Remote Destination


I have to say that I was legitimately saddened when I heard about the passing of Jerry Orbach. I truly enjoyed his work on Law & Order ( I even remember when he first appeared on the show as a lawyer.)

My roommate broke the news to me in one of those “guess who died” scenarios. In situations like that, you never really want to guess because that means giving a voice to a fear. The person asking isn’t going to ask, unless the death will affect you, thus you automatically assume the worst.

My reply to her question was “just tell me.” Her answer was “who’s your favorite character on Law & Order?, to which I responded, meekly; “Lenny?”

While I was a fan of his character on Law & Order, I was also a fan of him as a person. I remember when my best friend and I were watching is Biography, what struck us was that not matter how bad an incident he was describing, he always reminisced with a smile and a chuckle.

Of course my friend and I found it hilarious, but looking back that’s an admirable quality to have. To be able to remember the past with a smile, no matter what happened is a pretty cool ability. And it’s one that Jerry Orbach possessed.

I was looking forward to watching the new L & O spin off, mostly to see what Orbach contributed to the show. Sadly whatever contributions he provided will be limited. He will be missed.

Last Week’s Viewage

Very slim viewing last week. I finally watched the tape of the last new episode of Arrested Development (from two weeks ago?). It was hilarious as always. And honestly who doesn’t love Afternoon Delight?

I also watched Oz and for the sake of Joe Reid I’ll edit my comments. You have to feel bad when _______, who I thought would never get raped, got raped by _______. That really surprised me. By the same token I was equally surprised when ___________ finally confessed love for _________. It was nice to see ________ and _________ back in Oz, as well as __________ and ___________. But when _________ ended up on Death Row, I felt kind of bad for him, after all he’s only one step above Cyril. Regardless I think that I’d still enjoy the show as much even if it had some actual competition these past two weeks.

Which reminds me”¦

These Networks Are Killing Me.

I can completely understand why no one is showing anything new until January. People are spending the time with family. Businesses are throwing company parties. Friends are throwing parties. I can respect that the networks want to protect their investement in new episodes for the maximum viewing audience. But it sucks. Here are a list of shows that I’m not watching right now;

Desperate Housewives

Boston Legal

Jack & Bobby


The Simpsons

Arrested Development


Pardon The Interruption

Best Week Ever

And that’s not including whatever random show HBO is showing on Sunday night.

Like, seriously, without PTI I don’t have a reason to get out of bed before I need to get ready for work. Kornheiser and Wilbon (and to a lesser extent Stat Boy) are my reasons for waking up.

I think that the networks need to provide some adequate supstitution viewing for those of us, who don’t have the aforementioned engagements to attend, to view. Maybe have some “behind the scenes” specials, like The Seinfeld Story they showed last month. I need something; I’m almost desperate enough to turn to soap operas. I wonder what’s happening on Days of Our Lives?

Holidays = Family

I know what you’re thinking; “duh Mathan.”

But I’m not talking about my family, I’m talking about my roommates family. Her niece, J, has been with us all week, which means I’ve been watching music videos enough to catch the eight-hour loop on VH1 Mega Hits.

Here are some of the videos that I’ve had to endure;

Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul

This twerp is like a skim-Aaron Carter. It’s pop that’s zeroed directly in on the “teen female” market. J has been eating it up. Every time we come across this sappy ballad we’re stuck. The song is bad enough, but the video is worse. It’s about a courtship during a road trip. I practically want to scream “are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

Destiny’s Child – Soldier

As a heterosexual man, I’m a huge fan of Beyonce. But this video is annoying. I know understand who she’s referencing when she sings about “BK” and “East Coast”, but none of the MC’s that appear in the video are from either place! It’s pretty vile. And is Ice Cube still considered a solider? I swore I saw him in a trailer for an upcoming comedy that’s a cross between Home Alone and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Now despite what J, Matthew Michael, every InsidePulse Music Staffer and every music magazine says, I’m not going to give Green Day a chance. I’ve found both singles to be annoying, and American Idiot is just grating. I’ll sit through pop crap, but not pop punk.

J has also gotten me to reacquaint myself with FUSE. Unfortunately it reminded me of why I gave up on the channel in the first place; too many commercials. Now with MTV2 and BET, you know you’re going to get commercials. But while FUSE pretends to be an alternative to MTV, it feels like it’s got more commercials. And the video selection is just as horrid.

That’s going to do it for the week. It’s really tough to fill up a TV column when there’s nothing on. I mean, I can only fill up so much space tormenting Joe Reid. These fine folks managed to produce columns without resorting to such measures.

Matthew has ideas to make Network Television better.

Cheri has all sorts of things to look forward to.

The aforementioned Matthew Michael gives you a list of 100 random moments from 2004.

(Needs More) Traffic J.A.M.

Last week Aaron & Nick covered the Best and Worst that Hip Hop had to offer in 2004. It was as honest as it was brutal. Cam also produced a picture of him and the wiz. I would produce a picture of my wife-piece, but she’s imaginary.

Joe on the other hand, delivers the Best in Film and random Miscellanea (which my computer says isn’t a work.) It’s hilarious and true. Great call on 13 Going on 30. When I first saw that scene, while I was on the plane, I was drowsy so I didn’t really believe it. But when my fully rested self saw it, I really didn’t believe it.

Equally good call on The Butterfly Effect. But, as a guy known to occasionally peruse a comic book I’ve got to say that Dunst’s line in Spiderman 2 was pure “fanboy.” Hopefully next week Joe’ll have comments on The Life Aquatic.

Greatest Video Ever”¦this week

Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey – Easy Lover

I’ve got to say I’m a sucker for those same sex ebony and ivory parings of the 80’s. Wonder and McCartney, Jackson and McCartney, Crockett and Tubbs. This video features one of my favorites. I dig the behind the scenes vibe of the video. I like Bailey trying to teach rhythm to Collins. And I finally got the gag about the costumes that Collins wants them to wear. Man, that must have been way funny in the 80’s.