The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 8


Last week, in a rather straightforward leg, teams traveled within Botswana, milked goats, balanced goods, and moved logs. In the end, Rob and Amber finished first for the third time, and fun time brothers Brian and Greg were sent to Sequesterville. What will happen next? Find out… on the Amazing Race

…hey, I just noticed Toronto is in the opening credits. But they’ve only been to Canada once, right?

Standings after 7 legs:
1) Rob (4) and Amber (2) a.k.a. Romber – Shaq
2) Ron (4) and Kelly (2) – David Robinson
3) Uchenna (3) and Joyce (3) – Yao Ming
4) Lynn (3) and Alex (3) – Patrick Ewing
5) Meredith (4) and Gretchen (2) – Kevin Willis
x6) Brian (3) and Greg (3) a.k.a. The Dudes – Leg 7
x7) Ray (2) and Deana (2) – Leg 6 [FF]
x8) Susan (1) and Patrick (2) – Leg 4
x9) Debbie (1) and Bianca (1) – Leg 3
x10) Heidi (1) and Megan a.k.a. The Barbies – Leg 2
x11) Ryan and Chuck – Leg 1

We’re at the Khwai River Lodge in Botswana – the seventh Pit Stop in a race around the world. Teams have no idea what’s in store for them. Although if I were them, I’d guess that they’re on a non-elimination leg.

Rob and Amber, who arrived first at 12:45pm, will depart at 12:45am. They’re told to fly to Lucknow, India, and head to a place known as Bouli in the Bara Imbambara Palace. They’ve got tix to Mumbai, and need to sign up for a charter flight to Botswana, but need to arrange their own transport to Lucknow.

Ron and Kelly, 12:46am. They need to communicate better

Uchenna and Joyce, 2:08am

Lynn and Alex, 3:00am.

Meredith and Gretchen, 3:45am. They can’t believe they’re still here.

Teams board the charter flight, and it’s off to Francistown, Botswana. In Francistown, teams find that they have to wait an hour before they can get their tickets. Lynn and Alex borrow a cellphone to find tickets. Romber and Ron and Kelly ask to look at the computer to determine flights from Mumbai. Lynn and Alex book tickets for the other teams, and Romber book tickets for him and Ron and Kelly. Rob tells them not to book tickets for the other teams, and if they ask, to blame him. Heh.

Ron and Kelly know that the other teams don’t like Romber, but know that it’s good to keep their “enemies” close. They consider themselves and Romber as the “frontrunners”. Foreshadowing?

Mumbai, 3am. Land of groping!! Romber and Ron and Kelly have a 15 minute connection, and make it easily. The other teams have no idea where they’ve gone. With 3 hours to spare, Gretchen looks for supplies, seeing as Phil robbed her and all.

Lucknow, 9:44am. Romber and Ron and Kelly are here first, and grab taxis (which need to be prepaid). Lucknow, of course, reminds Ron of Baghdad. Ron and Kelly’s taxi stops to refuel, and Romber sprints ahead.

The second flight lands, and teams look for taxis. Uchenna and Joyce go straight to the prepaid booth inside, while Lynn and Alex and Meredith and Gretchen are bargaining for ones outside. Uchenna and Joyce, unsurprisingly, are off first, while the other two are still arguing.

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We’re back, and Lynn and Alex and Meredith and Gretchen are still bargaining. They finally get cabs, though, and they’re off.

Romber reaches Bara Imbambara Palace first, put on traditional headdresses and head in. Ron and Kelly are next. Uchenna and Joyce are caught behind some bicycles.

Romber reach the Bouli, and find the cluebox. They must travel by horse-drawn tonga (carriage) to a steel emporium. Oh, and there’s a Yield coming up. Ron and Kelly realize the advantage of getting there first, while Rob thinks that they’ll be Yielded if Ron and Kelly get there ahead of him and Amber.

Uchenna and Joyce reach the Palace, and Meredith and Gretchen arrive next. Uchenna and Joyce get the clue and leave just as Lynn and Alex get to the Bouli. All three teams are on tongas (tongae?) and are off to the steel factory. Lynn hopes that Romber don’t Yield them.

Ron and Kelly arrive at the Yield mat first, and choose not to Yield. Rob convinces them not to Yield. Romber also choose not to Yield.

Roadblock. Teams must search among 600 steel boxes for one of ten clues. Blah, I hate these Roadblocks. Kelly and Amber take it.

Amber manages to find one quickly. They must now travel via rickshaw to a gas station in Ashbah. Kelly finds one quickly as well. Ron can’t believe Romber’s luck.

Uchenna and Joyce reach the Yield, and choose not to use it. Uchenna takes the Roadblock. Lynn and Alex can’t believe that Romber didn’t Yield them, and choose not to use it. Alex takes the Roadblock, and finds it rather quickly. Gretchen takes the Roadblock.

Searching, searching and Uchenna finds one. Gretchen is still looking, and is getting frustrated. Meredith gives her a hug, and Gretchen will continue to be frustrated through the

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Gretchen starts looking again, and finally finds one. She and Meredith get help heading to Ashbah.

Romber arrive at the gas station, with Ron and Kelly right behind them. They get the clue – Detour! Solid or Liquid.

Solid – Teams must smash coal and deliver 175lbs of it to a store
Liquid – Teams travel to a tea stall, push a tea cart to a building, and deliver tea to 5 specific people.

Romber takes Liquid. Ron and Kelly take Liquid as well, but have trouble finding a rickshaw.

Uchenna is having a blast. Lynn and Alex decide to do Liquid. Uchenna and Joyce also take Liquid. Lynn and Alex have trouble finding a taxi, and Uchenna and Joyce pass them. Meredith and Gretchen are getting help to the Detour.

Romber arrive at the tea shop, and start the task. Ron and Kelly are right behind them. They try the process of elimination, but then just go for the “do you have a card” approach. They finally get one though. Ron and Kelly are following them, but they apparently have different lists. Rob enlists help.

Uchenna and Joyce get to the task, as do Lynn and Alex. A woman asks Meredith and Gretchen for an autograph. They get a standing O when they get to the Detour. They decide on Liquid. Kind of sweet, actually.

Romber deliver their third tea. Ron and Kelly are right behind. Uchenna and Joyce arrive, and start delivering. They get their first one.

Lynn and Alex arrive, and start searching for people. They try the “do you know anyone on this list?” approach, to little success.

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Lynn and Alex find their first guy. Romber get their 5th tea, and complete the task. They head back to the tea shop to get their clue. Ron and Kelly complete the task as well.

Uchenna and Joyce finish their third, as Lynn and Alex finish their second. Meredith and Gretchen arrive at the tea shop, and Romber and Ron and Kelly arrive. Both teams get their clue. Teams must now head 1.5 miles to “Phil and the Mat” at Charbar Multi Flats. Huh? Amber thinks it’s a bit odd as well.

Uchenna and Joyce complete their task, and head back to the tea shop. Lynn and Alex have one more to do, and complete the task. Meredith and Gretchen haven’t even arrived!!

Uchenna and Joyce get their clue, and are off to the mat. Lynn and Alex get their clue.

Meredith and Gretchen arrive at the office building, and start handing out tea. But they do get it right, eventually.

Romber and Ron and Kelly are racing to the mat. Romber are first, and arrive at the mat. They’re the first to arrive, but Phil tells them that this leg isn’t over. Phil does his impression of The Rock, and it’s

To Be Continued


Next episode, teams party with the locals, and deal with stubborn camels.

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