InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 10.18.04
Live from Chicago
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Recap of the Benoit, HBK and Edge defeating Evolution. Edge then attacks HBK, Bischoff announces a Triple Threat, and then Edge attacks Benoit.

Intro”¦Orton & Jericho vs. Flair & Batista, and the afore mentioned Triple Threat.

Bischoff in the ring, in his karate outfit. He calls out Eugene. Bischoff belittles him, and says that he really doesn’t want to fight Eugene tonight, but Gene Snitsky does”¦

Eugene vs. Gene Snitsky
Eugene tries to take the leg out, but Snitsky just pounds away. Snitsky drops 2 elbows, and gets a 2 count. Snitsky starts slugging away in the corner, then slams Eugene’s head into the turnbuckle, but Eugene tards up, and sends Snitsky to the floor. Eugene follows, but Snitsky picks him up and slams Eugene into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Eugene goes for a Rock Bottom, but Snitsky fights out, and hits the Meltdown for the pin.
Winner – Snitsky

Snitsky goes to get a chair, but Regal comes out to aid Eugene. Snitsky quickly gets the upperhand back, chairing Regal. Bischoff then gets in the ring, and nails a stiff kick to Eugene.

They will be having a debate, with Edge, HBK and Benoit.


New Guy Todd is in the ring, he introduces the 3 men that we can select for the World Title Match. Todd says that they will have 2 minutes to answer questions. Edge is first, why does he think he should go for the World Title. This is RETARDED. He says that he’s the hungriest, and has never had a title shot. Benoit says that he beat HHH before, and he’ll do it again. HBK says that he has a plan, he won’t tell us what it is, but he has one. HAHA. Edge says that he will prove his worth tonight when he beats both of them in the Triple Threat match. They then start to brawl, and HBK goes to Superkick Edge, but hits New Guy Todd.


Trish Stratus, Molly Holly & Gail Kim vs. Victoria, Nidia & Stacy Keibler
How many times have we seen this match? The heels jump the faces. Trish works on Stacy, but Stacy with a quick roll up for 2. Molly in, continues to work on Stacy’s leg. Gail in, continues to wear down Stacy’s leg. Vicky finally gets the hot tag, nails a sit down Dominator (King calls it the Black Widow) for 2 on Gail. Stacy takes out Trish, and Victoria hits the Widows Peak on Gail for the pin.
Winners – Gail Kim, Nidia & Victoria


Recap of Snitsky beating up Eugene, then Regal.

Snitsky is talking on the phone, and Lita walks up. Snitsky tells Lita that it wasn’t his fault again. He then says that what’s going to happen to her husband tomorrow, is exactly what happened to her baby. HAHA.

Recap of Orton on Jimmy Kimmel. You can check our report out right here. They include the colostomy bag joke.

HHH tries to get Batista and Flair hyping up for their match. Flair is extremely pissed about the colostomy bag comment.


WWE Rewind: Batista with the Demon Bomb on Jericho.

Batista & Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton
Jericho and Batista start. Y2J drop kicks Batista in the corner, and pounds him down. Batista slips through the bottom, but when he tries to get back in, Y2J stomps away. Batista gets up, and clotheslines Jericho, Flair in. Jericho gets to Orton. Flair chops away, Orton slugs away, Flair goes down, and Orton hits some more European Uppercuts. Jericho in, but all the men get tangled up, and a melee starts, and they head to”¦


We come back and Y2J is turning Batista into the Walls, but Flair distracts him. Batista with a backbreaker on Y2J for 2. Flair tagged in, and he picking apart Y2J. Batista back in, camel clutch on Jericho. Batista hammers away on Jericho in the corner. Batista then with a bearhug on Y2J. Batista then tosses Y2J to the outside, and Flair charges him, only to get back body dropped. Orton gets the hot tag, and he lights up on the heels. The polls for Taboo Tuesday are now open. Y2J back in, has the Walls on Flair, but Batista breaks it up, drilling him with a huge clothesline. Flair then locks the Figure 4 on Y2J, and Y2J seems almost out. Y2J then taps.
Winners – Evolution


Recap of the European Tour.

King votes for the School Girl Outfit match for the Divas.

