News on Rambo 4

David Morrell, author of First Blood, has come out in support of a U.K companies’ pitch for the fourth Rambo.

Alpha1Media met with Dimension Films recently, and discussed the direction of the Stallone-headlined sequel. While they’ve yet to win the gig of creating the next film, their work has won fans, including the man who invented the character.

Best-selling author Morrell says the film treatment, currently being touted as the fourth installment in the Rambo film franchise, is “impressive and remarkably well researched.”

The premise of the equally popular and controversial treatment envisages John J. Rambo now working at the United Nations, when Islamist terrorists hijack the institution holding the world ransom. Rambo tries to take the terrorists down, knowing that his Afghani-adopted son, Tomask, is part of the terrorist mission.

This marks another major step in reviving the 1980s action film franchise which has generated $2 billion dollars at the global box office and created an icon in global popular culture.

Praising the treatment’s understanding of the sensitive relationship between contemporary global geo-political situation and its impact on human spirituality, Morrell says “Alpha1Media’s ambitions to give the character some meaning are commendable.”

Some sites are also confirming that a big announcement will be made next month about the future of Rambo.