Romo\'s World: Everwood-Episode 10


With winter soon to come things are really heating up in Everwood. Amy and Ephram have consummated their love. Andy has gotten himself into quite a pickle with the wife of one of his patients.

Previously On”¦ Everwood:

The introduction of Hannah. Ephram and Bright essentially “breaking up” as friends. Andy and Amanda’s “date” with Amanda expressing her feelings for Andy and Andy telling her “we can’t.” Ok so I am glad Bright is mentioned so that means he will be featured in the show.

The show starts off with Ephram and Delia shopping in “downtown” Everwood. There are lots of Xmas decorations around the street and stores. Delia tells Ephram that she is annoyed with her part in the holiday pageant. It turns out that she has been cast as an angel. Delia feels that the play is solely based around Christianity and this conflicts with her mothe’s Jewish beliefs.

Shortly after Ephram ignores his sister he finds flyer for a concert with Madison’s band. Delia wants to go with him. She assumes he is going to go to concert. On that dramatic note we cut to commercial. Uh”¦oh. Amy and Ephram finally sleep together and now Madison is back. Will Amy have buye’s remorse if Ephram is tempted by Madison, perhaps he will find out about the pregnancy.

Back from commercial and over to the medical office. Dr. Abbott is putting up decorations around the office. Andy is in a bad mood, he officially has no holiday spirit in him. He tells Harold that he feels overwhelmed with xmas shopping. Andy then asks Harold to take over a patient for him. The patient he is asking Harold to take over is John, Amanda’s husband. Harold agrees but says “consider it my gift to you.”

More shopping this time it is Amy and Hannah. Amy is looking for a gift for Ephram. Hannah wants to leave, she must be the only girl that is not a fan of shopping. Amy is trying to figure out what she is getting her dad. She asks Hannah what she is getting her dad. Amy keeps prying and asks if her parents are coming home from Hong Kong for the holiday. Hannah says they are not.

Off to Bright at the pizza restaurant. Ephram just happens to be there. Bright sits down at the table with him. The two talk about Madison’s band. Bright asks Ephram if he is going to go to the show. Ephram says he isn’t going to go. Bright tries to convince him to go but tells him that he should not tell Amy if he does go. Wow nice brotherly love”¦lol.

Down the street we see Amy at Nina’s café. She is asking Nina about Hanna’s parents not showing up for xmas. She is mad they are staying in Hong Kong and wants to call Hanna’s parents to convince them to come see Hannah. Nina tries her best to avoid this topic. Amy clues in asks Nina, “There is no Hong Kong?” Nina admits Hanna’s parents aren’t in Hong Kong. But she will not say anymore. Amy is upset Hannah lied to her. Nina tells Amy not to be mad at her. So the secret of Hannah is soon to be revealed. Right now I am thinking abusive father perhaps?

Later that night Amy is getting ready for a date when her phone rings. Ephram is the one calling. She tells him about the conversation she had with Nina. Ephram asks if he can cancel on their date tonight. He tells her that he is sick and going to stay in. We can see he is in his car though so we know that’s a lie. Amy offers to take him some soup but Ephram refuses the request. After the call ends Ephram gets out of his car and goes into club where Madison’s band, Joe Lies, is playing. FYI Joe Lies is taken from the GREAT movie Say Anything. Joe Lies is a song sung in the movie by Lili Taylor about her ex-boyfriend. If you have not seen Say Anything GO watch it NOW!

Inside the club Ephram runs into Bright. Bright complains they don’t serve beer at the club. Well that explains how Ephram got into the bar. Ephram tells Bright that he doesn’t miss the relationship he had with Madison. Instead he feels better about how things are with Amy. Bright, who is on fire tonight with his wit and wisdom (even if it is all wrong wisdom to follow), says the reason Ephram is there to see if Amy “tastes” better. In his comparison to a coke-pepsi taste test.

The curtains open and the lead singer comes out”¦it is not Madison though.