Vince makes his way out! Vince says that the power is in our hands”¦and Christian makes his way out. Christian thanks all the peeps for being fans and supporting him throughout the years. Christian then tells Vince that the ‘Christian Coalition’ will not be denied, and he wants Vince’s endorsement. Christian then says ‘Throw Jericho out the door, vote Christian in 2004.’ Tajiri then comes out, and says that he wants the endorsement, because he loves Vince. Tajiri hugs Vince, and Vince shoves him off. Coach then comes out, and says that he is the poster boy, and should be get Vince’s endorsement. Rhyno then comes out, and Vince assumes that he wants his endorsement too”¦Rhyno says no, he wants to GORE GORE GORE the heels into next week. The Hurricane is next to come out, and calls Vince “Citizen Mr. McMahon.” HAHA. Shelton’s music hits, and Vince wants to hear nothing from him. He makes a 6 man elimination match”¦right now.

The Hurricane vs. Tajiri vs. Christian vs. Coach vs. Rhyno vs. Shelton – Elimination Match
Helms and Christian start. Helms starts strong, belly to back suplex for a 2. Christian gets to Tajiri. Helms off the ropes, but Christian trips him up, and he goes to his knees, allowing Tajiri to hit the Buzzsaw kick for the pin. Christian takes his place, and they head to”¦


During the break, Rhyno eliminated Tajiri. Christian & Rhyno in, Christian tags in Coach, and he gets a GORE GORE GORE, to eliminate Coach. Christian sneaks in, and nails Rhyno with the Unprettier for the elimination. Christian and Shelton go back and forth. Christian off the ropes, Shelton puts his head down, Christian slides over his back, and Shelton nails a side Russian leg sweep for 2. Shelton with a roll up for 2. Christian in the corner, Shelton runs in with the Stinger Splash, but misses, and Christian rolls him up for 2. Christian calls for the Unprettier, but Shelton reverses out of it, and nails the ‘T-Bone Suplex’ as JR calls it”¦but it’s the Exploder Powerslam for the pin.
Winner – Shelton

Vince says that Shelton has his endorsement, whatever that’s worth. Shelton says that if Vince didn’t cut him off earlier, he would have heard him say that he doesn’t care about Vince’s endorsement, because he is only one vote, he was out there to impress the fans.


Christy and Carmella are both in the ring. They each have 30 seconds to tell the fans what match they should vote for tomorrow night. Carmella says that she will be damned if she will parade in the ring in a bra and panties, and she will not have an evening dress torn off, so she wants the Aerobics Challenge, and, seeing as she’s been in competitive aerobics, she can do stuff that would please anyone. Christy says that she is prepared to face Carmella in whatever contest the fans want. Christy says that she is not ashamed of anything. 2 weeks ago, she kissed Eugene, this week she will kiss”¦she puts the mic down”¦and kisses LILLIAN! HAHA. Christy plays to the crowd, and Carmella sledges her from behind.

Taboo Tuesday Card:

  • HHH vs. HBK, Benoit or Edge – World Title
  • La Resistance vs. the 2 men not chosen for the World Title Match – Tag Titles
  • Christy vs. Carmella – Aerobics Challenge, Lingerie Pillow Fight, Evening Gown Match
  • KANE vs. Snitsky – Lead Pipe, Steel Chair, or Steel Chain
  • Eugene vs. Bischoff – Hair vs. Hair, Loser wears a dress, Loser is winners servant
  • Diva Battle Royal – French Maid, School Girl or Nurse – Woman’s Title
  • Jericho vs. One of 15 opponents – IC Title
  • Orton vs. Flair – Falls Count Anywhere, Steel Cage, or Submission Match


    Shawn Michaels vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit — Triple Threat
    Benoit and HBK double team Edge, then go at themselves. Edge back in, and he spears HBK off the apron.


    We come back and Benoit has HBK in the Crossface. All 3 men go back and forth. HBK looks to have hurt his knee. HBK with an inverted atomic drop, then goes to the top, and nails the flying elbow. HBK tunes up the band, but misses, and Benoit nails the Trifecta of Germans. Benoit then hits the Swandive Headbutt. Edge goes for the spear on Benoit, but Benoit side steps, and Edge goes into the ring post. Benoit locks the Sharpshooter on Edge, and HBK nails a superkick on Benoit. All 3 are down”¦Edge up first, goes to spear Benoit again, but Benoit rolls him up, but Edge reverses it, and holds on to the ropes for the pinfall.
    Winner – Edge

    Show Over.


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