough on us. The little fish, maybe cause they’re not as smart yet, I’m getting a better chance with those. And it could just be throwing those in the pot with kale to get that fish protein because I don’t see me stringing up a whole bunch of feeder fish.

Did He or Didn’t He?

Description: After having met Yasu’s women, John returns to Lopevi confident that if he can make it to the merge, he’s sitting pretty. This clip ends with a bizarre question.

John K.: How you guys doing?

Guys: Sup. All right. Do you have any news?

John K.: I don’t have any news. But I could talk about their camp and stuff.

John K. (Confessional): When I got to go visit the ladies, they greeted me with open arms. I tried to figure out who I wanted to give my immunity idol to. I got to meet the women, and talk to them. I have a huge advantage than the other guys because I know these girls. I know their names.

Bubba: So who’d you give your immunity to?

John K.: I gave it to um, that girl, um.. um what’s her name. I think her name is Ali? She’s the girl that everyone says looks like Sharon Stone?

(Sarge laughs)

Bubba: Oh!

John K. (Confessional): I pretty much thrilled them all, and found out what I can do to make girls like me. I’m just praying I make it till merger, because then I think I’ll be fine, but until then, it’s going to be tough. It’s gonna be tough.

Bubba: Did you play with any of their boobs?

John K.: No.

Lazy John

Description: While the other Lopevi men work, John K takes it easy by the fire. How do his tribemates feel about his work ethic? Find out now.

Sarge: All the canteens gotta be down in line too.

Rory: Yeah, I know, I know!

Sarge: “I know, I know I know.” Rory knows all.

Rory (Confessional): This whole team is big on the concept of fairness. First thing this morning everyone goes up and starts collecting wood, or goes and gets water. And what does John elect to do? John elects to cut plantains. By far, the most worthless job that any of us could do. And I don’t think that helps John in any way, shape, or form.

DC Notes: Remember the episode of All-Stars when Shii-Ann was booted, and the Jenna was asked who did the work of the tribe? She said Rupert and Big Tom did the bulk of the work. Jeff, amused, asked her what Amber did to contribute, and Jenna quickly replied, “Amber cuts the plantains”. What a butt kisser!

Sarge: He’s been sitting here for two days laying by the fire and hasn’t really done anything.

Chad: Yeah, I was noticing that too! I don’t want to take away from the work that he’s done, but he’s going to work.

Sarge: He’s going to work!

Chad: That type of work is not real physical work.

Sarge (Confessional): John knows that he’s in jeopardy. So he’s going to lay around and do nothing. That kid’s going to lay around on the couch while the men work, you know? When he grows up, he’ll realize he has to work to get something out of life.

We’ve Got Mail

Description: Lopevi gets Tree Mail for the next Immunity Challenge. They brag about how they’ll surely win Immunity, unaware that they’re about to lose again

(Men walk to treemail)

Sarge: Whoa. Mighty cool

Brady: Another puzzle, huh?

Sarge: Flip it over. There you go.

(Rory reads treemail aloud)

Chris: POW.

Chris (Confessional): We really need — well, I don’t really need, but there’s people at our camp who really need this immunity, and anything can happen.

Sarge: Well it ain’t gonna be our tribe tonight anyways.

Bubba (Confessional): This game’s all about numbers. Right now we’re even and this will definitely give these women a leg up. If we don’t win immunity, it could shift the game.

Twila’s Feminine Side

Description: Wounded by Ami’s comments about her lack of femininity at last night’s Tribal Council, good sport Twila tries to be “one of the girls.”

Twila: (To Lisa) I want to thank you for last night. You know? Wouldn’t for you, I’d be home.

Lisa: Well you know what? I was just really shocked with Ami. She got on you for being masculine? That just drove me crazy.

Leann (Confessional): Tribal council last night: it felt like a therapy session. Everybody was airing their dirty laundry. Twila got a little picked on for the way she is.

Twila: I’m going to get some more wood because this ain’t gonna last for very long.

Twila (Confessional): There were a lot of things said last night at Tribal Council. And I don’t know what do to with them. Ami made a comment about me being masculine. About letting some of my feminine qualities shine through or something. It just kind of hit me wrong.

Ami (Confessional): My conversation with Twila was, I don’t know, maybe coaching? Because I love to be coached. But I guess I hurt her feelings. So I just wanted to get her to realize that I care for her. And that change and growth? They are painful.

(In the shelter)

Leann: Twila, I heard that you were very upset last night and you cried.

(Twila lets out a sob)

Leann: Hey, it’s okay.

