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Hi Everybody! Welcome to the fourth installment of the Championship Week Special at Slayer’s Sports and Stuff! And thanks to everybody giving me the thumbs up over E-Mail. Those things give me the boost and energy to keep on trucking with thing. That and some No-Doz mixed with 100 proof Rumple Minze. So in many ways, the Madness of the March cliche starts today! Yes, I know spelled that way it is pronounced Clich. Time is a Wasting, so print out those PDF brackets, get your bubble list, a pen and paper, and let’s gooooooooooooo!

Or you can go to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood where he talks about steroids and makes a Mock Draft! He also goes on the Chaney route. Oh, not you too. I said my thing a few columns ago, and I’m sticking too it.

Or you can go here and see one of the greatest things know to existence, Viking Kittens! HAHAAHAHAHA! Isn’t that the coolest thing like ever??? Come on. It’s cute, it’s cool, and you finally learn the lyrics to one of the more unintelligible rock classics.

And one more thing. Someone suggested I do a Bracketology thing. Well, the answer is NO! I hate that stuff! There is no bracketology. Just an excuse for Mr. Generic Sports Reporter to act like a dink. The reason there is no bracketology is because there is no science. These teams are appointed by a very biased and somewhat corrupt and political committee. The End. That’s it. Nothing more. I know most people know that. But I think that little lesson needs to be taught to the younger readers who are growing up in the generation of “Everyone knows everything”. No kids, the people on ESPN pointing at brackerts are just guessing. And if you want, feel free to pay close attention and see how wrong they usually are! I’ve digressed. Or is it regressed. Eh, same difference. We gotta catch up!

The following teams are OUT! Go to the NIT! Go Straight to the NIT, do not pass Go, blah blah blah. It sounded funny when I thought it and then I started typing and then I realized how dumb that was. Worth a try though! Right? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, I still got Viking Kittens in my head. Heh, Viking Kittens. Anyway,

Bad finish to the regular seaon and a loss to South Florida. Cross them off the list.

Notre Dame
They had alot to work to do in the Big East tournament and lost to Rutgers. Not too much of a shock if you’ve been paying attention. The Irish are Done! But not in my coffee.

Two more teams are in. Let’s take a look, shall we?

New Jersey gets some rep in the Tourney and will be the only team from the NY Metro area in there (I know about Fordham. They’re not going anywhere). Connecticut and Syracuse can be considered NY Metro teams and they more or less are. FDU also produces a somewhat historic college radio station too, 89.9.

Montana-Big Sky
Personally, I don’t believe the state really exists. Show me proof! Anyway, this team is a familiar face in the Tourney. Potential trouble makers these Grizzlies are.

Ok, lots and lots and lots and lots of games today. These are only the games that for whatever reason directly or indirectly affect the tournament. We got ins, bubbles, and outs playing today and basically, I avoid the games where two Out teams play each other. I think that’s fair. No Championship games tonight as some of the Big Guys start playing today. We’ll take it one conference at a time so a spontaneous combustion of the mind doesn’t happen.

8) Maryland vs. 9) Clemson (Noon)
7) North Carolina St. vs. 10) Florida St. (2:00)
6) Miami (FL) vs. 11) Virginia (7:00/ESPN)

The Terps, Pack, and Canes all are in the same situation. They have nothing to gain by these games and everything to lose. An ACC bubble should burst today.

W4) Richmond vs. E1) St. Joseph’s (Noon)
E4) Fordham vs. W1) George Washington (6:30)

Both St. Joe’s and GW have little to no bubble, so either of them lose, it’s good bye!

1) Boston College vs. 8) West Virginia (Noon/ESPN2)
4) Villanova vs. 5) Pittsburgh (2:30/ESPN2)
2) Connecticut vs. 7) Georgetown (7:00/ESPN2)
3) Syracuse vs. 11) Rutgers (9:30/ESPN2)

This conference already has five teams in and both West Virginia and Georgetown could be a sixth if they have a good showing. The Mountaineers are a little ahead of the Hoyas in terms of bubbleness, but G-Town lucked out and got the strong side of the bracket, so their wins if any would even things out.

5) Iowa St. vs. 12) Baylor (3:00)
7) Texas A&M vs. 10) Kansas St. (7:00)
6) Texas vs. 11) Colorado (9:30)

Three different tales with the top seeds. Texas is in no matter what happens. The Cyclones are really only one good win away (so Baylor doesn’t count) and the Aggies had a bad last two weeks and really have to do major damage in the tournament.

Some people have asked me why I didn’t put Memphis on the Bubble List. Well, now that the brackets have shaped up, I still don’t think Memphis is a bubble team because they would have to beat Louisville and that would get them the championship anyway. Cincy and Charlie are in of course and Depaul and TCU probably need to get to the finals minimum.

1) Louisville vs. 8) TCU (1:00)
4) UAB vs. 5) DePaul (3:30)
2) Charlotte vs. 7) Memphis
3) Cincinnati vs. 11) South Florida

This conference is confusing as hell, so let’s take it one game at a time.

2) Toledo vs. 7) Buffalo (Noon)
Don’t let the seeding fool you. Toledo isn’t on the bubble and needs to win it all. Buffalo on the other hand is in the mix.

3) Western Michigan vs. 6) Akron (2:30)
Loser goes to the NIT match. Winner has work to do..

1) Miami (OH) vs. 8) Bowling Green (7:00)
Miami is the only team in the MAC with a good solid bubble. But if they lose here, they are in trouble.

4) Ohio vs. 5) Kent St. (9:30)
Kent St. needs to get to the final. Ohio needs to win the whole thing.

1) Utah vs. 8) Colorado St. (2:00)
2) New Mexico vs. 7) Brigham Young (9:00)

The Utes’ seed is most likely locked in place, win or lose. We’ve spoken about New Mexico’s bizarre bubble a couple times. So, they lose today and risk the chance of being passed over.

1) Arizona vs. 8) California (3:20)
4) UCLA vs. 5) Oregon St. (5:50)
2) Washington vs. 7) Arizona St. (9:15)
3) Stanford vs. 6) Washington St. (11:45)

Ok, those top four seeds are in. We went over that a couple columns ago. The one bubble team here is Arizona St. and a win against Washington would boost that RPI.

E6) Georgia vs. W3) Mississippi St. (3:30)
W6) Auburn vs. E3) Vanderbilt

Today, just a couple of SEC games that effect the tournament. Mississippi St. is already in but they would be wise not to play with fire. Vandy has a loooooong way to go.

1) UTEP vs. 7) Hawaii (3:00)
1) Nevada vs. 8) Boise St. (11:30)

We all know about Nevada. They are safe as Ricky Henderson (sorry about that). UTEP is the team that may need to do some auditioning. A loss would not pop their bubble, but it would more or less. That made no sense.

Anyway, have a good Thursday, have fun, and Viking Kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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