At Ringside Presents: TNA Victory Road 04 Review

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-The Victory Road opening video is so friggin cool

-Jeff Jarrett arrives and tells everyone that Scott Hall assured him Nash will not show

-20 Man X Division Battle Royal: Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt start. Kazarian tries for the quick elim but Dutt hangs on and hits a springboard hurricanrana. Tornado DDT by Dutt. He tries to throw over Kazarian but he hangs on. Cula or someone is out next. Dutt hits him with a 2nd rope rana. Taka driver by Cula. L.A. Park is out next. Woooo the chairman. Park hits everyone with a chair. Then he poses on the chair. L.A. Park rules. Jerrelle Clark is out next. He hits a rana on Dutt. Then he hits a handspring twisting splash. Mia Moto aka a Great Muta rip off is out next. He hits a enzuguri on Cula. 630 by Clark on Cula. That was sweet. Michael Shane is out next. Superkick by Shane on Cula. Shane and Kazarian eliminate Cula, then Clark, then Moto. Hector Garza is out next. Garza and Park whip Shane and Kazarian into each other. Garza clotheslines Dutt. Nasawa is out next. Shining wizard by Park on Nasawa. I wish the names would come up on the screen so I could spell them right. Mikey Batts is out next. Stunner variation by Batts on Kazarian. Alex Shelley is out next. I didnt even recognize him. Dutt hangs on ala HBK but Shelley dropkicks him off. Park is backdropped out of the ring. Matt Sydal is out next. Holy shit, Sydal stands on the back of Shelley who is on all 4s then hits a moonsault. That ruled. Sonny Siaki is out next. He hits a flap jack powerslam on Sydal. Overhead throw by Siaki eliminates Nasawa. Mikey Batts is eliminated by Garza. Shark Boy is out next. Shelley eliminates Sydal. Psicosis is out next. Jason Cross is out next. Traci helps Shane hold on. D Ray 3000 is out next. Siaki eliminates both D Ray and Shark Boy with a double clothesline. Amazing Red is out next. Shane or Kazarian eliminate Shelley by pushing him off the top rope. Psicosis crotches Cross on the ropes. Psicosos goes to the top and hits a spin kick but Cross falls into the ring. Spanky is out next. Spingboard back elbow by Spanky. Superkick by Shane on Spanky. Chris Sabin is the final man out. Tornado DDT by Sabin on Kazarian. Double clothesline by Sabin and Spanky eliminate Siaki. Spanky eliminates Shane. Words cant describe the next move. Garza and Psicosis double powerbomb Sabin and Cross who double back superplex Spanky and Red who double superplex Kazarian. Get it? Spinning reverse DDT by Psicosis on Cross. Psicosis clotheslines Cross out. Shining wizard by Red eliminates Psicosis. Kazarian eliminates Red. Sabin eliminates Spanky. running top rope superplex by flipping Kazarian onto Garza by Sabin. Springboard dropkick by Sabin. Garza crotches Sabin then dropkicks him out. Kazarian and Garza are left, pinfall or submission to get a winner. Leg sweep by Kazarian followed by a springboard leg drop for 2. Clothesline by Garza. Moonsault by Garza for 2. Slingshot DDT by Kazarian for 2. Dropkick to the back of the head by Garza. Garza misses a corkscrew moonsault. Kazarian rolls him up by Garza reverses it into a roll up of his own and gets the 3 count.
Winner – Hector Garza
Rating – ***1/4
IP – Very good battle royal and a very good way for TNA to kick off their 1st 3 hour event

-A Video wants me to vote for Dusty Rhodes for Director of Authority. Vote Dusty In 04

-Kid Kash delivers on the mic because Kid Kash is da man. He tells the rookies (Naturals and Dallas) that hes the leader of the group. Did I mention Kid Kash is da man?

