[OVW] TV Taping Report – 02.19.05 [SPOILERS]


OVW TV taping report thanks to JimmyVan.com writer Vicki Lynn Brown:

OVW TV Taping Results
Taped on February 16, 2005 in Louisville, KY
By JimmyVan.com’s OVW Correspondent, Vicki Lynn Brown (VickiLynnBrown.com)

Here are your spoilers for the show that will air on 2/19/05:

Match 1 – Will Jones vs. Vengeance (not televised)

Match started with a lock up. Vengeance backed Jones into the corner. Out of the corner, Vengeance got Jones in an arm wringer and jerked the arm. He did it again, but Jones reversed and had an arm bar on Vengeance. Vengeance broke the hold and put Jones into the ropes and slammed him with a huge shoulder. Vengeance put Jones into the ropes again with a whip and nailed Jones with another big shoulder. They both ended up outside of the ring and Vengeance ran Jones ribs first into the ring apron. He then delivered a powerslam to Jones followed by a splash off the second turnbuckle. Vengeance went for a powerbomb, but Jones reversed and put Vengeance over his back. He rocked Vengeance with two clotheslines followed by a big back body drop. Jones got the pin and the win.

Winner: Will Jones

Match 2 – Nick Nemeth/Ken Doane/Seth Skyfire vs. Vik Delicious/Beast/Robert Fury

Skyfire and Fury started the match and Fury was quick to get an arm wringer on Skyfire. But Skyfire reversed and tagged in Doane. Doane with a beautiful arm drag, followed by another that looked as perfect as the first, after which he had Fury in an arm bar. Fury managed to get to his corner to tag Delicious. Doane got Delicious in an arm wringer and tagged in Nemeth. Nemeth with a strong standing drop kick to Delicious. Nemeth put Delicious in the corner with an Irish whip and followed him into the corner. Beast nailed him while the referee was distracted. Delicious tagged Beast. Beast came in and immediately put a blatant choke on Nemeth. He tagged in Fury. Fury put Nemeth in the corner and went in after him, but there was nobody home and Nemeth made it to his own part of town to tag in Skyfire. Anyone that reads my reports or has seen Skyfire knows that when he finally got into the ring, he was like lightning in a bottle. He came in with standing drop kicks and fists flying. The boy moves so fast, it literally, is hard to give you a play by play on him. And when he’s with his usual tag partner, Mack Johnson, the best you can hope for is a match result from me. After Skyfire unleashed, he tagged in Doane. After that, all six men were in the ring momentarily. But Doane ended up putting Fury down, and I don’t know if it was a blind tag or not, but Skyfire came in off the top turnbuckle for a leg drop and the pin.

Winners: Seth Skyfire/Nick Nemeth/Ken Doane

Cornette came out in front of the announce desk to show footage of the match from last week between Mark Henry/Elijah Burke vs. The Blue Print/Vengeance. This is the match that brought Lance Cade from the back to join in a beat-down-fest, which eventually drew out the icon, Lance Storm, from the back with a kendo stick. He, obviously, cleaned house and cleared the ring. Cornette announced that next week Elijah Burke, the OVW Heavyweight Champion, has requested and has been granted a match against The Blue Print for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

Cornette, after a commercial break, brought out Chad and Tank Toland. He said that the Tolands had won their lawsuit against OVW claiming unsafe working conditions, and had been successful in getting a restraining order against former OVW Heavyweight Champion, and former Southern Tag Team Champion partner of Tank Toland, Chris Cage. Cage cannot come within fifty feet of either Toland. Tank has bleached his hair as blond as Chad’s now, and they’re referring to themselves as the “Blond Bombers”. Tank said that he and Chad are after the Southern Tag Team Championship belts (currently held by The Thrillseekers – Johnny Jeter/Matt Cappotelli) and that he, Tank, is after the OVW Heavyweight Championship, no matter who happens to be holding it when he finally gets his shot.

Match 3 – OVW TV Champion, Brent Albright vs. Steve Lewington
Match for the OVW TV Championship

Match started with a lockup and into a side headlock on Lewington by Albright. Breaking the hold and coming off the ropes, Lewington went for a hip toss, which Albright blocked. Albright went for a hip toss and Lewington blocked. Lewington ended up taking Albright’s feet out from under him and when he got back up, Lewington delivered a clubbing clothesline to Albright. Both men ended up outside the ring for a minute, but as soon as they were both back into the ring, Albright got a big suplex on Lewington. Albright got Lewington in a chin lock while driving his knee into Lewington’s back. When Albright finally broke the hold, Lewington came back to put Albright’s head into the top turnbuckle in the corner. Albright put Lewington in the corner and followed him in, but got a big boot to the face. The action got pretty fast here, and as we weren’t able to sit in our regular seats (because OVW obviously doesn’t care that some people pay a membership and some don’t) so we didn’t get to see everything, but Kenny Bolin came out to distract the referee while Mike Mondo and Blaster Lashley came out and beat up Lewington, with Lashley putting Lewington’s shoulder (in a very sloppy spot) into the ring post outside the ring and rolling him back into the ring. Albright was able to get the crowbar on Lewington for the submission and the win. Winner and still OVW TV Champion: Brent Albright

***Note: Albright has been getting very loud pops for the last three weeks, and it would seem that OVW would like for him to be getting heat instead, hence the match against Lewington, who is a crowd favorite, making all the little girls scream. It looks as if OVW is trying to re-establish Albright as a heel.***

Cornette showed footage of last week’s episode with Aaron “The Idol” Stevens and Trudi DeNucci, where Idol brought Trudi from the back draped over his shoulder. He put her into the ring and proceeded to put his finishing move on her (the name of which escapes me) which resembles a neckbreaker.

