ROH Generation Next


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ROH Generation Next
May 22nd, 2004

This is the show Alex Shelley had been hyping since Reborn Stage 1, although it was unknown why at that time. ROH needed to do this show after the TNA talent got pulled, because not only were Daniels and Styles in main feuds, they were big talent and that took ROH from Samoa Joe, Homicide, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, the semi-regular Low-Ki (wasn’t in TNA but left because of Feinstein) and Bryan Danielson (due to their Japan work) and the backbone of the tag division The Briscoes. After the Feinstein incident, it then went to Samoa Joe, Homicide, CM Punk, the semi-regular Bryan Danielson and The Briscoes. Ki (although he’s back now), Daniels and Styles had also been there since the start, which was also another blow. Ki and Daniels since the very first show which they main evented and Styles since the third show. ROH needed new stars, so this was the solution. 8 wrestlers and different matches and the fans vote for who impresses them most, but Alex Shelley has different plans. I should also point out this show is in a tent, which is pretty cool.

ANOTHER Prophecy promo as it’s still about the same old stuff. The only reason I really kept notice of them was because I really like Maff.

Good Times, Great Memories with Colt Cabana. As far as I’m concerned, this makes up for the shitty Prophecy promo. Trent Acid is the guest and making his second appearance. Trent notes he’s flying solo because “it’s Trent time”. Cabana asks if he knows who did their business in the Crew’s bags and Acid knows, but ain’t telling. “I’ve heard about you and rats” – Cabana. Acid has to explain the difference between “a rat” and “rats”. The Crew storm in and want to know who defiled their honour. Acid says they’re here. Masada says for them to meet them in the ring. After the Crew leave, it is shown that Cabana is hiding under the table. WWE NEEDS to sign him and just let him do this every week.

Scramble Match: Ring Crew Express vs. Special K vs. Christopher Street Connection

This match is supposed to happen, but Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Jack Evans storm the ring and attack the CSC. “Ring of Honor isn’t a place for freaks, or kids on the ring crew” – Shelley. RCE get beat down after attempting to not take it anymore via Shell Shock and standing 450 (guess who did that). Shelley claims that the groups’ name is Generation Next. Special K are here and we got ourselves a match. I should point out how awesome this stable is. You have the leader in Shelley, who is just an awesome technical wrestler and great on the mic, Roderick Strong brings the high impact and many variations of the backbreaker (and boy are there a lot of them, they don’t call him the Messiah of the Backbreaker for no reason), Evans brings the flying (the flips and dives he does are the reason people call him the most amazing flyer today) and then you have Aries, who takes all the qualities of all the other members and combines them into one.

Generation Next vs. Special K

Aries, Strong and Evans are in for Generation Next and Dixie, Izzy and Angeldust for Special K. It’s not the smartest decision for Angeldust to be in there because he’s still suffering from the spike piledriver off the cage through 2 tables at the At Our Best show. This is a great way to get Generation Next over with the crowd, by having them face Special K in the opener. This match also progresses Special K getting more serious. This is what you’d expect it to be, spotty. Aries targets the neck of Angeldust early but Special K make sure to get some offence in. Special K’s strategy is the only one that could possibly bring them victory, and that is attempt to wrestle smarter and avoid Gen Next’s big moves. Strong’s many backbreakers are reversed a few times, which are perhaps the most dangerous to Special K since they aren’t very big. It starts to break down a bit, but amidst the action, Evans manages to hit a shining reverse rana on Izzy. It’s every bit as beautiful as it sounds. K get a little more offence in before Strong kills Dixie with a powerbomb backbreaker. Gen Next all then set up Special K. 450, CX ’03 (Straight Jacked Widows Peak) and 630 put K down for the triple pin. **. Nice little opener, mainly showing what Gen Next had, which was pretty vital, because Aries and Strong had worked one main show before this, so needed to get over with the crowd. (7.54).

Post match Shelley cuts another promo running down Special K. This brings out Hydro and we got ourselves another match.

Alex Shelley vs. Hydro

The focus here is not only Shelley, but the continual step up from Hydro. Hydro was getting taken out of Generation Next after this and put back with his persona he works all other indys with, Jay Lethal, because he’s the best wrestler is Special K and ROH needed more fresh talent after the RF incident and Lethal was the perfect pick. This stars pretty basic, with Shelley using his tricky holds and Hydro coming back with suplexes and slams. Shelley is able to continue with the innovative holds with tricky octopus holds. Hydro is able to escape two of Shelley’s finishers. He reverses the Shell Shock into a rolling prawn hold, Shelley is able to reverse that into the Border City Stretch, but Hydro escapes. Shelley is finally able to hit the Shell Shock and roll straight into the Border City Stretch for the tap out. **3/4. The match was very basic, but still fun.

