En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

Last week: DDP, NAO, JJ and Nash have their little brawl.

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Michel Letourneur introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. They hype the Destination X PPV and as usual, insult each other. This week, Dusty Rhodes got some surprises and Blondin makes fun of his weight. It gets funny when Blondin comments on every big word that Letourneur says. He even writes one of them down. Anyway, AJ Styles defends his title. Then Letourneur gets a weird line on how AJ Styles does not like to be forced to defend his title.

Dusty Rhodes is with Traci and Trinity. He says that he wants to see him in the ring or he will be stripped of the title. Who was Dusty talking about? Later on, it was revealed that Dusty was talking about Jeff Jarrett.

Michael vs Chris Sabin: That’s right, only Michael. The announcers still refer to him as Michael . As they go back and forth, the announcers explain the timer at the top of the screen. Michael in control now with a shoulder to the gut and a couple of punches. Sabin comes back with an armdrag. Whip by Michael, reverse, backbody drop on Sabin, but he lands on the apron. Sabin misses a spingboard dropkick and Michael gets a clothesline and a few punches. Dropkick gets deux. Chinlock. Hey, this isn’t Afterburn. Sabin gets out of it and we have a double clothesline. Sabin gets an enziguri, as well as a cool DDT for deux. Michael is positioned on the top. Sabin going for something, no, Michael gets a neckbreaker. That gets deux. Superkick coming up, no, Sabin with the Cradle Shock for un, deux, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrois.


Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. At DX, it will be Brown facing Tryton. Brown makes fun of Tryton’s gimmick and at Destination X, Tryton will be executed, exterminated and POOOOOOUNCED.

Chris Candido & Naturals vs Elix Skipper, Mikey Batts and Petey Williams (w. Scott D’Amore): Elix and Andy Douglas (the one with black hair) start it off. Douglas on the attack in the corner. Whip, Elix with a moonsault over Andy, backbody drop. Petey Williams tags himself in. Candido knees Williams in the back and high knee by Douglas. Tag to Candido. Chris misses a legdrop. Back and forth they go, ending with a powerslam by Candido. Half hour suplex. Legdrop from the second rope. Whip, reverse and Candido is in the tree of woe. Williams steps on his crotch. Candido comes back with a slam and tag to Chase Stevens. Williams with a rake and tag to Mikey. Batts with a drokick for deux when Douglas stopped the count. Elix clotheslines Andy out of there. D’Amore distracts the referee as Williams is going for the Canadian Destroyer, but Andy stops him. What’s the point of the distraction; he’s not cheating. Batts is in now with stunner and an enziguri to Chase. Candido with a top rope headbutt to Batts. Chris puts Chase on top of Batts and that gets trrrrrrrrrois.


Backstage, Dusty and his cabinet meet David Young. As the girls make fun of him, he asks for one more shot. Dusty gives it to him next week.

Eric Young (w. Scott D’Amore) vs Dustin Rhodes: Young starts it off, but Dustin gets him with a clothesline. Young comes back with a rake and choking. D’Amore punches Dustin and Young covers for deux. The beating continues. Dustin comes back with an atomic drop, as well as two clotheslines. Young gets hit with the Shattered Dreams. Superplex on Young. Team Canada show up, but AMW stop them and we have a brawl. D’Amore is in with a hockey stick, but Dustin gets the bulldog. Dustin with the powerslam to Young for trois.


In the ring, Dusty Rhodes introduces DDP. Dusty asks if DDP has what it takes to be world champion. DDP makes the fans chant “it’s time” a few times. Jeff Jarrett and The New Age Outlaw show up. Well, Dusty wanted him. JJ talks to Dusty and it’s like JBL and Theodore Long. Dusty tried Randy Savage, Monty Brown and Kevin Nash to take the title off JJ, but it didn’t work. Jarrett starts to push Dusty, as well as take his hat off. Dusty pushes back and says “don’t you ever put your hands on me”. The beat down happens on DDP. Kevin Nash, Three Live Crew, Chris Candido and the Naturals show up and a huge brawl errupts. I love it!


JF Kelly talks about the independent shows in Quebec, with Marc Blondin helping him.

AJ Styles vs Kid Kash (w. Lance Hoyt) for the X title: 30 minute time limit. AJ starts off working on the arm. Lockup, more mat wrestling and they get separated. Back and forth, ending with a sweet dropkick by Styles. Kash tries to regroup out of the ring.


We’re back. Kash apparently is still outside the ring. Christopher Daniels is sitting with Mike Tenay and Don West. In the ring, AJ and Kash trade six different covers. All gets deux. AJ going for something, no, armdrag by Kash. AJ gets the last laugh with three armdrags. AJ with an armbar on Kash. Kash with a kick between the legs. AJ is thrown out and Kash gets a hurrincarana. They trade chops and Kash gets smashed on the apron. Kash with a whip to the railing, but AJ jumps over it and gets an enziguri. AJ going for a suplex, no, Kash going for a suplex, AJ goes over and Kash drops AJ on the railing. As Lance Hoyt gives his beating, we go to


During the break, Kash got a reverse surf board. Now, Kash gets a suplex. Kash gets crotched on the top. AJ and Kash trying for something. It turns out to be a backbody drop by AJ. Styles with a few punches and a backbody drop. AJ with some type of move which ended up having Kash’s back land on AJ’s knee. AJ with a brainbuster for deux. Kash with a jawbreaker, a hurrincarana and a tornado DDT for deux. Kid Kash going for the Money Maker, but AJ gets an enziguri. AJ is thrown out, but lands on the apron. AJ with a moonsault and lands badly. AJ with a cradle for deux. Lance Hoyt in now. AJ with a springboard punch takes Hoyt out of there. Kash tries to hit AJ with a chair, duck, AJ going for the Syles Clash, but Daniels snaps AJ’s neck on the ropes. Kash going for the move, but AJ puts him in a pinning combo for un, deux, trois.

Backstage, we Abyss looking for Jeff Hardy. Hardy is seen on a trailer, looking at Abyss with binoculars.

We end it in the RDS studios. More hype for Destination X PPV as we have:

Jeff Jarrett vs DDP
AJ Styles vs 3 other men in an Ultimate X match (the announcers speculate on Sabin, Elix, Williams, Daniels and Candido)
Abyss vs Jeff Hardy in a falls count anywhere match
Kevin Nash vs The New Age Outlaw
Raven vs Dustin Rhodes in a bullrope match
It also looks like it will be Chris Candido and Naturals vs Three Live Crew.

I still don’t get the thing about AJ Styles not wanting to defend the title. A la prochaine!

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