Match 4 – Danny Inferno w/Trudi DeNucci vs. Aaron “The Idol” Stevens
Non-Sanctioned “Anything Goes” Match

Inferno came in on Idol while his back was turned and nailed him from behind after throwing a garbage can in the ring. The crowd, while Inferno was beating down Idol, was chanting for tables. Idol ended up out of the ring and Inferno put Idol’s head right into the announce desk. He then took Idol over to the ring post and put his head into that. Idol nailed Inferno with a garbage can then rolled him back into the ring. After a blatant choke to the five count, Inferno got the snap suplex from Idol. Inferno whipped Idol into the corner and followed him in, but got a boot to the face for his trouble. The match went pretty much back and forth for a few minutes and the action, for two big guys, went pretty fast. Again, due to our crappy seats, we didn’t see some of the action outside of the ring (although we would have seen everything had we had OUR seats {can you tell I’m a bit bitter?}). Inferno put Idol back into the ring, and whipped him into the corner where a garbage can had been placed at the second turnbuckle. Beth Phoenix (I believe) came out and went after Trudi, which distracted Inferno and then all hell broke loose. Inferno was trying to pull Phoenix off of DeNucci and Idol was trying to take advantage of the fact that Inferno was distracted. Referees and workers from the back came out to try to keep all four of them apart, despite chants from the crowd of, “Let them fight!”

Winner: No contest

Cornette showed a ridiculous video that Moe Green had put together of The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli/Antonio “The Promise” Thomas) done to the song “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. It’s being rumoured that The Heartbreakers are going to be the next OVW fortunate to get called up.

Footage from last week’s match between MNM (Johnny Nitro/Melina/Joey Matthews) and the Dudley Boyz was the next thing we saw on the big screen.

Match 5 – MNM (Joey Matthews/Johnny Nitro w/Melina) vs. The Thrillseekers (Johnny Jeter/Matt Cappotelli)
OVW Southern Tag Championship Match

Cappotelli and Matthews started the matched. Matthews pie faced Cappotelli then put him out of the ring. Cappotelli came back with tow big chops to Matthews from the corner. Matthews gouged the eyes and got a big chop on Matthews. All four men in for a minute, but they cleared the ring and a tag was made to Jeter. Jeter delivered a solid missile drop kick to Matthews and went for the cover but only got a one count before Nitro made the save. Matthews and Nitro doubleteamed Jeter and Melina raked his back with her nails while the ref was trying to keep Cappotelli in his corner. Matthews tagged Nitro, who went for a pin but, again, only got a two count. Nitro tagged Matthews back in and he served Jeter with a huge clothesline off the ropes. Matthews used a snapmare takeover on Jeter and then put a knee right into Jeter’s temple as he got up. Nitro came in and together with Matthews, they double suplexed Jeter, and then Matthews tagged in Nitro. Jeter was isolated for quite a while as Matthews and Nitro showed why they, at one time, held the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship. They tag in and out quickly. Nitro tagged Matthews, who came in and executed a huge neckbreaker on Jeter. Matthews got Jeter in a facelock. Jeter managed to get to his corner for the tag to Cappotelli. Cappotelli came in on fire. He nailed Matthews with a big right, and later followed with what looked like a corkscrew crossbody. Nitro came in and got a back body drop for his trouble. Melina was bringing a chair to the ring to use on Cappotelli, but he moved and Melina nailed Matthews in the head with the chair instead. All this after Moe Green came out and interfered with Melina trying to keep her from using the chair on Cappotelli. The Thrillseekers ended up with the pin, the win and the belts.

Winners and still OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: The Thrillseekers (Johnny Jeter/Matt Cappotelli)

Match 6 – Mark Henry/OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke vs. The Blond Bombers (Tank/Chad Toland)

Burke and Chad started the match with a lockup and a clean break in the corner. A second lockup resulted in a clean break off the ropes, followed by two big arm drags by Burke and an arm bar on Chad. Chad had Burke against the ropes and put his shoulder into Burke’s midsection twice, using the ropes for added leverage. Then Chad got a side headlock on Burke. Burke reversed and got a side headlock on Chad. Tag to Tank who came in and put Burke in the corner with a big shoulder to the midsection. Tank went for an Irish whip into the opposite corner on Burke but Burke countered and got two big arm drags on Tank. Burke tagged Henry, who got two scoop slams and on Chad, who had come in to help out. He grabbed Brisco and went for a scoop slam, but stopped, then Burke came in to stop him and he grabbed Burke to scoop slam him. Henry just in the zone. Meanwhile, the crowd was chanting “Ric Flair Midget” and “Mini Me” to Tank, who has bleached his hair out. Henry tagged Burke , who came in and worked over Tank, but Tank got a drop toe hold on Burke and as soon as he went down, Chad took advantage outside the ring. Tank tagged Chad, and the Tolands were able to isoloate Burke for a couple of minutes. Tank got Burke in a camel clutch, but Burke was able to break the hold. Then Tank and Chad switched places with no tag. They managed to keep Burke away from his corner, but once he did manage to get out and make his way toward his own corner for the tag to Henry, Tank got a drop toe hold on him and kept hit from happening. When Burke finally did make the tag to Henry, he came in with a big head butt to Tank. After that, Tank and Chad left the ring and were counted out. However, Seth Skyfire, Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth all drove them back out to the ring where everyone in the ring wailed on them and made them sorry for leaving the fun. Winners via countout: Mark Henry/Eiljah Burke

That’s all for this week. Be sure to catch the show on your local WBKI affiliate at 11:00pm EST.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.