Post match, Shelley back on the mic. Even though Hydro wasn’t good enough tonight, he offers him a spot him a spot in Generation Next anyway. Hydro rejects this offer.

The Crew are out and wanna know who did it. Acid brings out Danny Daniels, and Masada turns on the Crew in the ring.

Carnage Crew vs. Trent Acid, Danny Daniels and Masada

This match is practically a clusterf*ck. There’s always something going on, but the problem is that it isn’t interesting. The problem is that the match has all the storyline to be a pretty good match, but it just doesn’t turn out that way because of how the match is done. The finish comes when Acid hits the Yakuza Kick on Loc. ¼*. As I said, it was a clusterf*ck that had nothing going but storyline. (6.33).

John Walters vs. Jimmy Rave

Generation Next are out again and attack the two men. They injure Walters’ neck, which become important later on. The match doesn’t happen.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Nigel McGuiness

Jacobs gets Nigel to Huss. I like both men and Jacobs is a funny guy, but Jacobs’ problem is I haven’t seen him in any real stand out singles matches outside of his IWA MS and ROH encounters with Alex Shelley (which are damn good, all reaching **** and above). Nigel on the other hand is interesting. He’s got that great British style and crowd is into him, but the problem comes as he’s not as stand out as the other British imports. Doug Williams is one of the best in the world and before Fleisch was injured, he was one of the best flyers in the world and they were noticed quickly in ROH. Nigel’s problem is he hasn’t had anything stand out, Williams is so interesting the crowd is into him, but he had the matches with American Dragon. Fleisch had the match with Low-Ki. Nigel needs that stand out match to put him on the status of Williams and Fleisch. The match is pretty simple and what you’d expect. Nigel uses the British style and Jacobs uses his comedic style with seriousness mixed in. Nigel is able to block one of Jacobs’ main moves in the Contra Code. They keep going with near falls, one of the main ones being Jacobs hitting a reverse Pedigree. Another attempt at the Contra Code is blocked into Nigel’s Short Arm Scissors. ***1/4. Match was good and fun, but still not the breakout match for Nigel. (9.22).

Backstage, SSP tries to interview Homicide and J-Train, but they run him off. “Samoa Joe, you gonna die tonight baby” – Smokes.

No DQ ROH Tag Title Match: 2nd City Saints vs. The Prophecy

Another chapter in this feud that had been raging on for a while. This match is a lot different to their previous encounters, because the brawling doesn’t come until about the middle and they don’t spend much time there, so they work most of it in the ring. The Prophecy, even though they don’t follow the Code of Honor they are the faces in the feud. The match starts off simple with a few cool spots. The Prophecy attempt to isolate Punk, but Cabana trips up Maff on a cannonball attempt allowing Punk to drop Whitmer on his head. Punk shows why he’s awesome by flipping off Maff in the middle of a stalling Vertical Suplex. Whitmer manages comebacks, but stupidly tries to apply holds in the corner, meaning he gets beat down more. The Saints isolate Whitmer, with them hitting some double teams. The Saints lock in their awesome camel clutch/reverse Boston crab double team. Punk misses with the running face wash and Maff gets the hot tag. Maff is able to dominate the Saints, but gets cut off with a mule kick. The Saints hit a double team rana on Maff. The Prophecy manage to comeback and hit Punk with a Lariat/German Suplex double team. The Prophecy hit a double tope suicida. Maff hits Punk with the cannonball against the rail, in a sick spot. They go into the crowd, but it isn’t as long as other matches and is kept interesting. They actually fight onto the field because there are no walls to hold them. The match comes back to the ring and they trade 2 counts for a while. Whitmer hits a superplex on Cabana, and then Punk hits Whitmer with a leg drop and Maff with a flying headbutt on Cabana. Cool spot. Everyone is down now. They fight up top for a while, but Maff gets dumped through the time keeper’s table. Whitmer elbows Cabana down, but Punk hits him with the Pepsi Plunge for the win. ***1/2. Great match, and if it wasn’t for the Six-Man War at Battle Lines Are Drawn, this would’ve been the best in the feud up to this point. The best in this feud would actually come in the coming months. The match was more fun and interesting than their other encounters because they didn’t spend as much time in the crowd. Btw, WWE needs to sign Maff because he’s big, agile and can cut a promo. (19.19).

