InsidePulse Indy Report 11.30.04: News, Results, & SUN Shows


Steamboat, Thatcher, Race Clinic in January
Joe E. Legend Boot Camp
Sting Autograph Signing
NWA CW – 11/25 – Kingsport, TN
PWF NE – 11/26 – North Providence, RI
NWA CW – 11/26 – Kingsport, TN
NWA CW – 11/27 – Kingsport, TN
AWA-SCW – 11/27 – Madison, IN
NAWA – 11/28 – Gladewater, TX
SUN Shows – 12/5:
RP – Los Angeles, CA
MPW – Maple Grove, MN
CAPW – Cleveland, OH
OCW – Coshocton, OH

Steamboat, Thatcher, Race Clinic in January

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Les Thatcher, & “King” Harley Race will join with New Generation Wrestling to present a 3-day training camp at the Historic Spindale House in Spindale, NC on January 7, 8, & 9, 2005.

The camp is open to beginners through experienced Independent wrestlers. There will be an NGW pro wrestling event on Friday, 1/7 at the Spindale House with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Les Thatcher, Jim Cornette & more

For more information on this event or to sign-up for the camp you can contact 828-286-4319,, or visit

Joe E. Legend Boot Camp

Current PPW (Japan) Heavyweight champion & former WWE superstar Joe E. Legend will conduct a special 90 minute Boot Camp on Sunday, December 12 at 4 pm at the Masonic Hall in Orangeville, Ontario.

Cost is $40 with instruction giving at every level of experience. For more information, e-mail

Sting Autograph Signing

Sting will be signing copies of his new book and DVD at Christian Supply in Spartanburg, SC this Saturday, 12/4t at 2 pm.

NWA Championship Wrestling results
Thurs, 11/25 – Kingsport, TN

Crowd: 73
*Clay Connors/Bryan Wayne def. Jowad Wayne/Adam York
*Josh Cody def. Ricky Morton
*Ray Idol def. The Freak
*Lumberjack Match: Alyx Winters def. Chris Gilbert
*Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy def. Nick Hammonds/Wayne Adkins
*Super Destroyer vs. Beau James was a Double DQ

Premier Wrestling Federation Northeast results
Fri, 11/26 – North Providence, RI

*Title vs. Title Match: PWF-NE Jr Heavyweight champion Pat Masters def. Mayhem Jr. Heavyweight champion Kevin Karizma by count out
*PWF-NE Women’s Title Match: champion Natalia def. Ariel by pin
*PWF-NE/Mayhem Tag Titles Match: Pride def. Elements of Suicide, The Logan Brothers, & The Doug Somers Experience
*Mayhem Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Live Wire” Dave Padula def. “Mr. Nice” Nat Turner by pin
*Riot/Grayson Alexander def. TJ Richter/Evan Siks (w/ Demonica)
*PWF-NE Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jose Perez def. Triplelicious (w/ Sean Gorman) by pin
*Jason Blade def. Kyle Storm via pin

NWA Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 11/26 – Kingsport, TN

Crowd: 42
*Alyx Winters def. Jowad Wayne
*Hardcore Match: Bryan Wayne def. Mike Cooper
*Ray Idol def. The Freak
*NWA CW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Clay Connors def. Shane Matthews
*Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy def. Nick Hammonds/Wayne Adkins, Super Destroyer/Josh Cody, & Clarence Clippenback/Adam York (w/ Sherri Martel)

NWA Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 11/27 – Kingsport, TN

Crowd: 125
*Brusier Graham def. Justin Sensation
*The Iron Cross def. Mike Cooper
*Clay Connors def. Nick Hammonds
*Ray Idol def. Josh Cody
*Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy def. Brusier Graham/Danny Ray
*Jimmy Valiant/Beau James def. Super Destroyer/Wayne Rogers

AWA-SCW results
Sat, 11/27 – Madison, IN

*Nick Noble def. Cooter Clampett by pin
*Apollo def. Chris Morrus via pin
*Kliff Hanger def. Roger Blade by pin
*Live Wire/Chuck McRoberts def. Chris Morrus/Nick Noble by DQ after the Blackhearts interfered
*SCW Tag Titles Match: champions Whiplash def. The Blackhearts
*SCW Heavyweight Title Match: The Prophet def. Brad Lamen via pin

New Age Wrestling Alliance results
Sun, 11/28 – Gladewater, TX

*”Rocket” Ricky Roberts def. Andrew Dalton by DQ
*Logan def. Jason Skyy
*Mongoose def. Sean O’Neil
*Andrew Dalton/Khan vs. Ricky Roberts/Sean Cordova went to a double count-out
*Samir def. Joseph

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sun, 11/28 – Columbia, TN

*Lawrence/Big T (w/ Kyle the Butler) def. Mach 3 (Mikey Dunn/Eric Robertson)
*Lawrence/Kyle the Butler def. “Impressive” Anthony Wayne/Lekisha
*Big Country/Richard Ezell def. Southern Justice via DQ
*Ryder/Arrick Andrews def. Bubba/Shane Morton by DQ
*CWA Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: Kyle the Butler

Revolution Pro
Q Events Center, Los Angeles, CA
Sun, 12/5 – 6 pm

*War Games Match: Bigg E. Biggs/R2K/Lone Star vs. Angel/Human Tornado/AWC
*Scorpio Sky vs. Quick Silver
*Mr. Excitement vs. Super Dragon
*Halloween/Damian 666 vs. Psicosis/Superboy
*Chris Bosh vs. Topgun Talwar
*Matt Sinister/Black Metal vs. Cyanide/Buddy George
*Disco Machine/Scott Lost vs. Johnny Paradise/Ronin

Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena, 11760 Justen Circle Ste F, Maple Grove, MN
Sun, 12/5

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling
Turner’s Hall, Cleveland, OH
Sun, 12/5 – 4 pm

*Street Fight: The Dynasty vs. Da Munchies
*Nigel McGuinness vs. Josh Prohibition
*Chad Collyer vs. Justin Idol
*M-Dogg 20 vs. Glenn Spectre
*Hailey Hatred vs. Amber O’Neal vs. Krissy Vaine
*Raymond Rowe vs. Ironman
*JT Lightning (w/ Krystal Frost) vs. Charles Anthony
*Jason Turner vs. Carlton Kaz
*Also featuring Bane & more

Ohio Championship Wrestling
Big Guns Wrestling Academy, Coshocton, OH
Sun, 12/5 – 5 pm

*OCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon vs. Wrath Child
*Kid Kaos vs. Ryan Sinn
*OCW Cruiserwieght Title Match: champion “Wild Card” Jack Diamond vs. the Beastmaster
*Bryan Payne vs. BJ Cummins
*Also featuring Team Hottness, Joe Joe Little, Loko Ohno, & more

Tickets: $5