Marvel Knights Spiderman #13 Review


Reviewer: Jesse Baker
Story Title: Wild Blue Yonder Part 1

Written by: Reginald Hudlin
Penciled by: Billy Tan
Inked by: John Sibal
Colored by: Ian Hannin
Lettered by: Cory Petit
Editor: Axel Alonso
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Skinny

The Owl is back and has busted Absorbing Man out of jail. The motive? Owl and his new mysterious female partner-in-crime want Absorbing Man to kill off everyone on Owl’s enemies list, which apparently includes several unnamed high profile super-heroes. Meanwhile Peter Parker FINALLY returns to his job as photographer at the Daily Bugle while things with the Faux Avengers continues to stink of s**t as Aunt May and Mary Jane move into Tony’s apartment HQ and Logan takes offense of Peter’s cuckolding fears by way of stabbing him in the chest during battle practice.

The Faux Avengers stuff sucks and thankfully new writer Reginald Hudlin plays this up by pointing out the necessary problems of the entire farce. Logan stabbing Spidey alone should be enough to get Logan kicked off the Avengers but sadly I doubt that will be followed up properly. Meanwhile we’ve got Jarvis making a move on Aunt May and Logan being written like his Ultimate Marvel version, who as you know is a piece of s**t who’ll hit on women and do nasty things to their boyfriends so as to eliminate the competition. In this case, stabbing Peter in the chest after Peter catches Logan hitting on Mary Jane.

But enough about the bad stuff, there is some good stuff in this issue. Most notably the return of Peter Parker to the Daily Bugle staff as a photographer, which I am absolutely ecstatic about. I always hated JMS’s nonsensical and intelligence-insulting idea of making Spidey a teacher and I’m glad he’s back as a photographer since that is a much more realistic profession for the character than high school teacher. Also the subplot of Absorbing Man, drug addict working for Owl as his hired killer working off a list of people Owl wants dead is an interesting idea to say the least.