En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

Just want to say that this week marks 12 years that I’m a wrestling fan.

First, we see stills from Destination X with Jeff Jarrett retaining the World title from DDP with some help from Monty Brown.

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Michel Letourneur introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. It starts off with Marc Blondin almost screwing up and saying “WWE”, but only said one “W” and that it was for wrestling. Sure it was. In the Destination X pool, Blondin won 3-2.

We see footage of what after the Destination X PPV with Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett congratulating themselves.

Christopher Daniels vs Jerelle Clark: The new X division champion starts it off with a slap. Clark fights back with a hurricarana and a cover for deux. Punches and chops by Clark, until Daniels gets a takedown. Tazz-like suplex by Daniels. Daniels with a bodyslam and springboard moonsault. Clark fights back with punches, a clothesline and a cool DDT. Going to the top, but gets crotched and dropped. Leaping DDT gets Daniels the trrrrrrois. He takes the microphone and says that since he beat a 4-time X champion, 3 tag team champions and 2 world champions, he should now be called Mr. TNA. Elix Skipper interrupts him and says that nobody knows him like Primetime does. Then, he leaves.


Kid Kash (w. Lance Hoyt) vs Mikey Batts: The announcers read some feedback that they got, because God forbid Letourneur and Blondin talk about anything other than themselves. Back&forth until Batts gets a leg lariat. Mikey goes for a sunset flip, but Kash rolls over and gives him a dropkick. Chop by Kash, whip, reverse, Kash clotheslined to outside. Batts goes flying, Lance catches him and Batts goes back first into the post. All this in front of the referee. Back in the ring, springboard clothesline gets deux. Another clothesline gets deux. Batts comes back with knockdown and a belly to belly. Whip, reverse, duck, Batts with a cradle for deux. Batts with the Edgecution. Hoyt is on the apron and decks Batts. Rolling dropkick and the Money Maker gets un, deux, trrrrrrrrrrrrrois.


In the ring, Mike Tenay is with JJ and The Outlaw. Tenay asks him why and how did he pull it off. Why? Opportunity. DDP and Nash got title shots, but Brown didn’t. He was being played like a fiddle and the only way for Brown to have what he deserves is to take it himself. How? He just says that only Brown and JJ knew about it. Duh. The fans chant “a$$hole” and the announcers REFUSE to translate it. He introduces Brown and out he comes. He mocks the fans and Dusty Rhodes (with the announcer’s help) and he’ll do what he wants. Outlaw, JJ and Brown will pooooooounce the world.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

The Shocker vs David Young: Back&forth they go -> stalemate. Shocker gets the upper hand with a couple of clothesline and a summersault dive to the outside. Hurrincarana on Young. David fights back with a kick and a knee lift. Shocker immobilizes his body parts and cradles him for trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrois.


DDP & Sean Waltman (w. Kevin Nash) vs Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain: It’s Sean and Lovett. As usual, back&forth by leads into armbar by Waltman. Tag to DDP, tag to Buck. Armbar by DDP, tag to Waltman. More work on the arm. Buck with a forearms, whip, hiptoss by Waltman and back to working on the arm. Tag to DDP, and Buck goes outside.


We’re back to DDP giving Buck a clothesline and a slam. Tag to Lovett, tag to Waltman. Chops by both. Lovett with a whip, reverse, Sean with a spinkick. More kicks in the corner. Going for the bronco, but misses. Tag to Buck, double elbow. Buck with a back suplex on Sean’s head. It looked like it hurt him because Waltman bitches to Quatermain about it. Cover for deux. Front face lock. We get the usual referee misses the tag bit and the beating continues. Legdrop to the back of the head for 2. Tag to Buck, Sean gets out and tags DDP. DDP is on fire with punches, clotheslines and big boots. Broncobuster on both and diamond cutter on Buck for trois count. Nash goes in the ring and tells Dusty Rhodes to come out. He does with Traci and Trinity. Nash asks for a 6-man match in the 6-sided steel and Dusty says they’ll find out next week.

We end it in the RDS studios. Letourneur says that Nash and Dusty must be in cahoots. The announcers let us know that since Dusty is such a great guy, he let Trinity still be his assistant. That’s great.

A la prochaine!

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