[SD] Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)


Brent Albright & ? b Eddie Craven & Mike Fox

Velocity for overseas only
Akio b Nunzio
Mark Jindrak b Billy Kidman
Luther Reigns b Biohazard under his real name
Bob Holly & Charlie Haas b Russell “Psycho” Simpson & Jared Steele


Paul London is the new cruiserweight champ. They had a Battle Royal instead of a match since Chavo can’t work because of his eye injury. Chavo was in the match and thrown right out. London skinned the cat on Kidman to win. Others involved were Nunzio, Funaki, Akio, Spike and one other guy.

Doug Basham b Eddie Guerrero – Mysterio tried to help when Danny was intefering. He screwed up and Eddie was mad

Booker T b Luther Reigns

Bob Orton Jr. came out and got on his hands and knees and begged the Undertaker not to destroy his son. Undertaker had no such mercy. Of course, Randy came from behind and RKO’d him. Bob laughed.

Danny Basham b Mysterio – similar result as above

Kurt Angle did the Angle slam and ankle lock on poor Josh Matthews since Josh apparently was a fan of Shawn Michaels growing up. No Shawn on this show.

Akebono and Big Show had a weigh-in. The worked weights were 493 and 504 respectively.

Akebono b Eddie Vegas. This was his first pro match,and it wasn’t even in Japan where it would mean big ratings. 58 seconds.

John Cena NC Carlito. JBL came out with police officers in the middle of the match to arrest Cena for vandalism. He was taken out.

Of course, in Houston, he made bail in seconds, and Teddy Long gave the people Wrestlemania early in a dark match. They went 15:00, non-title, FU and it’s over. People were super into Cena, more than anyone else on the show, and were on their feet the entire match.

Credit: Dave Meltzer & WrestlingObserver.com

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