Intermission time and GMC is with Special K. They’re sick of getting beat down and need to do something.

SSP tries to interview the Prophecy, but Allison Danger tells him to go away.

The Briscoes vs. Outkast Killaz

It’s Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortunga, and they’re gonna party like it’s your birthday. I know they said it like a year ago, but it’s still funny. This is nothing but a squash for the Briscoes, it’s that simple. To my enjoyment though, Prince Nana is at ringside. Nana rules all the managers of the wrestling world. The Killaz prove competitive at times, but everyone knows that they’re not winning. The end comes as Jay hits the Jay Driller and Mark with the Cutthroat Driver for the win. *. I like the Outkast Killaz (I’m allowed to like jobbers), so it gets ½* better than what it deserves. (4.42).

Post match, Generation Next are out again. Jay wants to know who the f*ck they are. Shelley makes sure to point out that it’s four on one, so here are Walters and Rave and we got ourselves an eight man tag.

Generation Next vs. The Briscoes, John Walters and Jimmy Rave

I need to point out first; I like all these guys, especially Aries, who I need to congratulate on becoming the new ROH World Champion. It should be noted that Mark’s ribs are still inured and Walters’ neck is injured. The match starts with many different combinations of wrestlers going at it. It’s at a methodical pace, with all men feeling each other out. They get a little fast paced at times though before slowing it down again. The faces manage to isolate Evans for a while. All men take their shots at him. It’s extremely smart to isolate Evans. He’s the one who is easier to dominate because he needs to fly, and if you ground him, he doesn’t have much. Evans makes sure to bump around like crazy though. The make quick in and out tags, to make sure no one gets tired. Evans is able to go low, hit a moonsault kick and tag out to Strong. Strong captures Jay and Shelley dropkicks the other knee, allowing Strong to hit a capture backbreaker. Rolling leg lock from Shelley, and in a move of complete genius, so Jay can reach the ropes easier, his team mates push them towards him. It’s so original I don’t know why it hasn’t been done before. Aries in with a shinbreaker into a backdrop. Generation Next now isolate Jay, attacking his knee. Now, Mark’s ribs are injured, Walters’ neck is injured and Jay’s leg is now inured. Rave is the only one not injured, but his track record in ROH isn’t that great. To give an idea of how bad the leg of Jay is, he can’t even run the ropes properly in an Irish whip. He summons up the energy though, to hit a dropkick. Rave in and turns up the pace, superkicking Aries. Shelley in but Walters with the Double Knees Backbreaker. That move is the shiznit. Walters locks Strong and Shelley in his double submission. Evans dumps the Briscoes off the apron and hits a massive moonsault. Strong and Walters fight over German Suplexes, but Strong comes out with the Strong Style. The match slows down a little bit again, as Generation Next now go to town on Walters’ neck. Evans even pulls out a submission. Walters kills Evans with a Lariat and tags in Mark. After Mark cleans house, the Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device for 2. Shelley in with a Dragon Screw and Strykerlock on Jay. I love how even though Stryker isn’t in the match, but Shelley will still use his move. Rave breaks it up and after a few reversals, he locks in the Crossface. Things break down more until Evans hits a SSP on Walter’s injured neck. Strong has Rave down with a German but Mark breaks THAT up with an SSP. Evans is all “No you didn’t bitch” and slaps him and dumps him on his with a backdrop. Mark, now, is all “f*ck you bitch” and hits the Cutthroat Driver. I love the All Japan style sell. Jay with the Jay Driller on Strong, but Aries hits the 450 on Jay, and it gets 2 until Walters breaks it up. Walters with an Avalanche Style Hurricane DDT for 2 with Evans breaking it up. Evans with a 450 to the floor. Walters and Shelley are the only ones left, so Shelley puts the boots to the neck and locks in the Border City Stretch. Rave valiantly tries to save, but gets cut off by Aries and locked in the Rings of Aries. Walters tries to roll out, but Shelley rolls with him. Shelley cranks on it and Walters finally taps. ****1/2. In a day and age where matches like this don’t get more than 20 mins this was a treat. It just had so many little stories in it that I can’t do it justice. The feel out process was awesome because everything built. Everyone played the right roles and psychology was paid off at the end. I can’t push the ***** mark because of tags being forgotten, but you need this match. (41.22).

