NWA TNA News: Complete Tapings For Best Damn Sports Show Period Special [Spoilers]

Results according to Alan Wojick and PWInsider.com:

TNA with the Best Damn Sports Show Period presented the Best Damn Wrestling Event Period on Wednesday October 27, 2004 to air on Fox Sports Net November 10-11 to hype the December TNA PPV.

Before any of the wrestling matches they taped several segments for the broadcast with Chris Rose (wearing a Wrestling Is Fake t-shirt), Tom Arnold (wearing a referee shirt to referee a midget match later on), John Salley, LeeAnn Tweeden and Brian Cox. The Ultimate X rigging was set up when I arrived at the building. Universal staffers along with TNA officials moved people around to fill seats since not even half the building was full.

Lex Luger was in the building and apparently did an interview for the TV show.

The actual wrestling didn’t begin until at 7pm and I should note the matches will be aired in another sequence during the two events.

(1) “the Future” Chris Sabin defeated “Prime Time” Elix Skipper and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X match, where the object was not to get a title but to retrieve a red X. I have seen this match on the PPV and in person it was amazing, shame no title belt was on the line. Like the previous X matches it was a high flying encounter in, out and above the ring. Skipper and Dutt had a shot at the X but Sabin hit both with a spring board dropkick. Dutt stopped Sabin from reaching the X and then did an elbow drop from the X wiring. At one point all three men were up fighting for the X. Sabin took out Dutt and Skipper but kicks to the chest to grab the X and the hard earned victory.

Puppet the Psycho Dwarf ran in on a segment with the BSDDP cast. They took down the Ultimate X rigging which took SEVERAL minutes. They set up director’s chairs in the ring, ran a pre-show video, blew up the traditional pyro and then brought out the BDSSP cast for some in-ring segments.

Roddy Piper came to the ring and received thunderous applause as he confronted Rose about the wrestling shirt and invited him to be in the Pit With Piper right as Piper b*tch slapped him.

Brian Cox was then confronted by Monty Brown but he was hit by the powder and chair shots by the former World Tag Team champion the Naturals who then took their grudge to Cox telling him to find a partner.

After clearing the ring they shot another throwing the show to highlights of Victory Road followed by a segment called “Things You Don’t Want to Say to TNA Wrestlers.” Watch the show to hear them, some of them were funny. During the segment Kid Kash, Dallas, and Team Canada were brunt of the jokes but America’s Most Wanted & 3 Live Kru ran out to save the day. Something funny of note, Tom Arnold has his own assistant who carries a portable fan to cool him off.

(2) “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated “the Next” Alex Shelley
During the match Rose, Arnold and Salley seemed like they did commentary with Mike Tenay and Don West. The match was super short as Styles beat Shelley but the real fun came as Abyss attacked Styles choke slamming him through a table. Later on in the show there will be a tables match between Abyss and Styles.

(3) America’s Most Wanted defeated Kid Kash and Dallas.
Brian Cox and Chris Rose did commentary. This was a rematch from the first ever Impact taping where AMW won the World Tag Team titles. The fight went to the floor and Cox got involved holding Kash for Storm to punch. Back in the ring referee Rudy Charles had his hands full as AMW hit a double team slop drop. As the pin was coming Charles was pulled to the floor by Dallas. Dallas dropped Storm in a sit out Razors Edge then Kash hit a frog splash but the pin was broken up by Harris. One thing led to another and Dallas was hit with a Storm superkick and Kash was victim of a Harris spear.

They played a pre-taped segment with 3 Live Kru at the NBA restaurant.

(4) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Frankie “the Future” Kazarian (w/Traci)
Fans from California have been fortunate to have seen this match before. After some heated exchanges Daniels hit “the Best Moonsault Period” but Brooks distracted Mike Posey as Michael Shane ran into double team Daniels but it backfired on them. Daniels hit the Angels Wings for the win. Shane jumped Daniels and that brought Elix Skipper to the ring to defend his partner.

(5) Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Raven (wearing a straight jacket)
Raven took the fight to the floor early throwing Killings into the ring barricades several times including two Russian Legsweeps. Back in the ring Killings used his speed and kicks but missed the mark with the scissor kick. Raven went for the Raven Effect but Killings countered into a pin.

(6) TEO defeated Puppet the Psycho Dwarf in a hardcore match which was refereed by Tom Arnold.
A garbage can filled with props was placed in the middle of the ring before the bout began. Chris Rose and two Hawaiian Tropic models joined Tenay and West for commentary during the match. These two fought when TNA did their first few PPV events. Puppet put the garbage can on TEO and hit him with several objects. Arnold and TEO worked together to beat Puppet. Puppet challenged Arnold to a match later in the evening.

