[WWE] Various News & Notes From The Royal Rumble


At the end of the Royal Rumble match, after Batista and John Cena seemingly eliminated each other, Vince McMahon came down to ringside to give orders to restart the match. As he was attempting to slide into the ring, he slammed into the apron and appeared to suffer a knee injury in the process. When he got in the ring and tried to get up, his right knee buckled and he immediately fell down. He then ordered to the referees to restart the match, while sitting in the ring. Once backstage, he was attended to by the trainer and was given the initial prognosis that he had blown out his knee. We will update his condition when more information is available.

The finish of the Royal Rumble was rushed, which may be part of the reason Batista showed a little frustration after the match. The show was running tight up against the top of the hour since Triple H vs. Orton ran a bit longer than it should have.

Randy Orton did not suffer a concussion. This is part of the storyline of the match and where they plan on going from this point with Orton. The concussion storyline may play a significant role in a shift of how his character is portrayed. With Batista now taking over what was originally scheduled to be a Rumble win by Orton, the though is that Orton has to change to not appear lost in the shuffle. It’s been acknowledged – even by him – that his character has gone off course, so some moves may need to be made to give him a new direction.

There were no injuries of note on the show. Paul London was fine after his dive and others who appeared to be banged up were just bruised.

There wasn’t the usual moment of relaxation after tonight’s PPV that there usually is, since the feeling in the back seemed more tense as everyone was bracing for the unprecedented Raw/SmackDown taping tomorrow night in San Jose, followed by an immediate overseas trip to Hawaii, Japan, and Alaska with the entire crew traveling together for the next week.

Credit- PWInsider.com & The Pro Wrestling Torch