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Welcome to IP’s Live Raw Coverage. Keep it here for segment by segment updates, with the latest in ITALICS.

Show opens with Shelton getting ready in his lockerroom. Trish comes in, in a towel, and her face mask. Shelton says that he has a 6-man tag match, and that Eugene and Regal need him. She tells Shelton that he needs to loosen up, and goes to take off her towel, and Vince comes in. He says that African-American males and White-Canadians females…with broken noses, can’t be together, and the FCC won’t allow it, and neither will he! This is not the NFL, and it’s certainly not the NBA, this is good old fashion wrestling. Shelton leaves, and Trish gets naked, and jumps into Vince’s arms and says “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME WRESTLING.” HAHA. Good spoof on the past week in sports.

Intro…JR and King don’t know who is in charge.

Chris Benoit comes out, and he says that he is in charge. He says that he left a notebook for anyone who wants any match, and he says that Maven wants to face Snitsky, Batista wants to get back at Jericho for his loss at Survivor Series, Lita wants to face both Molly and Trish for woman’s title, Coach wants to face JR for real this time, and Benoit says he will face HHH in a steel cage.

Gene Snitsky vs. Maven
Snitsky overpowers Maven, and the fall to the outside. Snitsky goes to send Maven into the ringsteps, but Maven reverses it, and Snitsky hits the steps knee first. In the ring, Maven works over Snitsky’s knees, and chop blocks him. He nails a high Crossbody, then the Rick Steiner 2nd rope bulldog for 2. Snitsky back up, nails the Morning After Slam.
Winner – Snitsky


HHH is complaining about last week, and how he has a cage match with Benoit. Batista says that he will have his back. HHH gets in his face, and says that he didn’t exactly have his back last week. Flair pulls them apart, and tells HHH to calm down. HHH says that Batista is around to be the muscle, and he can’t even do that. Batista says that he has a match with Jericho, and can’t deal with this. HHH says that he bets $100 Batista will lose that one too.

Stacy in the ring, shooting T-Shirts in the crowd. She says that along with the T-Shirts, she has an ECW DVD, and pulls it out of the front of her skirt. Simon Dean makes his way down, and bullies Stacy. The Hurricane makes the save, but Dean takes him down with a low blow, and starts whipping him with a weightlifting belt. Rosey comes out to help Hurricane.

Two girls are talking backstage about overhearing Batista and HHH argue. Batista and Flair go by, and Batista says that HHH needs to back off.


Chris Jericho vs. Batista (w/ Ric Flair)
Batista is lit up, and is roughing up Jericho. Jericho off the ropes, goes for a Crossbody, but Batista catches him. Jericho slips though, and shoves Batista into the corner, and charges, but Batista gets his boot up. Batista sets Jericho up in the Tree of Woe, and goes outside the ring, to pull back on Jericho’s head. JR is screaming that he is going to break Jericho’s neck. The ref calls for the bell, after Batista won’t release the hold.
Winner via DQ – Jericho

Batista finally lets go, then gets back in the ring, and works on Jericho’s neck some more.


Batista & Flair walk by HHH, who is mocking Batista, and he tells him that Batista owes him $100. Batista says that he is not in the mood. HHH then says that Batista has a million dollar body, but a 2 cent brain. Batista walks away, and HHH tells Flair that he needs to talk to Batista. Flair tells him to ease off if he knew what was good for him.

Old New Guy Todd with Edge, and they go over his attacking his partner last week, Christian…no mention of them being brothers. Edge says that he is upset that he isn’t going after the World Title yet again. Edge says that he will take a little poll right now. He asks Maria and Christy. They say no, and then he asks a stagehand, and he says that he voted for HBK at Taboo Tuesday. Edge goes to rough him up, but Benoit enters and tells Edge to do something about it.


Coach in the ring, and he is taunting JR. Benoit gets on the tron, and says that there was a bit of a misunderstanding, as when Coach put ‘JR’ down, he thought that he meant Just Rhyno…

Coach vs. Rhyno
Coach nails him with the mic when Rhyno slides in the ring, and then pounds him in the corner. Rhyno pounces out and nails the GORE GORE GORE.
Winner – Rhyno


Recap of Benoit announcing his cage match tonight.

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Molly Holly vs. Lita — Woman’s Title
It seems as Molly and Trish are going to team up on Lita. Lita fights back, and sets both of them in the corner and splashes them. Lita with a snap suplex on Trish, and does a kick up, but Molly comes from behind and yanks her to the ground. Trish turns on Molly and goes to roll her up. Trish then backs off, saying that she couldn’t seen past her facemask. Lita back up, and drills Molly, then snaps Trish’s mask against her face, and slams her face first into the mat. Lita goes to the top, but Molly shoves her off, and goes to the top and hits the Molly-Go-Round on Trish for 2, when Lita breaks it up. Trish to the outside, Lita nails a stiff DDT on Molly, but Trish pulls her to the outside and makes the pinfall on Molly.
Winner – Trish

Flair with Batista. Flair tells him that HHH is stressed out over the Survivor Series loss, and he wants Batista to apologize.


A look at Shelton’s childhood, he took a gun to school once for protection, and got expelled.

Eugene, William Regal & Shelton Benjamin vs. La Resistance & Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko)
Regal and Conway start. Eugene in quickly, and they keep him in the heel corner. Greiner in, and he has a rear chin lock on Eugene. Shelton gets the hot tag, and takes out all 3 heels. Christian charges, and Shelton back body drops him over the top, onto Tomko. La Rez jumps him, and nails a double team bulldog. Regal and Eugene makes the save, with Eugene hitting Conway with a Stunner, then Shelton nailing the T-Bone for the pin.
Winners — Eugene, Regal, Benjamin

Hussian vignette in an airport. He demands the same rights all the other Americans.


SmackDown! Rebound:

  • Cool can’t compete because his shoulder is hurt, he even has a doctor’s note.
  • Long says that Cool doesn’t compete tonight, he will be stripped of the US Title.
  • Cena defeats Cool for the US Title.
  • Hey-Zeus jumps Cena, working on the ‘injured’ kidney.

    Benoit in the ring, waiting for HHH. Backstage, Flair runs out screaming about Batista. Medics run into HHH’s lockerroom, and HHH is out cold, because of Batista, according to Flair. Medics call for an ambulance, and Benoit comes in. He wants HHH to get in the ring, so he can become champion. The medics won’t let that happen, and Edge gets in Benoit’s face to tease him. Benoit then says he planned on having a cage match tonight, and since HHH can’t go, Edge will take his place.


    Chris Benoit vs. Edge – Steel Cage
    OK, I am sorry, but this match is so lame. Back and forth action, with nothing big happening for like 10 minutes. Edge is pounding away on Benoit near the cage door, and the door is opened, and Benoit slams it on Edge’s head. Edge back up, and spears Benoit through the cage door, and Benoit falls to the floor as the winner.
    Winner – Benoit

    Flair finds Batista backstage, and says that HHH is pissed, and he should get out of the building. Batista tells Flair to tell HHH to get in the ring, because he is going to finish what he started, and tells Flair to choose a side.

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