-The Naturals & Kid Kash & Dallas vs Erik Watts & Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd & Ron Killings: What a bunch of throw togethers for Killings team. Kash and Kenney start. Arm drag by Kenney. Arm drag by Kash. Arm bar by Kenney who tags in Badd. Kash eye pokes Badd and tags in Douglas. Hip toss by Badd followed by arm drags. Badd tags in Watts. Blind tag by Stevens. Elbow drop by Chase misses. Chase tags in Dallas. Kick by Dallas. Hip toss slam by Watts. Side walk slam by Dallas. Dalals tags in Kash. Big boot by Watts. Watts tags in Kenney. Upercut by Kash. Wheres Da Truth? Kash tags in Dallas. Big boot by Dallas. Dallas goes up top and misses a moonsault. 10 points for trying/ Dallas tags in Chase. Kenney tags in Killings. Everyone is in the ring now. Watts and Dallas go outside. Kenner and Kash follow. Bad Mood by Badd of Chase. Angel wings by Killings on Chase and that does it
Winners – Erik Watts & Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd & Ron Killings
Rating – *1/4
IP – Too quick for an 8 man tag match

-Shane Douglas wants an interview with whoever is in a limo but some black guy denies him

-Piratita Morgan vs Mascaritas Sagrada: Im glad they dropped the midgets after this PPV. Ones a pirate the other has a mask so thats there names. Pirate and Mask. Arm drags by Mask followed by a rana and a dropkick that sends Pirate to the outside. springboard splash to the outside by Mask. Victory roll gets 2 for Mask. Firemans carrys followed by a splash by Pirate. The Mask plays dead, I wish he was. Arm drag by Mask on Posey and on the ref. Springboard arm drag by Mask for the win. “That was a miracle comeback” says Mike Tenay….AHAHAHAHA
Winner – Mascaritas Sagrada
Rating – 1/4*
IP – The arm drag on the ref earned the rating

-Konnan says Team Canada has started something that they dont know how to start….I dont get it

-Scott Hall, chubby as ever, comes out. HEY YO! thats still the coolest way to start an interview. Hall says Nash wont attend the show and we can trust Hall on that. I dont trust a drunk. No survey thus ruining the interview

-3 Live Kru vs Team Canada(c) for the Tag Team Titles: James and Roode starts off. Kick by Roode. James hits the shake rattle and roll. Young comes in and takes the final punch. James goes for a cross body on Young but he ducks sending James to the outside. Roode rams BG into the ring apron. Backbreaker for 2 by Young. Young tags in Roode. Scoop slam by Roode, elbow drop by Young, knee drop by Roode that gets 2. Shoulder block by Roode. Front face lock by Young. James tags in Konnan but Roode was distracting the ref. Elbow drop by Young gets 2. Canada grabs the hockey stick but James ducks the hockey stick clothesline and falls onto it pulling Roode and Young together. Tag to Konnan who hits the rolling clothesline on Roode. Alalabama slam on Young. Mexican drink sunrise on Young but Roode breaks it up. Spine buster on James by Roode. Big boot by James. James goes for the pump handle but D’Amore comes in with the hockey stick. Killings comes out and cuts D’Amore off but this allows Roode to hit the Northern Lariet on James. Konnan ducks the lariet and hits Roode with the face driver for the cover and the win
Winners – New Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru
Rating – *1/2
IP – Nothing special and seemed too short for a tag title match

-Raven being crazy was the only thing from keeping from going insane. Raven then busts out a rhyme. Raven should be entered into the next IP MC Battle Royal

-Another video, this one wants me to vote for Vince Russo. Vote Russo in 04

– Pipers Pit: Jimmy Snuka is the guest…I wanted to see Stone Cold. Piper puts over Snuka as a legend and this is boring. Piper saying “Brotha” is the lamest thing ever. Piper wants Snuka to hit him with a coca nut…I hope Austin stuns the hell out of Piper. The segment is really lame. Piper should go back to alcatraz. KID KASH!!!!!!!! finally, someone to bring this segment up. Kash says Snuka fell off the cage….I agree. Why is Kash wrestling pre-show now? He rules. Snuka chokes Kash and hits him with a coca nut. Shane and Kazarian come out and attack Snuka. Piper pulls some hair. Dutt comes out and cleans house on Kazarian and Shane. Kash htis Dutt with the coca nut. Piper shows us his kilt scaring Kash off. “I just nailed him, that was cool wasnt it?” Carlito stole Kash’s gimmick