Over at the other side of town Andy is at Delia’s school for the previousl discussed pageant. He runs into Amanda. He tells her that Dr. Abbott is willing to take on John’s case. Amanda is upset that Andy is talking like he doesn’t know her. Just in time to end that awkwardness Delia runs up. She has obviously changed roles as she is sporting a fake beard and announces she is a Maccabe. Andy tells Amanda he will call her, she tells him not to bother.

Over at the Abbott household the family is decorating the house. The door bell rings. Amy answers the door to find Hannah there. Hannah is nervous and tells Amy that she knows Nina talked to her. She asks Amy if they can talk. The two sit outside. Hannah tells Amy that her parents are in Lakefield, Minnesota in the house she grew up. She admits she came up with her parents going to Hong Kong from Beverly Hills 90210. Hannah tells Amy that her dad is kinda dying. (how is someone KINDA dying?) She tells Amy that she didn’t want to be “tragedy girl.” She then bares her soul about her father. It turns out he has Huntington’s disease. She explains to Amy that it is a brain disease and due to this he can’t eat or talk and is bed-ridden. He mother takes care of her father. She says that with her brother going away to college that left no one to take care of her. She asks Amy not to feel sorry for her.

Now that we know the back story of Hannah and I feel like a jerk for assuming the worst we go to commercial.

Dr. Abbott shows up at Amanda’s place. He is raring to go. Amanda does not share his energy. Harold wants to use colour therapy to help John. Amanda is being all pessimistic and asks him to leave. She then says, “Tell Andy that I’m done.”

Amy is on her computer and seems to be on the internet reading about Huntington’s disease. Ephram shows up and tells her he is feeling better. Amy is not focused and acting very aloof. He thinks she is mad at him, due to his guilty conscious no doubt. But we really know that she is thinking about Hannah.

Harold shows up at the office and tells Andy he was fired by Amanda. He tells Andy that she was acting very fragile. Andy decides to come up with a new plan to treat John. Harold thinks they should respect Amanda’s wishes. Then Andy gets a case of the stupids and lets it slip that he mishandled his relationship with Amanda. Harold tries to talk to Andy about what happened. Harold tells Andy he has to stay away from Amanda.

Over to the library with Dr. Jake. Amy is in the library and asks him for help. She asks him about brain issues and how is Huntington’s treated. Dr. Jake says there is no treatment. He tells her it’s a genetic disease and that there is a 50% chance a child will inherit the gene from their parent.

Now that we know Hannah has a 50/50 shot at living a health life or dying a horrible death we go to commercial. Man this episode is depressing so far. Thank God Bright is around to lighten things up.

Ephram comes home and talks to Andy. He tells him he went to see Madison but that she is now longer in the band. Ephram feels like he can’t accept being happy. He does tell his dad that a band member gave him Madison’s phone number. He discusses with his dad about calling Madison.

Amy goes to see Hannah and finds that she is writing in her journal. She asks Hannah if she has Huntington’s. Amy tells Hannah that she knows there is a test for it. Hannah has not taken the test and is not going to. She doesn’t want to think about how her dad’s legacy may be giving her a disease. She figures she can’t do anything about it, so why know? She thanks Amy for making her feel less lonely.

Ephram is in his studio. Amy comes by for visit and she is obviously upset. He asks if she is ok. Before she can say anything he starts to apologize. She asks why he is apologizing. He admits about lying to her about being sick and tells her he went to see Madison’s band play. He declares he has no feelings for Madison, who wasn’t even there. Amy doesn’t understand why he would want to go see Madison. Amy gets mad and leaves. She is obviously frustrated and she tells Ephram, “Don’t call me. I can’t deal with this.”

Andy goes to see Amanda. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to give up on John. She is mad that he is acting all doctor-like. Amanda admits that she has fallen out of love with John. The two keep getting closer and closer until”¦they kiss. Wow!! Oh and that note the show ends.

By the way there are no more new shows until Jan 17. So we have to wait 6 weeks to find out what lies ahead for Andy and Amanda. Will Amy and Ephram reconcile? Will Hannah get her first kiss with Bright or someone else? How will Nina react if Andy tells her about Amanda?