Chris Elliott To Guest Star On Third Watch

Television and film viewers are used to seeing Chris Elliott create wacky and somewhat deranged characters. The veteran comic is taking his persona to deadly extremes with a two-episode guest arc on NBC’s “Third Watch” playing a serial killer.

Cast heavily against type, Elliott will first appear as Jeffrey Barton, a murderer who drains his victims’ blood, on Friday’s (Oct. 22) episode of the NBC drama. Elliott will also be on the following week’s show.

In the first episode, Detective Yokas (Molly Price) and Lieutenant Miller (guest star Aidan Quinn) have to track Barton down after a body of a young woman is found. It turns out that Barton and Miller have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse for years, but will the determined lieutenant be able to get the clever killer to give up the whereabouts of his latest victim? Dunno.

Elliott, who appeared on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” for the 1994-95 season, is perhaps best known from his colorful supporting roles in comedies including “There’s Something About Mary,” “Scary Movie 2” and “Groundhog Day.” Elliott recently had a multi-episode guest stint on CBS’ “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He was also the star of his own FOX show, the cult favorite “Get a Life” and is currently developing a new comedy series at FOX.

Credit: Zap2It