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After weeks of my best friend’s pleading with me to visit, I finally went to Jump The Shark. I heartedly recommend visiting that site. It’s equal parts hilarious nostalgia and well thought out debate.

One sad but true fact is that this column came dangerously close to not being written, because I spent so much time reminiscing about some of my beloved TV shows, and some not so beloved. I am actively trying to pace myself, thus I have instituted the rule that I can only check out TV shows alphabetically, as opposed to individually. I can’t wait to see when Oz jumped the shark.

Speaking of Oz“¦

What I Watched Last Week

(Dude, with the improved TV placement in my room, my viewing habits have drastically changed.)

Carnivale – I didn’t quite get the first season, but I re-upped for this new one. Kind of. Y’see I was on the phone for the season premiere, so I missed a bit of it. But I figured that I’d catch it as the week progressed. As of early Friday A.M. I was mistaken.

That said, even an episode I was barely watching seemed clearer than all of last season. The characters were much more defined. I enjoyed what I caught, and am going to make an effort to figure out what’s going on this season.

Unscripted – HBO’s other new show. I found it incredibly depressing and discouraging, and I’m not even an actor. It was difficult to watch; yet I enjoyed it. Two half-hour episodes are a bit much though. I wish HBO would just show one episode and leave me wanting more.

Desperate Housewives – The excitement has waned. Not only do I not care about ¾’s of the Housewives, but I’m annoyed by their storylines. I have officially begun reading while the show is on.

Oz -(edited for Joe Reid) I wasn’t too happy when _______ killed ________. I don’t really see how it fit into his plan. I hope that ______ does get parole, which means he won’t. I was excited to see ________ feeling “possessed.” I was very dismayed to see Master P make a cameo, but Method Man’s apperance more than made up for it. It was a shame that the _______ storyline ended in tragedy, but what doesn’t end in tragedy in Oz?

Tilt – This was a very decent show. It helps that I live in Vegas, so knew most of the lingo. Its air of “realism” is what makes the show work. This show is like an hour-long advertisement against playing poker, but it’s an entertaining one. And who doesn’t love a show about pulling a hustle?

Smallville – This had a decent shot of being the week’s greatest show. Sure it was a rerun, but it featured Bart Allen, a kid with super speed. For those of you who don’t know I’m a huge fan of The Flash, thus this episode slayed me. I missed it the first time around, but it was so worth the wait. The name-dropping of other comic book “Flashes” was a neat touch for us “fanboys.”

Greatest Show Ever”¦this week: 24

This was without a doubt the best show on this week, and you have to factor in the four hours of new material that aired. I taped the episodes that aired on Sunday and Monday.

When I got home from work on Monday night, my roommate wanted to watch it. But we procrastinated for a good long time. At 11pm we decided to watch it, but five minutes in a friend called and said that he wanted to be down. So we stopped the tape and rewound.

He arrived at midnight. We got comfortable and started watching. Now my roommate and friend are both lightweights. They usually retire around 1 or 2am (as a point of perspective as I type this it’s 4am.)

Thus after the two hour even that aired on Sunday I figured they were done and stopped the tape. They were outraged and convinced me to keep the tape going. After I was convinced that they had the stamina to continue, we did progress. And a little before 4am (we fast forwarded commercials) we had finished watching the season thus far of 24. And I have to admit I’m impressed.

I really like what they’ve done up to this point. I was worried how they could make me care about the show, with Jack being the only major returning character, but the story is sound and I hardly even notice. Plus I have realized that in order for the show to really work, Jack has to be “roguish” and operate outside accepted norms. So the more returning cast members the more people who know and accept how Jack operates, the less drama and tension present.

I also like the “bad guys.” Yes, it’s very cliché to have Middle Eastern villains, but I’ll be honest; I find the “sleeper” family to be a very compelling storyline. The mock trial storyline is decent, but doesn’t really light my fire.

However the addition of Aisha Tyler is huge draw for me. She’s like almost perfection. She’s got that skin tone, she’s the right height, she’s got a mean sense of humor. And she’s attractive. Aside from one major flaw (Care to guess what that might be, Aaron?) she’s perfect. But I’ve just been rambling on a large digression.

