[RAW] Bischoff Approves HHH/JR Match?


– In an interview on WWE.com, Jim Ross implies that RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has gone along with HHH’s plan to fight J.R. at MSG next week.

“I didn’t sign on with WWE to be a wrestler,” he continued. “I’ve never been a wrestler in the 30-years I’ve been in this business, and I’m shocked that Eric Bischoff would even consider this. Sure he and I haven’t exactly had the most positive of relationships, but I’ve tried to be civil with him in recent months, and he with me. So I can’t believe that he is going to go ahead with this situation.”

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– Also on WWE.com, Daivari is interviewed about his win over Shawn Michaels and the possibility of facing HBK and Hogan at Backlash:

“Michaels and Hogan can expect something like what Shawn saw tonight,” said Daivari. “My streak may only be 1-0, but no one has pinned either one of us on RAW or made us submit. So, we’d have no problem beating HBK – a guy who’s coming off a series of losses – and Hulk Hogan – a guy who hasn’t even wrestled in two years. So if you ask me, we’ve got a lot more going for us … If, and I do mean if, Hogan does accept Shawn’s offer … I think you’re going to see two young, well-trained athletes in the prime of their lives wipe the floor with two washed-up veterans. In the end, youth will always beat experience.”

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