(Leann hugs Twila. Twila cries.)

Leann (Confessional): Me and Ami and Twila were all laying down, and Twila started crying.

Twila: I don’t trust too many people. People use you and they abuse you, and they eat you up and they spit you out.

Leann or Ami (?): That’s just you talking from someplace where you’ve been hurt. There’s a lot of people that would really benefit from being friends with you. It would really make their lives a lot better place. I love you the way you are.

Ami (Confessional): For her to have a vulnerable side, that’s something pretty new to her. I think Twila really has gotten in touch with a different side of her. She’s like a little blossom that’s just starting to open. Realizing there’s a whole world out there.

Ami: Ready?

Twila: I’m ready. Do your magic.

(Ami braids Twila’s hair)

Twila (Confessional): I can’t relate to these women. There’s no doubt about that at all. Especially Ami. Last night at Tribal Council she said something about braiding my hair. It’s hard for me to sit still when there’s work to be done, and getting my hair braided. That don’t make no sense to me. I don’t know. If I have to play the game, letting them mess with my hair, if that makes them happy, hey, whatever. I guess I’ll have to do it. But I won’t like it! I’ll tell you that right now!

Ami: Wow, that looks beautiful.

(Twila kisses Ami on the cheek)

Eliza: Beautiful. It looks really nice. I like that so much.

Twila: Now you damn women happy? Letting you comb my hair? (Laughs)

We Stink

Description: Frustrated after losing the Reward Challenge, Bubba vents about his tribe. He has an unusual suggestion for the next Reward

Bubba (Confessional) Uh, with the challenge today, it was a matching, which I’m real good at. But it was a group thing, and I was trying to tell the guys, pick something that it might be on the first try, and if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you don’t remember where the match is, pick something that you know is not it. And the reason we lost that challenge is we kept taking chances, and we kept showing the other team where stuff was.

It was very crucial we won that. The prize was a gentleman who knew the way of the land and stuff like that, and that would be such an uplift to our camp. We come back from Tribal Council. We come to what is called a beach, but it ain’t nothin’ but coal and rock. You fall all over the place, you cut your feet. I mean, it’s not really a luxury living here.

Then you get back in the camp, you got Rory and Sarge bickerin’, you got Brady and Rory bickerin’, you have Brady and Chad bickerin. It’s just an ongoing barrage of bicker ‘n bicker ‘n bickerin’. I really do hope that the next reward challenge is something like a big old sugar titty so these crybabies can just nurse and get it over with. There’s just so much bickering. I’m tired of it.

And it’s not just that. It’s the stink in camp. We stink. And I mean, a bar of soap or shampoo or deodorant, something. I would be happy. I don’t care what the challenge is if it was just a little box of tic-tacs. I would share them with everybody. Just a little fresh breath. We’re in the night and day here, and it is just, it’s becoming more than a person can usually put up with.

Something’s gotta happen, with all the bickering and stuff, some peoples’ wantin’ to vote out Rory, and I’m not really entertaining the thought, because like I’ve said before, when you get to the end, that’s kind of what a person you want beside you.

I’ve talked to Brady about his feelings, because see, right now, in the game, we don’t know if the tribes are going to merge together, or they gonna split up and become two different tribes, of men and women, and men and women. We don’t know. But you have to have your strategy set where if anything happens, you’re ready. So I’ve already talked to Brady, and I’ve talked to John, that if this happens, right now they’ve got some hope, that if we don’t win immunity tomorrow, that Rory may be going, and if they have that ray of hope, if something happens unexpectedly, when that time comes, they can say, “Hey, they reached out to help us in our alliance.” It’s just thinking ahead.

And that’s where we are right now. It’s very hard to keep things under-wrap. Not really voicing your opinion because of so much bickering. And there’s a lot of times when – of course there is a couple of times I’ve told my opinion, and it wasn’t very welcome, but that’s the way it is in camp right now, a situation where little things are setting people off. We’re getting irritated. And it’s really playing a toll on camp.

And I can only hope that we’ll keep it in check, to an extent, and the women are having more trouble with it, so it can help us in the challenges. Cause if you go in the merge with numbers, that’s going to be to your advantage. Of course, then again, I’ve always said, you never underestimate a woman. I don’t care if we have nine guys and one woman. She can really turn things around.


Description: Leann complains about Lisa and Eliza’s fight the night before. Whose side is she on, anyway?