I enjoyed seeing Jack return to form. He started out meek and mild, but then his instinct came back rather quickly. He’s almost single-minded in his quest for justice, and to paraphrase Homer Simpson “He gets results!”

The season started out with a bang. Here’s to hoping that it keeps going.

Quick Character Thoughts

Jack Bauer – He’s the star. I’m glad that they addressed the issue of him having a bit of rust, in terms of prowess. But he’s seemingly returned to form. He shot a guy in the leg to get answers, and he robbed a convenience store to gain some time. He does get results.

Behrooz Araz – This kid sucks. He’s so not down for the cause. He’s a flake. I really hope that his mom takes him out next.

Andrew Paige – I felt bad for this guy. He stumbled onto part of the scheme, got beaten and lost most of his friends. The guy had it rough. Hopefully he’ll recover and reappear.

James Heller – Ugh. He’s so “gung ho” it’s annoying. I’m actually siding with his kidnappers. He’s a blowhard and I was saddened when I found out his heart attack was fake.

Erin Driscoll – The folks I watched the show with generally referred to her as “what a bi+c#.” I didn’t like her character, but I kind of understood where she was coming from. I do think that the whole melodrama with her daughter is going to suck. And what’s up with everyone disobeying her orders?

Dina Araz – Behrooz’s mom. She’s my favorite character. She does what she needs to get the job done. She’s like the bad guy equivalent of Jack. She cold, ruthless, and no joke. What a great character.

Navi Araz – The patriarch of the Araz family. He’s cold, but he just doesn’t have the same presence as his wife. He’s cool, but nothing to write home about.

Chloe O’Brian – Since she’s the only other returning cast member, she’s likeable by default. It’s nice to see that her character hasn’t changed all that much.

Kalil Hassan – Again, this guy is no joke. I appreciate his focus to his goal. Attacking Jack with bug spray was a rookie move. But he was still sharp enough to realize that Jack was up to something.

John Keeler – The new President. He’s also a guy who “does what it takes” even if its blackmail, as witnessed last season. He hasn’t made an impression on me this year.

Audrey Raines – I don’t think that Jack needs a love interest. She’s suitable, but she’s not nearly sharp enough for me. She always seems to be one step behind. It’s frustrating. I’m glad she got kidnapped, but I’m sad she’s still around.

Marianne Taylor – I dig the conniving characters. She’s a slick one. I just hope that it doesn’t end up hurting her, because I love Aisha Tyler.

Edgar Stiles – I like him. He’s a meek guy. He’s also entertaining. I’m worried that his pushover nature will cause him to be a casualty though.

Curtis Manning – Very bland at this point. He seems to be a token Black guy. Showed a glimpse of character with not wanting to use drugs to get information from Keeler’s son. But bland.

Richard Heller – He’s supposed to be radical (as witnessed by his trying to smoke a joint in front of his Cabinet father) but he’s so boring that I didn’t care when he was being tortured.

Sarah Gavin – Kind of interesting. Attractive. I hope she develops into something. The whole “brown nose” bit is getting boring, even if Chloe needs a nemesis at CTU.

Omar – He’s the leader of the kidnappers. If it’s his plan, then he’s cool. However if he’s just a pawn in someone else’s plan, um, then he’s just a pawn. I don’t think that he’s utilizing Audrey as a way to torment her father. Oh well.

Question of the Week

Here’s a new feature to the column. I’ve decided to beg for feedback, and I figured that asking for it would be a good way to get it.

So, suppose that your life was on the line. Maybe you’ve been kidnapped. Maybe you had a bomb strapped to your chest while you were sleeping. Maybe you just fell in a well. The point is; you’re in danger. Who do you want to save your life; Jack Bauer or Macgyver

Post your comments or email them me. Next week I’ll give you my answer and run yours.

There you have it. My desperate plea for feedback, I’m ashamed. Leave me. But read this other stuff;

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Greatest Video Ever”¦this week

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark

Never has a white guy seemed so stiff. His smile is forced. I honestly don’t know which is tighter, The Boss’s joints or his jeans. This video is inadvertent comedy. But it’s redeemed by Clarence, The Happiest Black Man Aliveâ„¢. When Clarence blows on his sax, you know the video is almost over.

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