[WWE] Future DVD Release Schedule


The following is the schedule for WWE DVD releases over the next year;

June 2005: Judgment Day ,WWE Legends Volume 1, Road Warriors (2 DVD set)
July 2005: ECW One Night Stand (currently, the PPV will be packaged with The Rise & Fall of ECW and a slipcase, not released on its own)
August 2005: The Great American Bash, Vengeance 2005 , and “From the Vault” Undertaker (2 DVD set)
September 2005: Summerslam, Ultimate Warrior (2 DVD set)
October 2005: Unforgiven
November 2005: WWE Legends Volume 2, No Mercy
December 2005: Taboo Tuesday II, Survivor Series 2005
Jan 2006: Armageddon 2005
Feb 2006: New Years Revolution 2006, ECW’s Greatest Matches (2 DVD set), Royal Rumble 2006
March 2006: No Way Out and a to be named Divas release
No Official Release beyond late 2005: “Screwed”! The Bret Hart Story (2 DVD set)

Credit- PWInsider.com