Post match the crowd chants “Match of the Year” and all men shake hands. Big thankyou is required for all men.

CM Punk and Ricky Steamboat Showdown

Punk gets a lot of heel heat. Screw Orton and Cena, this guy is the next superstar given the right opportunity. Punk builds Steamboat up, running off the titles and legendary matches he’s had, only to rag on his age. Steamboat wants him to “put up or shut up” but Punk doesn’t want to fight. Massive “bull shit” chants for that. Punk wants a handshake and then attacks Steamboat. Steamboat manages a comeback but Cabana cuts him off. Punk with the ring bell and comes off the top much like Savage did 18 years ago. Pure mark out moment right there. The Prophecy clears the ring, but the damage has been done. The blow off to this feud was off the charts. Just wait for my Reborn: Completion review.

ROH World Title: Samoa Joe vs. Homicide

I quickly need to thank Joe for his reign as champion. He made an indy title one of the most respected titles today and for that I thank him.

Stage 5 of 6 for these 2. Joe gets the streamers, so Homicide attacks. The both of them fighting in the streamers is a great visual. It starts out hot and heavy, with Joe taking out Homicide with an Elbow Suicida. J-Train gets involved, so he gets hit with the Olay Olay kick. Back in the ring and Homicide tries to go for the neck he targeted at RRC III, but Joe quickly gets back on the offensive via snap powerslam. Face wash from Joe. Homicide bites at Joe and neckbreakers him. Hangman’s neckbreaker and Joe rolls out. This is what he did to Danielson and it took away his big moves, for Joe it practically takes away his chances of winning because he’s not as agile as Danielson. Homicide goes back to his old tricks that have either cost him matches or come close to, by trying to put Joe through another time keeper’s table, inside out, but Joe suplexes him back in. Homicide’s stubborn ways come back as he tries to use the JYD headbutts on Joe, but anyone who’s a fan of wrestling knows this will not work. Homicide escapes the Island Driver, but Homicide escapes and sends Joe to the outside. Homicide misses the Tope Con Hilo and goes through a table. Joe slams him on the rest of the table. Smokes tries to interfere with a chair, but the ref tells him Homicide is screwed if he uses it. Homicide, however throws the chair at Joe. Homicide then brings out the fork and stabs at Joe, busting him open, the first time Joe has been busted up in ROH. Homicide continues stabbing in full view of camera. Another throw with the chair puts Joe down. Homicide hits his flying DDT. Second attempt though is met with the STO Slam. Joe with the powerbomb and then segues into the Samoa Joe Crab. Homicide kicks out but gets hit with a running DVD. Joe tries to hit the Avalanche Style Muscle Buster he used a year ago at Do or Die, but Homicide escapes. Joe is able to hook him so Homicide plants him face first. Lariat gets 2. This finished Danielson and even though Joe and Danielson both had neck problems in the match, Joe is also bigger than Danielson and hadn’t been in there as long as Joe. After escaping a piledriver, Joe tries a Lariat, but Homicide with a backdrop driver and piledriver. He gets 2 for them. Homicide escapes the Island Driver again, Hangman’s neckbreaker from Homicide and hooks the STF. Joe is too big, so he changes to a Crossface and gets the fork out again. He then starts to stab at Joe’s stab wounds. The ref confiscates the fork, pissing Homicide off. Joe takes this chance to hit the Island Driver, but only gets 2. Homicide escapes the second, Lariat to the back of the neck, but Joe escapes the Cop Killa. Lariat from Joe gets 2. Joe lifts Homicide up and finishes him off with a Brainbuster. ****1/4. Homicide had taken too much punishment to the neck in the closing stretch. Homicide changed his approach here, although still was stubborn. The working of the neck seems pretty much flawless in theory, as he beat Danielson with it. But Joe is 275 and is harder to pick up. Therefore Homicide is straining his own neck getting Joe up and then the moves have less and less effect. It was over when Joe hit the Island Driver, but poor Homicide just kept on fighting. (19.59).

Prophecy cut a promo about the same old stuff. I still don’t care.

Back in the ring Homicide is going psycho. The fans cheer him, but it only pisses Homicide off more. Homicide goes after one of the pillars holding up the tent se we fade to black.