Former 'Sopranos' Star Considers Deal

Former ‘Sopranos’ actor Vincent Pastore, better known as ‘Big Pussy’, is considering a plea deal relating to his assault charge.

The 58-year-old actor was offered a plea deal Thursday in connection with charges for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, reports the AP.

The District Attorney’s office in Manhattan has recommended that the actor be sentenced to five days of community service, attend a batterers’ program and sign a final order of protection. In return, the actor will receive a reduced sentence but still could face jail time.

Pastore has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of assault, one for attempted assault and harassment in connection to an incident in early April in which he allegedly beat his girlfriend Lisa Regina.

The defense says that Pastore punched Regina in the back of her head, yanked her out of the car and dumped her on the street before driving away.

Regina was treated at a hospital for bruises and cuts. Pastore is free without bail and will return to court Thursday, June 30.

Credit: Zap2It