[TNA] Statement from CandidoOnline.com


The following is from CandidoOnline.com’s webmaster, Bambi Weavil:

I really am sitting here…in disbelief, waking up to this wondering how – why – now. Chris is like a brother to me, I cannot talk about him in the past tense. To try to put into words now how much I loved him, would be selling it short. I appreciate the emails I’m getting, I will forward them all to Tammy. It’s hard to not write Chris and Tammy, they are so one person to me because of their unreal love for each other. I hope Chris knows how much I loved him, this hurts like you cannot imagine. I know all the things I should do..put up a graphic, with a beginning and a end. But I’m not at that point where I can do it without being a wreck. I want to put this up to basically tell you, yes I found out too….and please mourn with me. CC was wonderful. Be sure to tell your friends and family you love them, you never know how long you have.

This isn’t much but Bammer loved you a lot, CC…this is my worst nightmare coming true.

Bambi Weavil

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