RoH Weekly News Report – 3/11/05


Let me say that RoH is making it really easy to write this column right now, as once again we have another show to look back at, and another show to preview. With that said let’s take a quick look back at the Six Man Tag Tournament that took place last Saturday.

Six Man Tag Tournament 3/5 Show
Opening Round:
Generation Next (Aries, Evans, and Strong) defeated The RoH Students (Shane Hagadorn, Davey Andrews and Anthony Franco)
CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Steve Corino defeated The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Oman Tortuga, and Weapon of Mask Destruction #3)
The Rottweillers (Homicide, Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero) defeated El Generico, Dunn, and Marcos
Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, and Vordell Walker defeated James Gibson, Spanky, and Nigel McGuiness
Generation Next defeated Punk, Cabana, and Corino
The Rottewillers defeated Joe, Danielson, and Walker
Other Matches:
Azrieal won the Six Man Mayhem match over B-Boy, Kevin Steen, Izzy, Deranged, and Dixie
Jay Lethal defeated John Walters to capture the RoH Pure Championship
The Rottweillers defeated Generation Next

Quick Thoughts Even though I picked Generation Next to win it all, I like the idea of the Rottweillers coming out on top. Homicide quickly took advantage of the “Winner’s pick their match” stipulation by choosing to face Austin Aries for the RoH World Championship. My only (selfish) concern here is that they don’t use this a vehicle to turn Homicide face. While I love watching Homicide, I have always enjoyed watching him more as a heel, but that is just my own tastes. Outside of the tournament I am glad Lethal won the Pure Championship, which was something that needed to be done well before Walters ever showed up on Raw last week. Finally on the predictions front I went a terrible 1 for 3, hopefully I will do better this week.

Tidbit Time
Tidbit: It appears as if the RexPlex in Elizabeth, NJ has shut down. The higher up’s at RoH are currently looking at a new venue close to Elizabeth to host the 4/2 show that was suppose to take place at the RexPlex.
-This is a big disappointment to read about as the RexPlex was considered RoH’s number one venue. The only other thing to say is to see if RoH tries turn one of their already existing venues into the new number one place for their shows, or if they will look for somewhere new.

Tidbit: Bryan Danielson will not be able to attend the 3/12 New Haven show due to personal reasons. As a result Homicide will now wrestle against Next Generation’s Roderick Strong.
-It’s a pity that the Best of Five Series will not continue at the 3/12 show, but obviously understandable. Luckily RoH stepped up to the plate and hit a home run by replacing it with a Homicide/Roderick Strong match that should be a hard hitting match where both workers can showcase their skills and at the same time give some more build to the upcoming ‘Cide/Aries match.

Tidbit: Bryan Danielson, James Gibson, Matt Sydal, and the new Black Tiger have been the first four wrestlers announced for the 4/2 Junior’s tournament.
-Well I am glad to see that they are beginning to announce the entrants for this tournament, as I think RoH should get all the names out for the tourney so that they can take their time to promote the tournament itself and the prestige of winning it. While I would love to see Danielson win the tournament, right now I am getting a feeling that the winner of the tournament will be one of the four wrestlers that are still to be named.

Tidbit: RoH has decided to bring their steel cage to their 5/13 & 5/14 shows in Dayton and Chicago respectively.
-Not much to say with this one other than it is about time that the mid-west gets to watch their first RoH cage matches.

Tidbit: John Walters has “quit” RoH after feeling cheated out of the Pure Championship.
-Ooh, the John Walters saga continues. Personally I am guessing that this nothing more than a work so that Walters can take some time off from RoH and work more for ECWA where he is their champion. I think that this break should be good for him as the Embassy seems to be going into a new direction where they don’t need him, and after Walter’s loss to Lethal there would seem to be no new program for Walters to really step into.

The RoH E-mail Bag
First off I would like to thank everyone for the feedback, and as always please feel free to keep it coming. Here is this weeks excerpt…

Ive never actually gotten to watch ROH but i try to fallow it as close as i can by reading Internet columns..
Yours has by far been the most useful and informative I have run across .. i really do hope to pick up some ring of honor tapes when I get some free money it seems very cool..
well keep up the good work and whatnot and know that you are appreciated by the Internet wrestling community.


The reason I liked this e-mail is because it reminded me of myself. For what seemed like an insanely long time I continually read about RoH, thought to myself that it seemed like a great product, but never purchased any of the shows. Then one day I thought to myself, “Geez, if you think that it is a good product why not give it a try?” With that I ordered my first RoH DVD, The Era of Honor Begins, and I have been hooked since.

RoH debuts in New Haven, CT on 3/12
-Spanky vs. Jack Evans
-Dixie & Azrieal vs. Deranged & Izzy w/Lacey for the rights to the Special K name.
-James Gibson vs. Rocky Romero
-Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness for the RoH Tag Team Championship
-Roderick Strong vs. Homicide
-Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Steve Corino

Predictions: Well the pressure is on after last week. My RoH mystic powers are telling me the victors shall be: Spanky – Deranged & Izzy – James Gibson – Maff & Whitmer – Homicide – Joe & Lethal.

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