IPTV Feature: What You Should Be Watching On TV

Ten Shows You Should Be Watching But Aren’t

With the onset of the 300 channel universe there are so many shows on TV that some come and go with little more then a blip on our radars. Many good shows fall through the cracks. One of my favourite shows of all time, Baskerfield P.D. only lasted half a season. In a free market where ratings and advertising dollars rule making quality shows is not as important as making a popular show.

E online has their fifth annual poll to save one show. Most of the shows written about here fall into that ‘on the bubble’ category. So read the reviews of the shows and go vote to save them.

Inside Pulse writers have decided to write about shows they watch and love. Shows that they believe you, the viewer, should be watching. This is not a definitive list. No doubt some people out there know of other shows that the public are ignoring. If you feel passionately enough about a show feel free to email me why you think people should be watching it and it may get added to this list.

Some of the shows listed here are one that are stuck on bad nights like Joan of Arcadia. Some are critically acclaimed but on nearing extinction like Arrested Development. Others are on the secondary networks such as Jack and Bobby or Kevin Hill. Some shows are starting to find an audience and look as if they could be around for a while like House M.D. and Numb3rs. Some shows have been around a while but have been unable to get more then a cult-like fan base such as Scrubs or Teen Titans. A show like Deadwood has won awards but has not been able to breakthrough to the big time. Lastly some good shows have already been cancelled such as life as we know it.

Here is a list of all the shows that have been reviewed by Inside Pulse writers.

Arrested Development by Mathan Erhardt

Deadwood by Matthew Romanada

House M.D. by Robert Purchase

Jack and Bobby by Mathan Erhardt

Joan of Arcadia by Matthew Romanada

Kevin Hill by Mike Lawrence

life as we know it by Matthew Romanada

Numb3rs by Laura Waterhouse

Scrubs by Mathan Erhadt

Teen Titans by Mike Lawrence