InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Presents Taboo Tuesday Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Taboo Tuesday Report 10.19.04
Live from Milwaukee
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

JR & The King introduce us, and Coach is in the Control Center, and will take care of the Diva Battle Royal first, as the Diva’s will be wearing”¦School Girl Outfits. Coach then says that he is dressed to compete, because the first match will be for the IC title. Jericho makes his way down to the ring, and Coach then introduces the contenders for the IC Title. He says that Val Venis was eliminated due to injuries. The fans in the crowd root for Shelton, and the internet agrees, so Shelton will take on Jericho.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – Intercontinental Title
(PK’s Vote: Chucky P.)
Arm drags back and forth to start. Very slow start. Jericho with a quick scoop slam, and does his taunting pin from back in the WCW days. Jericho works on Shelton’s back, with a backbreaker, then bowing him over his knee. Shelton off the ropes, sunset flip on Jericho for 2. Shelton with his swinging enzaguri for 2. Shelton off the top rope and hits the diving lariat for 2. Jericho in the corner, Shelton misses the Stinger Splash, Jericho rolls him up for 2. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Shelton rolls him in for 2. Shelton sends Jericho to the corner, Jericho leaps up, and goes for a turnaround sledge, but misses, as Shelton grabs him and nails the Exploder Powerslam for the pin!
Winner & NEW Champion – Shelton Benjamin

Shelton is celebrating, and Jericho comes in and passes the Title over.

New Guy Todd with the 3 contenders for the World Title. Edge says that he proved his worth last night by defeating both men in a Triple Threat match. Benoit says that she beat HHH and he will do it again. HBK then confirms his torn meniscus, but says that he will bring anything he can for the fans.

Coach then confirms that HBK won the fan poll, so he will face HHH, while Edge & Benoit will face La Rez.

Diva Battle Royal – WWE Woman’s Title — School Girls
(PK’s Vote: French Maids)
Nidia is eliminated first by Jazz”¦and her shirt ripped off. Victoria then eliminates Jazz. Gail tries a leg scissors on Victoria, but Victoria holds on to her, and gets her over the top. Victoria and Stacy team up to face off with Trish and Molly. Trish and Molly then catapults Victoria over the top rope for elimination. Molly sends Stacy into the corner, then swings her out on the apron. Molly shoves her off the apron, eliminating her. Trish then runs up behind Molly and shoves her to the floor, winning.
Winner and STILL Champion – Trish

La Rez is wrestling the match tonight under protest.

KANE/Snitsky recap.

Coach has the live audience choose the weapon of choice match, and the crowd wants the chain.

KANE (w/ Lita) vs. Gene Snitsky – Chain
(PK’s Vote: Lead Pipe)
Lita comes to ringside behind KANE. The Ref drops the chain in between the two of them and they both go to pick it up. KANE drops it and slugs away, then tossing the chain on the floor. Snitsky exits the ring, and KANE gets the chain, and hits Snitsky with it. They go to the outside, and Snitsky pulls the chain, sending KANE face first into the ringpost. In the ring, Snitsky whips KANE with the chain. Snitsky is dominating the match. Snitsky is now choking KANE out with the chain. KANE starts fighting back, charges, but Snitsky hits a sidewalk slam for 2. KANE sits up, and goes off the ropes”¦and both men nail the big boot. Both men are slow getting up, the Snitsky gets up first, and goes for the chain, but Lita pulls it out. KANE goes for a choke slam, but Snitsky fights out. KANE then sends Snitsky to the outside. KANE follows, getting the chain from Lita. KANE goes towards Snitsky, but Snitsky kicks the ringsteps into KANE’s knees. Snitsky gets a chair, and thrusts it towards KANE’s throat many times. Snitsky then wraps the chair around KANE’s throat”¦.then STOMPS ON IT! KANE is coughing up blood, and Snitsky makes the pinfall.
Winner – Snitsky

Medics get KANE on the stretcher, and take him the ramp (which is decked out to look like a keyboard), and SNITSKY ATTACKS!!! HAHAHAHA.

Edge basically tells us all to piss off.

