[Site News] VOTE NOW For Year-End Music Awards

It’s about that time — the last week of 2004, and everyone’s talking about which album was the best of the year, what songs they can’t get out of their heads, even what some of the year’s most embarrassing moments were…

InsidePulse Music’s staff has come up with the nominees, and now it’s up to YOU to select who goes home with the 2004 Year-End Awards! We’ll have our staff awards up soon enough, but in order for YOU to be heard, slide on over to our forums, register if you haven’t already (it takes about a minute), and vote!

Voting goes through 3pm ET, January 7, with results of the reader AND staff award voting to be posted shortly afterwards.

Vote Now!

Matthew Michaels is one of the original editors of Pulse Wrestling, and was founding editor of Inside Fights and of Inside Pulse Music.