-Monty Brown is dangerous and somebody will recieve the POOOOOOOOUUUUUUNCE PERIOD

-Trinity issues an open challenge that is answered by Jacqueline

-Trinity vs Jacqueline: Trinity kicks Jackie. Crossbody by Jackie but Trinity rolls through for 2. Chokes by Trinity. Powerslam by Trinity followed by a chick kick for 2. Punches by Jackie followed by a realse suplex for 2. Swinger hits the stun gun on Jackie. Trinity hits a top rope moonsault on Jackie for the win
Winner – Trinity
Rating – DUD
IP – Unless Trish is wrestling, im not watching womens wrestling

-Triple X is now gonna play by their rules instead of everyone elses. Daniels says a curse word (Damn) in the same sentance with Prayer. Daniels is da man

-Abyss vs Raven vs Monty Brown in a Monster Ball Match: Where’s the Halle Berry sex scene? Abyss crotches Raven on the gaurdrail then knocks him into the crowd. Abyss whips Monty into the ring post. Abyss goes into the crowd and hits Raven with a trash can. Then he walks back to ringside and hits Monty with the trash can. Abyss is on fire. choke hold drop on Raven in the crowd. Back in the ring, Torture rack drop by Abyss on Monty. Abyss goes for a double chokeslam but its broken up. Double clothesline by Abyss. Spinning clothesline by Raven takes Abyss down. Raven goes searching under the apron and finds a chair. Superkick by Raven on Abyss. Clothesline by Raven on Monty. drop toe hold onto the chair by Raven on Abyss. Monty jumps over the drop toe hold then throws the chair at Raven and Abyss. Monty clotheslines Abyss to the outside. T Bone suplex by Monty on Raven followed by a fallaway slam. Monty goes for the punce but Raven pulls the ref in the way. Running powerslam on Abyss by Monty. Black hole slam by Abyss on Monty. The ref is still out. Abyss finds a bag of thumbtacks under the ring. Abyss sets Monty on the top rope then he spreads the tacks in the ring. Monty and Abyss battle on the rop rope. Raven comes in and powerbombs Abyss onto the thumbtacks. Raven covers and another ref comes out and counts 2. Raven gets a table and slides it into the ring. Raven puts the table into the corner. Raven knocks Abyss onto the floor through a table. Monty punces Raven through the table in the corner for the 3 count
Winner – Monty Brown
Rating – *3/4
IP – Good brawl but again, it just seemed so short

-Shane Douglas is still argueing with that black guy near the limo

-Scott D’Amore says if AJ Styles beats Petey Williams then he will go back to Canada. Petey doesnt look as confident after that statement

