[ECW] Tons of News On “One Night Stand”


Meetings took place at WWE headquarters over the ECW “One Night Stand” PPV scheduled for June 12. Reportedly the current plan seems to be to have a mix of talent that can put on great matches and talent that will be very over with the crowd, but aren’t able to perform like they used to. The WWE brass does not want this to come off as a nostalgia show, but something that can stand on it’s own. There has been further talk that should this PPV do well, there may be more PPVs to come as well as the possibility of a house show tour.

At this time there is no one set to do commentary, but WWE is rumored to be in negotiations with Joey Styles. Paul Heyman, Tazz and Terry Funk have also been rumored to do commentary.

An FBI reunion also looks to be taking place as Nunzio (Little Guido) and Viscera (Mabel) are currently under contract and JT Smith, Tony Mamaluke, Tracy Smothers, Big Sal E. Graziano, and Primo Carnera III (Big Guido) are all scheduled to appear.

It looks like tickets for the show will go on sale May 14. This has yet to be confirmed by WWE through any press release, but keep the date in mind.