Greg Grunberg Hopes To Return To 'Lost'

Daniel Fienberg of Zap2It talked to Greg Grunberg about his rising star in Hollywood. The interview is particularly interesting, and here is a partial transcript.

Usually when a TV character is last seen hanging from a high tree branch at least partially devoured by an unseen and unexplained monster, the actor playing that part can assume that his next paycheck will probably have to come from elsewhere. It helps somewhat, though, when your character is on an innovative show like “Lost” and when that show’s executive producer happens to be your best friend since childhood.
Several months after an unnamed pilot, played by Greg Grunberg, crashed a plane full of passengers into an uncharted and mysterious island and launched the “Lost” phenomenon, the actor is hoping his alter ego is primed for an unlikely comeback.

“I would love to do like a Mamas and Papas moment where I’m eating some chicken and I choke on a chicken bone and the plane goes down,” Grunberg cracks. “That would be kinda cool, a Mama Cass airline moment.”

J.J. Abrams, who has used Grunberg as an actor and good luck charm in “Felicity,” “Alias” and now “Lost,” is more than amenable to bring back his kindergarten chum.

“We have discussed a couple stories where that would happen,” Abrams admits. “Part of it is that it’s just fun for me to have Greg on the show, so it’s just selfish in that regard, and part of it’s because I just think there’s a cool story to tell about the pilot’s point of view.”

In addition to snagging a Hawaiian vacation for his buddy, bringing Grunberg back to “Lost” would continue a creative partnership that lets both men operate in shorthand.

“J.J. has such a very specific idea of what he wants, and to try to get into his head is next to impossible,” Grunberg says. “We have the same sensibility, so when he writes, he writes right for me. His dialogue just flows. I don’t have to even think about it.”

For over a year, Abrams and Grunberg have been developing “The Catch,” a bounty hunter drama for ABC. The series looked set to film a pilot last fall with Grunberg and Orlando Jones starring, but the busy Abrams had to push it back, a move that led to Jones departing the project. Now “The Catch” looks like it’s ready to go again as soon as Grunberg, who will also serve as a producer, and Abrams can find somebody to replace Jones in the cast that also includes Don Rickles and Kym Whitley. Abrams still hopes to direct the “Catch” pilot, but with “Alias” and “Lost” in production, at least two other network pilots in development and a little film called “Mission: Impossible 3” on the horizon, there aren’t any guarantees.

The entire interview can be read here.

Credit: Daniel Fienberg, Zap2It

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