-AJ Styles vs Petey Williams(c) for the X Division Title: Mat wrestling to start as AJ takes down Petey. German suplex by Petey but AJ lands on his feet. They exchange roll ups for 2. I hate having to pause every second so I can catch up. Chops by AJ but Petey hits the eye poke. Petey trips AJ but AJ hits a mat rana followed by a dropkick. AJ started to go over the top but landed on the apron. He goes for a moonsault off the apron but Petey moves, AJ lands on his feet and hits the pay lay. AJ slides back in the ring then dices over the top with a flip, somebody name that move for me. Petey drop toe holds AJ on the ropes and D’Amore chokes AJ. Tree of woe. Petey stands on AJs downstairs. AJ whipped to the corner but he jumps on the 2nd rope and hits a moonsault. 1/2 the crowd is chanting “Lets go AJ” the other half chanting “Lets Go Petey” nice touch. Tree of woe again by Petey and he again stands on the downstairs but AJ muscles up and german suplexs Petey. AJ backdrops Petey to the apron then hits him with the pay lay. They trade blows from their knees….haha. Side backdrop from AJ. AJ hits the springboard flying forearm and covers for 2. AJ goes for a tilt a whirl slam but Petey reverses it into a russing leg sweep. Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer but AJ pushes out and sets him up for the Styles Clash but Petey flips out of it in mid air. Petey again goes for the Destroyer but AJ picks him up and throws him into the corner. Petey hits a sunset flip as AJ goes for the Clash but AJ rolls through. The ref counts 2 and D’Amore gets on the apron. Petey grabs the hockey stick but the ref takes it away, as the ref gest rid of the stick D’Amore gives Petey the X Division Belt. Petey hits AJ with the title and covers but only gets 2. Petey again goes for the Destroyer but AJ picks him up and sets him on the top rope. Petey knocks AJ off the top. AJ gets up but is crouched over, Petey jumps off the top rope then quickly hits the Canadian Destroyer for the win
Winner – Still X Division Champion Petey Williams
Rating – ***1/2
IP – The X Division delivers once again on a TNA PPV

-They show Jarrett and Hardy getting ready for the main event

America’s Most Wanted vs Triple X in a Last Man Standing Match: Brawl to start and it spills outside. Skipper and Storm start and Storm hits a reverse suplex. Hart attack by AMW for 1 as Daniels breaks it up. Superkick by Storm on Daniels. AMW goes for the Death Sentance but Skipper pushes them out of the way and takes the leg drop himself. A modified F-5 on Daniels by Storm gets the 3 count. Daniels is up at the 8 count. Storm hits a powerbomb on Daniels. Harris tags in. Sideslam by Daniels who then tags in Skipper. snapmare by Skipper then a kick to the back for 1. Daniels tags back in. Double scoop slam on Harris then Skipper slams Daniels onto Harris. Daniels tags in Skipper. A suplex/cross body combo by Triple X. Scoop slam by Skipper then he tags in Daniels. Clothesline by Harris then a tag to Storm. Back body drop by Storm on Skipper followed by a tilt a whirl head scissors on Daniels. Powerslam on Skipper for 2. Daniels dropkicks the knee of Storm. A suplex/neckbreaker combo on Storm gets 3. Storm gets up at 9. Daniels hits Storms knee with a chair then covers him again for 3. Storm cant beat the 10 count and its 2 on 1 now. Rock Bottom slam by Daniels on Harris. Best Moonsault Ever misses by Daniels and Harris spears him and covers for 2. Skipper misses an elbow from the top and hits Daniels. A middle rope leg drop by Harris on Daniels and he gets the cover for 3. Daniels is counted out at 10. Skipper took a nasty bump before Daniels was eliminated. Skipper goes for the play of the day but Harris turns it into a powerbomb. Skipper is on dream street still from that bump. Harris goes for a suplex but his back goes out and Skipper hits him with an ugly looking Play Of The Day. Skipper goes and gets the chair. Skipper shoves the ref. Harris kicks Skipper forcing him to drop the chair then he hits the Catatonic on the chair. Skipper kicked out but the ref still counted 3 as Skipper is in no shape to continue. The ref counts 10. After the match Triple X handcuffs AMW together and Daniels wails away with the chair
Winners – America’s Most Wanted
Rating – **1/4
IP – Good match, would have been better is Skipper didnt get the concusion

-Jarrett says his plan tonight is to…get this…win. Shocking

-Dusty Rhodes is the new TNA Director Of Authority…thats nice.

-Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett(c) in a Ladder Match for the World Title: Brawl to start. Jumping clothesline by Hardy. There are two ladders in the ring. Hardy whips JJ into a ladder then he whips him into the other ladder. The play tug of war with the ladder and Hardy rams the ladder into JJ into the corner. Hardy uses the ladder and barely hits poetry in motion. Hardy sandwhiches JJ between the ladder and the leg drops the ladder onto JJ. Hardy sets the ladder up upside down then he puts JJ into the middle and squeezes the ladder together. Hardy dropkicks JJ in the face. Hardy sets the ladder up properly this time and he begins to climb. JJ quickly stops then but Hardy rams JJ into the ladder. STO by Hardy. Hardy sets the ladder upright next to the corner then climbs the top rope. He jumps over the ladder but misses a leg drop. JJ slams the ladder onto Hardy a couple of times. JJ sets the ladder up in the corner and whips Hardy into it. JJ sets the ladder up between the apron and the rail and suplexs Hardy onto it. JJ rams the ladder into Hardy a couple of times. Hardy goes to the apron and JJ knocks Hardy off of it with the ladder. Hardy takes out the ref as he falls. JJ goes outside and sets the ladder up against the ring post and throws Hardy into it. Jarrett uses the ladder in the ring to climb for the belt. Hardy climbs the ladder on the outside. Hardy jumps and dropkicks JJ off the ladder. Hadry scoop slams JJ onto the ladder. Hardy goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb on JJ who was on the ladder. Scott Hall makes his way down to ringside as Hardy climbs the ladder. Hall hits the Outsiders Edge on Hardy off the ladder. Hall takes a seat at ringside. Hardy leg drops a chair onto JJ. Hardy gets the other ladder and brings it into the ring. JJ puts Hardy on the top rope. Hardy knocks JJ down and then catapults the ladder into JJs face. Hardy begins to climbs one side and JJ climbs the other side. They trade punches until Hardy face slams him off. Hall grabs Hardys leg and punches Hardy on the outside. JJ climbs as Hardy slides back into the ring. Hardy pushes the ladder over. Hardy now sets up the ladder and climbs. JJ pushes the ladder over and Hardy falls to the outside on Hall. Hardy slams Hall into the steps then he whips JJ into Hall. Hardy uses a chair to springboard onto the outside and take out JJ and Hall. Hardy goes under the ring and pulls out the HUGE ladder. Hardy and JJ climb the huge ladder. The ladder tips over and they fall onto the entrance ramp and the ladder falls onto Hall. Back inside they each set up and ladder and climb them. Hardy kicks JJ low and JJ comes over to Hardys ladder. Hardy leaps over the top of the ladder to try and powerbomb JJ but he screws up and goes right over JJ who still sort of sells the powerbomb. JJ goes onto the apron and they try the flip powerbomb spot again and it works out a bit better this time but still looks bad. Back inside the ring Hardy stomps on JJ before climbing. Hall comes in and grabs a chair. Hardy kicks the chair into hall then hits an ugly looks Twist of Fate as Hall sold it like a stunner. Swanton onto Hall. Hardy again climbs and JJ is back in with a guitar. Hardy kicks the guitar away but JJ picks up a chair and levels Hardy with that. Hardy falls off the ladder. JJ picks up the guitar and begins to climb. Music plays and out comes Kevin Nash with 2 guitars. Nash gives a guitar to Hall. Hardy has reached the belt and is touching it but he is hit with a guitar from Hall then by Nash then in the head by JJ. Hardy falls off the ladder and Jarrett grabs the belt. After the match Nash gets on the mic and calls Hardy green. Nash says he is here to take everyones money. Hall throws in the “Dont sing it, bring out” out comes AJ Styles. Hes hitting everything that moves. Numbers catch up to Styles. 3LK comes out but they are destroyed. We cut to the back and the limo door opens but we only see feet. Music plays and lights go off and out comes Randy Savage to end the show
Winner – Still World Champion Jeff Jarrett
Rating – **
IP – Too many blown spots in this one with a pretty predictable ending

The Inside Pulse
A decent first PPV for TNA. Good X Division matches, some good brawls and tag matches. Bringing back all these old guys is just pointless though because they can’t do a thing wrestling wise, hold down younger stars, and in the long run, hurt the company. Good first try though. I’m in the middle on this one.