[Misc] Warrior Speech Causes Near Riot


Warrior was involved in a situation last night at the University of Connecticut that turned into a near riot. Warrior was invited to give a speech on conservatism by a group called “The College Republicans.” A protest group showed up during Warrior’s speech and reportedly arguments and insults were thrown back and forth. Norm Mogyhtaderi, a sociology and history major claimed Warrior’s beliefs were homophobic and racist. Warrior was reportedly screaming and stomping on the stage and saying he would answer all questions after his speech in a Q&A format. Officers were called for back-up and the crowd was at one point told if they didn’t stop, the speech would end. Warrior was said to have lost the support of his own side after making these comments; “Queering don’t make the world work.” and when an Iranian student asked him a question, Warrior said he needed to “get a towel.” Heath Fahle, of the College Republicans made the following statement, “We are truly sorry that the Warrior did not measure up to our standards.” The group even sent out a press release apologizing for his speech.

Credit- Wes Jones & The Wrestling Observer