InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown! Report 1.20.05

That crazy guy’s up to it again. If you haven’t done so, please check out the best Heat recap on the web right here. I don’t know how he does it.

Videp package covers the happenings between Angle, Show, & JBL from last week.

Taped from Montreal, Quebec
Hosts are Tazz & Michael Cole

We automatically start off with Long in the ring. Long says last week Angle sunk to a new low. Long says Angle’s going to face the music. Long says Kurt’s going to come to the ring, alone, and apologize to Joy. If he doesn’t he gets removed from the WWE title match at the RR, and will never get one again in 2005. Long introduces the first match, which is…

Eddie Guerrero & Booker T vs. Basham Brothers(c) – WWE Tag Team Championship match
Big pop for Eddie. Big “Eddie” chant to start. The two go into the corner, while Danny brings the punches, but Book comes back with a clothesline. Some chops, and Eddie comes in, to much delight of the fans. Eddie gets an elbow, and Booker gets back in. Snapmare, and Booker does his knee drop. Danny gets a knee, and brings in Doug, who gets hiptossed. Eddie comes in and gets a heelo and a dropkick. Eddie works over the arm, but Doug gets out with a slam for 2. Booker back in, and he gets a sidekick for 2. Eddie comes in and gets an airplane spin, causing himself to get dizzy, but just thumbs Danny in the eye. Booker gets a heelkick for 2, thanks to Danny. The heels talk on the outside, so Booker and Eddie come over the top to send us to a:

Commercial break.

We’re back with Eddie chopping Doug. Danny in, but Eddie drop toeholds him to bring in Booker. Double team kick gets 2, thanks to Doug. The two switch, and Doug surprises him with a clothesline. The heels work over Booker. Booker gets out of a full nelson, but Danny gets a powerslam for 2, thanks to Eddie. Doug back in, who reaplies the full nelson. Eddie ties the tag rope around the ring rope, in order to get in the middle of the ring, but the ref doesn’t have it. Danny gets in with an elbow for 2. Booker finally comes back with a sidekick, but Doug knocks off Eddie. He gets a scoop slam and leg drop for 2. Booker fights out of a headlock and gets a spinebuster. Eddie finally gets in, and its clotheslines for everybody. Headscissors/arm wringer combo, and the triple verticals look to set up the Frig Splash, but Eddie takes care of Jordan intead. Doug tries a belt, but Eddie steals it and hits him with it, causing the ref to DQ him. Booker and Eddie argue afterwards, causing Eddie to walk off. Jordan and the Bashams attack Booker aftwerwards, and Eddie hesitates…but decides to help out. Jordan gets the worst of it, with a Scissors Kick and Frog Splash.

Commercial break.

JBL is seen talking to Amy about what just happened. Josh pops up. JBL says that he called him here for a reason. He says what Angle did crossed the line, and that his cabinet will get his hands on him tonight.

Meanwhile, Show and Joy are also backstage. Show is apparently waiting for Angle to arrive so he can beat him up.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Josh is seen standing outside John Cena’s door for an interview, which will be after…

Akio vs. Scotty 2 Hotty – WWE Royal Rumble Qualifying match
Akio jumps him start. Scotty gets a couple of hiptosses, and a dropkick for 2. Akio sends Scotty out, and Russian Legsweeps him into the barricade. Back in, it gets 2. Akio gets a vertical suplex for 2. Akio puts on a submission move, but gets his shoulders down for a quick 1. Scotty gets out of a back suplex, but Akio rolls through a hiptoss. He goes for a Corkscrew, but Scotty moves. The Worm gets 3.

Backstage, Cena is seen with a blurred hat once again. He basically says he’ll win.

Commercial break.

Tazz and Cole say that this monday, on RAW, you’ll find out the news about Stone Cold.

Show is still backstage, still waiting for Angle. Long tells him not to do anything he’ll regret. Show says that anything he does, he won’t regret.

Carlito comes out with his petition once again. He says that Long just sat around while Joy was abdupted, and that he should be responsible. He should also be responsible for Carlito’s arm being in a sling. He says that he will not stop getting signatures until – cue Heidenrich’s music. He…signs the petition. Heidenrich says he also wants Long gone, because he’s forcing him to the Casket match at the RR. He’ll do anything to get out of it. BONG! Taker appears on the tron, next to a casket. He opens it, and inside is Heidenrich himself. Taker finishes it off with “Rest in peace.”

Commercial break.

Backstage, Show is still waiting. Some people walk through the door, and Show gets all jumpy, but it’s just some chicks.

United States Champion John Cena vs. Rene Dupree – WWE Royal Rumble Qualifying match
Bog pop for Cena. Mixed reaction for Dupree. Dupree grabs a side headlock, but Cena knock hims out with a shoulderblock, and backdrops him on the concrete. Back in, Dupree ducks a running Cena to send him back out. Dropkick to Cena, back in, and Cena gets a small package for 2. Cena counters a sunset flip for 2. Dupree gets a knee for 2. Dupree gets a chinlock, while the fans chant “Cena”. Cena gets a shoulder block for 2. Tilt a whirl back suplex gets 2. 5 knuckle shuffle misses, and Dupree goes for a neckbreaker, but Cena counter out with a DDT. 5 Kuckle Shufle gets 2. FU gets 3! Kenzo jumps Cena afterwards, and beats the hell out of him.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Show is still waiting.

Tazz and Cole run over the Royal Rumble card.

JBL approaches Show, and offers to help out Show with Angle tonight. Show says that JBL may actually make sense.

Rey/Chavo, next!

Commercial break.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero – WWE Royal Rumble Qualifying match
Rey gets a snapmare to start. Chavo monkey flips him, but Rey rolls around to a sunset flip for 2. Rey sprinboards off the 2nd rope, but Chavo catches him, only to get armdragged. Chavo reverses a hurricanrana into a faceplant for 2. Rey sends Chavo to the outside, causing him to lose his temper.

Commercial break.

We’re back with Chavo taking it to Rey. Back suplex gets 2. Rey kicks him down, and gets a 2nd rope sprinboard moonsault for 2. HARD whip gets 2 for Chavo. Chavo comes off the 2nd rope, but Rey gets his boot up, setting Chavo up for the 619. Rey cant hit it though. Chavo sets up an electric chair, but Rey rolls down and covers him for 2. Rey goes for a sprinboard crossbody, but Chavo kicks him in the gut for 2. Gory Bomb gets 2. Rey gets out of a scoop slam, and rolls up Chavo for 2. Chavo ducks a 619, and slams Rey on a tilt a whirl for 2. Fans give it up for this match. Headscissors sets up the 619, which connects this time, and Rey gets a splash for 3.

RAW rebound.

Next week, it’s a rematch between Kenzo and Cena for the US title.

Angle comes through the fans, as we go to a…

Commercial break.

Angle’s in the ring, and asks for Joy to come out. Angle reads out an apology from a sheet paper. Angle tells Show to get this over with. Show comes out, but Angle runs out of the ring. JBL cuts him off through the entrance however. The two smile though, and shake hands. Jindrak and Reigns comes out now, and all the men surround Show. Show fights off the lackeys, but all men jump him at once. Show manages to push them off, and goes for a double Chokeslam, but Jordan goes low. Angle Slam, and JBL kills Show with a chair shot to the head. Show’s bleeding, and the heels aren’t done yet. They beat on him some more, and Angle and JBL ram some steps into Show’s head to send us out.


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