Cable/Deadpool #10 Review


Reviewer: James Hatton
Story Title: The Burnt Offering (Part Four – Born Sinners)

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Penciller: Patrick Zircher
Inkers: Udon’s Rob Ross & M3th
Color: Gotham Studios
Letterer VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics

He’s a man with the power to raise cities from the ground and turn them into citadels. He can kill with a thought, and wields his power into a force that no man can take away. He is a mutant. He is Nathan Dayspring Summers, better known to the world as Cable.

He’s a mercenary who is at the top of his game. He’s saved the world, fired a sheep gun, and defeated the Taskmaster using sheer sarcasm. Add to this, he has a mouth that is quicker than most people can think, and Wolverine’s healing power. He is Wade Wilson, better known to his victims as Deadpool.

By far, one of the most underrated titles of the day, they’ve joined together for no apparent reason. Does anybody hear the Odd Couple theme playing?


Cable has made the decision that he must save the world – from itself. By opening a paradise, called Providence which is open to anyone who wishes, Cable has decided to make the world realize that it is possible for us all to live together. Well, the governments of the world are happy not living together – there’s really, honestly, no money in honesty and trust.

So in come foreign governments, domestic governments, mutant control groups – and when they all fail they brought in a creature who wields the Power Cosmic.

In this issue, we learn why Cable is doing this – the result of his great work – and what the machine Deadpool has been trying to put together actually does. All of these small stories piece together to a whole, and an ending that puts into question the status quo of this book.

Fabian is a decent writer. Cursed by association, but all in all he writes fun stories. Deadpool/Cable is no exception. A book that is guaranteed to be on the cancel block sometime in the year 2005, it is not only amusing, but it’s a depthful look at one of the oddest characters in x-Canon. (Cable, Deadpool’s odd, but not that odd) Next month we are supposed to be expecting a BIG SURPRISE, and since this issue ended with one of our characters losing whatever power he once possessed, I expect good things.

Also, take note of the interview pieces between Cable and Irene Merryweather which are not only telling pieces, but fit into the story seamlessly.


Udon Udon Udon! Yes, I know that Udon is only inking out the work of Zircher, who does a great stylistic version of Deadpool by the way, but the work of Team Udon is on spot every time. When I heard that this book was going to exist, I worried what era characters they would give us – then I heard that Udon was going to be on it, and realize that there was a good shot it was going to be the characters that I loved. Oh, and Silver Surfer looks totally nifty (A technical term).


Simply speaking, Deadpool/Cable was expected (by me, at least) to be an odd assortment of buddy humor and action. What it, instead, has given us is a title that is pulling one of the most powerful characters and tag teaming him together with one of the funniest. The pairing had the ability to flounder unmercifully, and die a disgustingly bad death – but instead we’ve been given an introspective look into what Cable is truly like, and I hope in future arcs we’ll get the same kind of treatment with Deadpool at the helm. Good work Fabian.