[Beats] Al Sharpton Plans to Buy Stock in Hip-Hop Record Labels

The Rev. Al Sharpton intends to adopt a different philosophy in his crusade against violent Hip-Hop music. The career activist told the New York Daily News that he intends to purchase stock in some of the labels that release the music.

He said that his standing as a shareholder will increase his presence and influence at the labels.

“I don’t think too many CEOs want to see me come into his stockholders’ meeting to say they’re not doing enough to stop the violence,” he said.

Sharpton stated that he’d also intended to chastise the FCC for being too passive with gangsta rap and the labels that profit from instances of violence. “I do not understand how the FCC can make a lot of noise around Janet Jackson and that case with Howard Stern, but [the FCC] has not said anything about a pattern of shooting and other violence at radio stations,” he said.

Sharpton’s gripe came to full-fruition after a shooting at Hot 97 radio station that involved crew members associated with The Game and 50 Cent.

Sharpton said that rap music has regressed from its early days. “We’re going from ‘Fight the Power’ to fighting each other,” he concluded. Sharpton hopes to implement a 90-day radio ban on rappers that are involved in violent activity.

credit: allhiphop.com