Anything from Matthew Michael?
PulseMM: hey
PulseMM: use my Snitsky line
PulseMM: it was clever
baddasspk: I deleted it
PulseMM: loser
PulseMM: i said
PulseMM: oh forget it

Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene – Loser Must ? Match
(PK’s Vote: Loser Wears a Dress)
Bischoff jumps Eugene to start. Bisch says that his knee went out, but he is playing possum. Eugene gets kicked in the head, but he tards up, and hits the Hogan leg drop for the pin.
Winner – Eugene

Coach then shows the internet poll, and they want Bischoff’s head shaved. Coach asks the fans, and they want his head shaved too. Coach, instead, says that they want Bischoff to be Eugene’s servant. Vince then comes out, and says that the fans and the internet both want Bischoff’s head shaved, so they go to a barber chair at ringside, and Eugene will cut his hair. Vince then has Coach come back, and put the dress on for the rest of the night because he tried to dupe the fans. Bischoff then makes fun of Bischoff’s gray hair, and the fact that he dyes his hair.

La Resistance vs. Chris Benoit & Edge – World Tag Team Titles
(PK’s Vote: Benoit/Edge)
Back and forth action. Edge goes to go to the top, but the fans distract him. Greiner with a back elbow, and Conway is tagged in. Conway stomps away. Greiner back in, keeps Edge on the mat with a choke hold. Conway tagged back in, double suplex for 2. More double teaming on Edge, but Edge finally gets to Benoit. Benoit comes in hot, but La Rez breaks him down. Both Benoit and Conway get to their partners, and both tag, but the ref didn’t see Benoit’s tag. Edge gets frustrated and leaves, walks right out the building, and drives away. Benoit keeps fighting, and takes out Greiner, locking Conway in the Crossface for the win!
Winners & NEW Champions – Edge & Benoit

New Guy Todd with HHH. HHH says that he thinks HBK is trying to fool us into thinking he is hurt.

Recap of Christy/Carmella.

Christy and Carmella come on out, and the fans vote for a Lingerie Pillowfight. There are changing booths and a clothes rack for each. They then change into their Lingerie, while we can all see their shadows.

Christy vs. Carmella – Lingerie Pillowfight
(PK’s Vote: Evening Gown Match)
Christy pulls breast enhancers out of Carmella’s bra, then tosses one into the crowd. HAHA. Feathers fly everywhere, and Christy gets the pin.
Winner – Christy

Cool promo for Survivor Series where they show a bunch of cartoony pictures of the SuperStars.

Triple H (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – World Heavyweight Title
(PK’s Vote: HBK)
HBK seems to be almost overselling his knee injury. HHH goes right for HBK’s knee. HBK fights back, slugging away. But HHH clips his knee. HHH stomps HBK down into the corner. HHH locks on the Figure 4. HBK won’t give up, but is in agonizing pain. The ref wants to call the match, but HBK begs him not to. HBK finally gets the ropes, after about 3 minutes, and the hold is broken. HHH goes to slam HBK’s leg on the ringpost, but HBK pulls him toward him and slaps his face against the post. HBK with a few chops, but HHH takes him down again. HHH goes to elbow HBK’s knee, but HBK shoves him into the corner. HBK then with a series of atomic drops on is injured knee, followed by a diving clothesline. HBK goes to the top, and hits a flying elbow drop. HBK calls for Chin Music, but Batista runs in distracting HBK. HHH charges, but gets a Superkick anyway! The ref is with Batista, and Edge runs in! Spear on HBK, and he leaves through the crowd, screaming that it should’ve been him, before the ref can see him. HHH crawls over to cover him for the win.
Winner – Triple H

Recap of the PPV so far.

Recap of Flair/Orton.

Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair – Steel Cage
(PK’s Vote: Submission)
The match starts at 10:38 EST. Orton starts out strong, and tries to exit the cage. Flair pulls him down, and starts scraping Orton’s head on the fencing. Flair attempts to leave, but Orton grabs his tights, and we get to see old man ass. Orton with a 10 punch count, but gets on the top rope, and stomps down on Flair’s head. Flair punches Orton right in the balls, and Orton is down. Flair tries to get out again, but Orton pulls him down, climbs up and nails the Crossbody. The fight back and forth again, and Flair takes out and drills Orton with a set of knucks, only for 2. Flair tries to get out of the cage, but he is pulled back in by Orton, holding a chair. Flair swings the chair, Orton ducks, RKO.
Winner – Orton

Flair gets up, both are extremely bloody, and he shakes Orton’s hand an they hug.

Show Over…thankfully