\'Lost\' & \'The O.C.\' Spoilers


Episode 1.07: The Moth
Airdate: November 3, 2004

A cave-in entraps Jack, whose life hinges on a rescue mission led by Charlie, shaky from drug withdrawal and haunted by memories of his similarly addicted brother (Neil Hopkins). Another plot concerns a radio SOS by Sayid that’s strangely thwarted.

Charlie begins a painful journey of withdrawal from drugs, surprisingly aided by Locke, whose true motive for helping Charlie is a mystery. Meanwhile, survivors struggle to find and free Jack when he’s buried alive in a cave collapse, and someone might be secretly thwarting Sayid, Kate, and Boone when they enact a plan to find the source of the French transmission.

The O.C.
Episode 2.01: The Distance
Airdate: November 4, 2004
Orange County’s fashionable folk get back in gear with Sandy hitting the road to bring Seth home, Marissa hitting the booze to deal with Julie and Ryan being hit by bad news that could change his life in Chino forever. Meanwhile, federal trouble looms for Caleb.

Warning! This gives details for the entire episode! The season starts pretty much how it ended. Sandy and Kristen are remodeling their home, which is only accented by the copious amounts of shirtless men wandering around, Seth and Ryan are no where to be seen and Kristen is not happy about this. She and Sandy get into a bit of a tiff and she demands that he brings Seth home. After this, the current situation of each character is shown separately. Seth is held up with Luke in Portland working as a sailboat instructor and won’t come home until Ryan does. Ryan is in Chino with the very un-pregnant looking Theresa working as a construction worker. Marissa and Summer are doing what scorned woman do best: being pissing and “moving on”. However Marissa has retrograded back into being a drunk and perfecting the art of making an “Orange County Iced Tea”. Caleb is being paranoid, and for a good reason, while Julie spends his money and decides to send her almost nonexistent second daughter away to boarding school. Jimmy has tons of money and is living happily on a yacht with Hailey. This serves as the lets-get-everything-back-the-way-it-was episode. Which means bringing Seth and Ryan back to the O.C. In short Kristen calls Seth to get him to come home and it’s a no go; Sandy flies out to Portland, but not before providing Ryan with a plane ticket of his very own much to the chagrin of Theresa, to try and get him back. This causes Seth to get his panties all in a twist and proclaim that he is not coming back unless Ryan does too. Finally the Cohen’s secret weapon, Ryan, makes a move. Ryan tells Seth that he is not coming back due to the baby but he (Seth) should, Seth says no. Then, in a perfect timing sort a way, Ryan gets a phone call from Theresa: she “lost” the baby and that means that he can move back out to the O.C.

At the end of last season, Ryan returned to Chino to protect his pregnant ex-girlfriend, and, with the departure of his only friend in Newport Beach, Seth sailed off on his yacht and ran away from Orange County. The summer is over, school’s about to begin and Ryan and Seth are nowhere to be found. Sandy and Kirsten struggle to reunite their family; Caleb’s problems with the D.A. mount; Marissa’s struggles with Julie continue in their new home; and Jimmy learns that life can be good again. And as always, things are not always what they seem in THE O.C.

With the end of summer quickly approaching, tension fills the air in THE O.C. The Cohen family is desperate to convince Seth, who ran away at the beginning of the summer, to return home. Meanwhile in Chino, Ryan is working construction while a pregnant Theresa waits at home. Back in Newport Beach, while Summer is finding ways to deal with Seth’s disappearance, Marissa is distancing herself from the world and masking her problems by reverting to old habits. Special Guest Star: Chris Carmack as Luke. Guest Stars: Navi Rawat at Theresa; Nicholas Gonzalez as D.J., Brian McNamara as Carson Ward; Bruno Amato as Archie.

On the second-season premiere of THE O.C., viewers will find out how life has changed for residents of Orange County. As season 1 ended, Ryan returned to Chino to protect his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Theresa, from her abusive ex-boyfriend. And with Ryan’s departure, Seth decided to do what he always had planned ‘ sail off on his yacht, the Summer Breeze, and run away from Newport Beach. With Seth and Ryan gone, Kirsten and Sandy try to stay busy with a remodeling project at home, while Julie and Caleb settle into their gorgeous Newport Beach mansion. Marissa and Summer both have had long and lonely summers living with their parentsâ?¦or have they?

Construction workers are busy remodeling the Cohens’ house. Sandy and Kirsten still live there, but their relationship is not good at the moment. A new character named Diego will appear.

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