RAW News: Benoit, Benjamin Speak About Taboo Tuesday

WWE.com has several columns – along with other content – online about the Taboo Tuesday PPV.

– Match by match results can be found here.

– Photos of Taboo Tuesday can be found here.

– If you missed the show and want to order the Webcast, click over here to see what bonus matches you’ll receive from other October events.

– Anthony Cali interviews Shelton Benjamin about his Intercontinental Title win at Taboo Tuesday. His comments include: “Winning my first single’s title was just an unbelievable feeling … This is something that I’ll never forget. This is the greatest victory of my life, and I don’t really know what else I can say, so I’ll just keep saying the same thing over and over again. It was awesome, and it’s just finally starting to sink in. I keep thinking to myself, ‘wow, I finally did it, I did something really great.'”

The full story can be found here.

– Anthony Cali also interviewed Chris Benoit about his Tag Title victory over La Resistance, after Edge walked out on him. His comments include: “I plan on keeping both of the titles for myself … because Edge is very undeserving. So how Bischoff is going to handle this is up to him, but I don’t plan on walking out there with Edge having one of these titles around his waist. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m hoping to be able to choose another partner. I don’t think I’ll be able to defend them myself, but if that’s the situation, and I’m given an ultimatum, than yes, I will defend them by myself.”

The full story can be found here.

– In another interview with Anthony Cali, Eric Bischoff discusses losing his hair. Full story can be found here.

– Lastly, Anthony Cali’s interview with Gene Snitsky can be found here. His comments include: “As far as right now, yes it’s over between Kane and I … because I see him being out for a while. There was obvious damage to his throat area, he was spitting up a lot of blood, and I don’t see him coming back from that any time soon, but I’m sure it’s not over, because when he does finally come back, he’ll be coming for me. But I’ll be ready, and I’ll be waiting for him.”

– Keith Elliot Greenberg calls Taboo Tuesday the “modern incarnation of old school dream card” in his column here.

– Official WWE.com Taboo Tuesday poll results are as follows:

World Heavyweight Challenger
HBK 38.72%
Benoit 27.86%
Edge 33.42%

Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair Match
Steel Cage 68%
Falls Count Anywhere 20%
Submission Match 12%

Intercontinental Challenger
Benjamin 37.48%
Batista 20.11%
Coach 7.01%
Christian 6.69%
Rhyno 5.77%
Maven 4.23%
Regal 3.81%
Hurricane 3.77%
Tyson Tomko 2.49%
Tajiri 2.36%
Steven Richards 2.24%
Val Venis 1.69%
Rosey 1.10%
Chuck Palumbo 0.68%
Rodney Mack 0.58%

Kane vs. Gene Snitsky Weapon
Chain 40.84%
Steel Chair 29.93%
Lead Pipe 29.24 %

Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal Outfits
School Girl 53.10%
French Maid 30.03%
Nurse Outfit 16.87%

Christy vs. Carmella Match
Lingerie Pillow Fight 56.48%
Evening Gown Match 33.22%
Aerobics Challenge 10.30%

Eugene Dinsmore vs. Eric Bischoff Match
Shave Bald 58.73%
Wear Dress 20.77%
Be Servant 20.50%

[Credit: WWE.com]