The Apprentice – Recap – Episode 10

The rest of the suite talks about how hot Erin will be when she gets back.

Everyone applauds when Erin doesn’t come back.

Kendra, Alex, and Bren decide Bren will be project manager without consulting Tana or Craig.

Trump Grill – 9AM

Net Worth gets to pick someone from Net Worth to even up the teams. They pick Alex.

New task: create a new style of pizza for Domino’s, then sell them from a mobile kitchen. Craig is exempt.

Chris thinks Alex is a very heartfelt person, and is glad he’s on the team.

Net Worth

Steph does not want Chris to be project manager.

They head to the training facility in Brooklyn. They come up with the name for their pizza: Meatball Masterpiece.

Chris is chewing sunflower seeds instead of tobacco. He tells Angie he may be a little short, but he’ll be fine.

Alex and Chris head out to construction sites to pre-sell some pizzas.


Bren is project manager.

They try out different concepts. Craig and Kendra are having some communications issues.

They also decide on a meatball pizza. They call it the Meatball Manga.

Tana says the pizza was her idea top to bottom.

“Know When To Fold”

The Don says sometimes you have to know when to cut a bad idea loose.

Net Worth

Stephanie is project manager.

They hire models to help sell their product.

They set up shop near NYU. Chris gets irritated that Alex is getting his mack on rather than taking orders.


Tana and Kendra go to large companies to sell orders. Bren and Craig are making the pizzas.

They set up shop at 37th and 5th.

They get their first order for 10 larges.

George tastes the pizza and digs it.

Tana says the site of hungry businessmen means money, money, money.

Net Worth

They have to make some deliveries to Brooklyn. Angie and Steph go to deliver the pizzas and take the subway.

Steph says she could have sold the pies for a lot more on the subway than at the work site.

Back at the mobile unit, Chris begins to melt down with Alex and tells him to get the f*** out of his face.

Alex thinks Chris is a 3-year old kid and a liability.

Net Worth

Business is brisk, but the models have disappeared.

Caroline shows up, and is a bit surprised they delivered to Brooklyn.

They finally sell their last pizza and shut down.

Alex tells Steph that Chris threatened him.

Boardroom time.

The Don majestically arrives.

Caroline says Magna sold $653.12.

George says Net Worth sold $593.

Magna wins! Bren is exempt for the next task.

Stephanie says Chris is the reason they lost.

Magna’s reward is breakfast with The Don in his apartment, while Net Worth has to come back to the boardroom.

In the suite, Steph tells Angie that Chris threatens Alex.

Chris confronts Alex. Alex says he felt threatened by Chris. Chris says Alex is the one who got in his face. Chris tells Alex to do whatever he has to do. He says he thought he could trust Alex, but he was wrong.

Next morning, Magna heads to have breakfast with The Don.

Tana thinks The Don must have been a rapper in a former life, because she’s never seen so much gold in her life.

The Don says building his apartment was harder than building the rest of Trump Tower. He says the budget for his apartment was unlimited, and they exceeded it.

Tana thinks this was a good opportunity for The Don to get to know them better.

Domino’s will be selling the Meatball Manga.

Back at the suite, Steph and Alex strategize. Alex thinks Chris is potentially a bigger asset than Steph, and tells her if she calls him in he may not be the ally she thinks he’ll be.


Net Worth enter. And The Don makes his entrance.

Alex says he was really surprised that they lost. He thinks they lost because Magna had better foot traffic.

Stephanie tells The Don that Chris threatened Alex. Alex says he felt threatened. Chris says he didn’t threaten Chris, but he did curse at him.

The Don asks Chris if he was dipping. Chris says no. Angie says the fault was with Steph. She did a poor job of directing the models, sending them to empty dorms rather than to a packed Union Square. Caroline notes that she saw the models clustered around the mobile unit. The Don asks Angie if she thinks Angie is tough enough, and Angie says not at this level.

The Don asks Steph whom she’s sending back to the suite, and Steph says Angie, which surprises The Don. He tells Angie to go back to the suite and sends the other three to wait for his decision. He tells Steph as she’s leaving she better fight for herself a little harder or she might be gone.

George has no idea why she sent Angie out.

Caroline says she’s not surprised, but she thinks Chris’s anger makes him unsuitable for Trump.

The Don calls them back in.

Alex says that Chris has s short fuse, and that makes it hard for Steph to manage him. Alex says that his perception was that Chris threatened him. Chris says he never threatened him.

Chris says Steph isn’t tough enough. Steph says that she’s not accustomed to dealing with volatile people. The Don says that the business world is full of volatile people.

The Don asks Alex about Chris, and Alex says that Chris has a ton of potential but his anger is a liability. George asks Alex about Steph’s talent, and Alex says that her talent level is limited, that she’s performed poorly in all the tasks, and that this has been actually her best performance. Chris agrees. George says that was a pretty backhanded comment, and Alex says it was meant to be.

Steph asks Alex whom he would rather work with, and Alex says Chris. The Don is a bit surprised at this. He asks Steph where they went wrong, and she says she had to deliver pizzas to Brooklyn so she couldn’t keep a lid on things. The Don asks her why she went to Brooklyn, and she says she made a commitment to deliver the pizzas an she wanted to apologize to the crew. The Don says she should have delegated that.

The Don says Alex performed poorly today, but he’s been very good until then so he gets a pass. He says that Chris is a loose cannon and has some real issues. But Stephanie just doesn’t have the requisite leadership skills he’s looking for, so, Stephanie, you’re fired.

Stephanie leaves without a word, while Alex and Chris leave for the suite. The Don tells Chris before he leaves that he better shape up or he’s gonna be gone.

The Don says that Chris is a loose cannon but Steph just didn’t have what it took. Caroline and George agree.