[TNA] TNA is Raw?


– Jeff Jarrett is in New York City with sources reporting that he is meeting with Viacom executives about getting TNA on Spike TV, possibly in the RAW timeslot when it expires. Viacom apparently wanted word to get out about this meeting to send a message to WWE since they had hard feelings over the way their negotiations ended.

– VH1 is putting together some more reality shows on the heels of the success of “The Surreal Life” One show that is in production is about WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Hulk Hogan. USA Today’s reports:

“Hogan Knows Best” The show casts retired wrestler Hulk Hogan as a traditional suburban dad to two teenagers on a 20,000-square-foot estate in Clearwater, Fla. Programming chief Brian Graden was intrigued by the blond-maned grappler’s “tenderly gruff and protective” side. “He goes to elaborate lengths to protect his daughter on her first date,” surreptitiously planting a GPS tracking device in her car.

– Shane Douglas’s “Hardcore Homecoming” has gotten a website, HardcoreHomecoming.com.