Leann (Confessional): So we got back from Tribal Council last night, and we’re all sitting around the fire, and Eliza and Lisa get into it. I’ve just never been around so many catfights (laughs) in my life in such a short period of time, and I wish they would stop. I’m actually still confused as to what it’s about. Something about lying and “you were mad at me for doing this and then you did the same thing.” Did everyone forget that this is a game? I mean, it seems kind of crazy to me.

I’ve just never been around so many catfights (laughs) ….. in my life in such a short period of time, and I wish they would stop…. Um…. I’m not… you know… I’m not…. I’m uh I’m actually still confused as to … as to… what… it’s … about!….. Something about… hmm… lying… and, and… and “you were mad at me for doing this and then you did the same thing.” And… and… uh! …. Did everyone forget that this is a game? ….I mean…. it seems kind of crazy to me.


Lisa did what was she thought was in her best interests to get further in the game. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t think she did anything that terrible or in bad character. She changed her vote. Did she promise on her children’s lives to Mia and Julie that she would vote for Twila? Not that I heard of. I don’t know. She’s entitled to vote for whoever she wants, and I’m just not really clear about what the fight’s about. I really don’t know if I care so much. Just quit with the fighting already. It’s making me nuts.


Well Eliza changed her vote when it was Dolly who left. And from what I understand, Lisa got mad at Dolly (SHE MEANS ELIZA) for being a traitor, or so to speak. So when Lisa did it, I believe Eliza was mad at Lisa for doing it her for getting mad her, for getting mad at Eliza. Well a horse a piece. You both did it. Done deal. It should be easy, right?


Being out here, and being out here under these circumstances, with the being hungry and tired and weak, and at the same time playing a game definitely, I believe, makes you more emotionally vulnerable to yelling, crying, whatever. I know a few times I’ve just felt like crying because I hit my leg on a log. I mean, (laughs) I would never normally do that. But I think everything kind of builds up, and it’s taxing on you. My wounds still hurts, my battle wound from the first challenge, and when that starts hurting, I feel like bawling. Come on, I’m tougher than that. But I think just the elements and everything you’re going through, right now, tends to put you overboard a little bit. And that’s probably the case with some of the yelling.

Twila Wants a Lemon

Description: Twila looks forward to the upcoming Reward Challenge. She hopes for a win, so that she and her tribemates can learn how to stay warm and dry and how to find food.

Twila (Confessional): Tree mail, I think this is going to be awesome. When I heard we had tree mail, first of all, we look over here, and there’s the most biggest, beautifulest rainbow we’ve ever seen. So we take that as a sign because the girls say — well, now, I can’t remember — but the girls say that every time we’ve won there’s been a rainbow. Either right before we’ve started to play or after at the camp before we’ve left. So that’s a good sign.

And the way I understand treemail, if we win it, we’re going to get a tribeman or a couple of them or something, they’re going to show up how to keep that fire going without a plant to cover it, fix the food, keep our bodies warm at night. How are they doing it with all the moisture that’s in the air all the time? How are they keeping their bodies warm at night? So I think it’s going to be awesome. I hope he teaches us how to fish, I hope he teaches us how to find some different fruit. Oh I would die. I’ve been saying this for five, six days now. I want one lemon. Just one little lemon to suck on. I hope we win, if that is the thing.

I mean, I’m looking forward to it. I want to learn everything that man, or that woman, or man and women, tribesmen or whatever — I want to learn everything they are willing to teach us.


It’s so important, because if we can figure out how to find other food other than what we’ve been living on — for one thing, it’s very important to me, because I’m tired of that stuff. I’ll keep eating it to stay alive, but I’m tired of it. For another thing, if they teach us how to keep our body heat and stuff at night, that’s the worst thing, at night because it’s so cold, and it’s so damp and wet. You know, if he can teach us what we need to do to make that better, or the ladies, maybe they’ll come and help us weed mats. I don’t know what’s going to go on, but whatever it takes for them to show us how to get dry and comfortable, keep the fire going, anything. Anything, anything that they can show us is very important. Very, very important.

I’m having a hard time differentiating the leaves on the trees and stuff trying to figure out what we can eat, what we can’t eat, where the food is, what we need to be looking for, and if they show me, once they show me, I can learn it. Anything that they teach us to me is very, very important. The challenge is great, but if we win, it is very, very important to me.


We’ve been living off of what I call sea grass, and coconut, and green bananas. That’s all we’ve had. The three major things that we’ve had. And that gets old. I’m ready for a change of something. I’d like to have some good fruit. Some good fruit. That’d just make me happy as heck.

Credit: DCReads56