[NewsBits] The Billboard Top 10, Splitknot and more…

50 Cent is on top of the music world. “The Massacre,” debuted #1, and sold 1.14 million copies. This album was only on sale for four days, and still debuted #1. This debut is also the sixth largest opening week of any artist since 1991. In 2003, 50 Cent sold 872,000 copies of “Get Rich or Die tryin.'”

Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” was #2, selling 261,000.

Jack Johnson and the Mars Volta debuted strong. Jackson’s ‘In Between Dreams’ was #3 with 228,000 in sales. While critically acclaimed “Frances the Mute” debuted at #4, selling 123,000 copies.

The top five finishes with The Game’s “The Documentary” falling to #5, moving just over 100,000.

Green Day, Ray Charles, Omarion, Kelly Clarkson and Eminem round out the top ten.

“American Idiot,” a rock opera from Green Day sold 86,000 copies, landing at #6. The Grammy Award winning Genius Loves Company falls to #7, selling 81,000. Omarion’s “O” drops from #1 to #8 and sold 77,000 copies. Clarkson outsold Eminem to land at #9, with 63,000 copies sold, while Eminem landed at #10, selling 61,000 copies.

Slipknot is releasing a special edition cut of their last album “Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)”. The special edition will feature new packaging art and the following eight bonus tracks:

“Don’t Get Close”
“Vermilion” (Terry Date mix)
“Danger-Keep Away” (Original Full-Length Version)
“The Blister Exists” (Live)
“Three Nil” (Live)
“Disasterpiece” (Live)
“People=Shit” (Live)

This album will be released on April 12th, from Roadrunner records.

Who is really the dog?

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were removed from two high class Beverly Hills restaurants on Monday. The removal of the couple was spurred because of Britney’s dog ‘Bit Bit.’ Spears wanted the dog to eat with them – in the restaurants. The second restaurant did allow Britney to return, as long as the animal remained in her purse.

This follows up a bizarre string of animal problem related to Spears, including Spears buying a high priced stake to feed the dog late last year.

Credit: Billboard, MTV and ThePRP