The segment Tom Arnold filmed yesterday with the fans played. It was followed with a TNA highlight reel blended with TNA star that were on the BDSSP. They shot the opening for the second night show. Chris Rose came out wearing a robe over a wrestling singlet, a purple feather boa and accented the outfit with Elvis glasses.

Tom Arnold did a “Things you wouldn’t Say To Puppet” segment.

Next was the “In the Pit With Piper” segment with Chris Rose in the ring. Piper came with a bagpipe player and then called Rose “Rupaul.” Rose said he had a message from Jesse Ventura stating Piper has been a charade for 35 years. Piper’s segment was interrupted by Johnny Fairplay who said TNA is reality and he would make Rose leave the ring and they decided to have a wrestling match. But Piper hit Fairplay with a blast from fire extinguisher into the face. Rose then bodyslammed Fairplay and tossed him from the ring but when he turned around Piper hit him with a blast from the extinguisher. Judging from his reaction Rose was not expecting the shot to the face. TNA officials needed several minutes to clean the ring and the surrounding areas.

(7) Team NWA AKA 3 Live Kru (Konnan/BG James w/John Salley) defeated NWA World Tag Team champions Team Canada (Bobby Roode/Eric Young w/Scott D’amore minus the belts) in a flag match. Hopefully it looks better on TV. During the match D’amore tired to capture the flag but Salley threw a basketball at him causing D’amore to fall crotch first onto the top rope. James climbed up using D’amore’s crotch as a step stool.

(8) AJ Styles vs. Abyss (minus the lunch bag he has been carrying on Impact) in a tables match. This match was done on the Nashville weekly PPV events but it was a special treat to the newer fans in Orlando. Abyss has been a good opponent for Styles as he can do cruiserweight moves. Styles laid Abyss on the table but when he came off the rope Abyss was standing on the ring apron. Abyss had Styles primed for a gorilla press slam through the table but Styles countered. Abyss brought a table into the ring and went for the chokeslam but the table fell over. Styles hit a springboard 450 splash and followed it with a flying forearm but Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam. Abyss placed Styles on the top turnbuckle and readied a table but Styles countered a superplex and delivered a Code Red powerbomb into the table for the win.

(9) Tom Arnold (w/Leeann Tweeden) defeated Puppet the Psycho Dwarf. Talk about waste of television time. Chris Rose rejoined Tenay and West for commentary. Arnold was interviewed by Salley before entering the ring. TEO came out and attacked Puppet. He hit a mini-Swanton bomb for the double pin. Rose entered the ring to hype Brian Cox’s match which was next. Salley, Arnold and Tweeden filmed another vignette to air before the match.

(10) NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (minus the belt, but w/Scott D’amore), Sonjay Dutt, Jerrelle Clark, Shark Boy and Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks) This was your typically good survivor/scramble match. Williams cut off Clark before he could hit the 630 splash on Shane. Shark Boy, Dutt, did planchas on the floor onto Shane. Clark fought Williams in the ring and was hit with the Canadian Destroyer.

(11) Brian Cox and his mystery partner MONTY BROWN defeated the Naturals. That’s right Brown teamed up with this fellow NFL alum. Salley talked to them before the match began. “Shockingly” Brown wasn’t in for most of the match. Cox placed Douglas in a figure four but Stevens broke it up. Cox tagged Brown back in who POUNCED Stevens and then let Cox get the pin. Brown, Cox and Salley did a bit in the ring after the match. Rose threw it to Leeann Tweeden and Lex Luger??

(12) NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett (also minus the title belt) defeated Jeff Hardy in the Six Sides of Steel match. Early on this match spent more time out of the cage and in the stands. The Hardy Haters were out in full effect for Jeff. Finally TNA officials locked the door keeping the action inside the cage. Jarrett made Hardy taste the cage wall several times but didn’t draw blood. Jarrett took off Hardy’s necklace and went to use it as a weapon but Rudy Charles stopped it so Jarrett slapped on the figure four. Hardy got to his feet and hit the Twist of Fate but got a 2 count. Jarrett hit the stroke but got 2. Jarrett climbed the cage but hardy followed him up causing Jarrett to fall. Hardy hit the Swanton but didn’t cover Jarrett. Instead he hit a move that in the process knocked out Charles. Hardy then went for a top of the cage but missed. Jarrett used Hardy’s necklace to knock out Hardy to get the pin.

AJ Styles ran out and hit a top of the cage body block on Jarrett. Petey Williams attacked styles, Team Canada attacked 3LK, Puppet attacked Tom Arnold, Abyss attacked Raven and AMW and XXX fought around the ringside area to end the very long evening. Hardy left with Jarrett’s guitar under his arm.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]