The Sunday HEAT Wave

Welcome to HEAT, with out announcers for the night Jonathon “The Coach” Coachman and Todd Grisham. And Happy Mother’s Day to all as we start off fast today….

Maven vs. Val Venis
As Venis makes his way down, for some odd reason we have The Coach talking about an arm wrestling match against Venis. Huh!? Okay, we start the match off with a lock up over to a drag down for Maven who takes control early. Strong whip to the far right corner follows, knocking Venis down as Maven slow things up to a chin lock. Venis however fights up and gets a shoulder hit and a slam for two. Followed up by a small package, but no count as the ref points out only one shoulder is down on the mat. Maven fights his way up but is whipped to the corner and Venis ‘heats’ up and delivers some nasty clothesline to Maven as he goes up for the money shot. However, Maven rolls out of the way and hits a top rope bulldog for two. Both fighters go back up top and Venis gets the edge as Maven is tossed to the floor and gets a suplex for another two. Then out of nowhere, Maven pulls around Venis and gets a backdrop on him with Venis falling straight down onto Maven’s knees back first for the impressive finisher and the win!
Winner: Maven

Back from commercial, we get a review of last Monday night of the Hassan beat down over Daivari due to the blame of the loss over Shawn and Hogan at Backlash. And just to show how grateful and following Daivari really is, he follows Hassan in pain backstage begging for forgiveness.

We get a nice promo for the WrestleMania 21 DVD that hits stores this Tuesday! Before another commercial.

Flash back to last Sunday at Backlash as we get yet another useless Diva soak up time for the pay-per-view, which by the way could have been used to have a Christian match. And only to make things worse, its just hype to bring out Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters. Who does his weekly challenge to a girl!? Yawn, wow… what a ‘bad’ man.

Tyson Tomko vs. Arch Kincaid
Second match of the night with The Problem Solver taking on HEAT’s new jobber. Hmm, twenty bucks Tomko wins this in a dud. We start the match with a cheap shot from Tomko who starts to kick around Kincaid on the floor. The new kid tries to get up, but only gets tossed around like a rag doll all over the ring for his troubles. The beat down continues as Tomko delivers a big boot that knocks Kincaid out of the ring and ends the match in a KO/ count out win for Tomko. Total squash, where’s my twenty bucks!?
Winner: Tomko

Cut over to Maria who’s backstage with the special guest of the Heart throbs, who continue the Billy and Chuck gag on crack. They hype up their upcoming main event match of the night against Tajiri and Regal as they talk at the same time and finish their sentences. Aww, how cute!

Back from commercial, Todd and The Coach review last Monday of RAW’s Gold Rush Tournament.
Round 1: Rundown
1. HHH vs. Chris Benoit
Winner: Benoit (HHH TAPS!!!)
2. Christian vs. Kane
Winner: Kane
3. Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin
Winner: Shawn (**Note: probably one of the best matches I’ve personally seen on RAW in a long, long time!! All the props in the world to Shelton, push the guy now!!!)
4. Edge vs. Chris Jericho
Winner: Edge

Semifinals Preview:
1. Kane vs. Benoit
2. Shawn vs. Edge

The Heartthrobs vs. Tajiri/ William Regal
HT starts off the match by playing Paper/Rock/Scissors to decide who starts the match. Antonio (The blonde one) loses and starts the match with Regal. Regal takes the early lead as Tajiri helps out with the first double team. Second ‘DT’ leads to Tajiri dropkicking Antonio in the face with a Regal chin lock. And now we see that the Paper/Rock/Scissors game meant a lot more than we figured at first and Antonio really did end up on the short side of the stick as the camera pulls in to an ugly shot of his right cheek staring to swell up really bad. Wow, that thing looks like if somebody shoves a tennis ball under his eye, that thing is huge! Back to the match as there’s finally a tag into Romeo as HT gets a double team move in and gets a small two count. Romeo starts to wear down Regal who’s been in this match now for the majority of the time. Regal finally fights out of the hold and gets the hot tag to Tajiri. Tajiri with the momentum and hits a few shots and kicks along with the tarantula and a bulldog that is broken up at two by Antonio. Tajiri falls into trouble as HT hits a double team takedown that Coach deems the “Heart attack” for the three count and the win! Nice decent finish for the team, but nothing exciting or original. They show another view of Antonio’s welt and again, wow. It looks like you can pop that thing with a pen or something.
Winner: The Heartthrobs

And that’s the show with Coach and Todd reminding us of RAW tomorrow night live from Wilke- Barre, PA.

HEAT Wave of the Night: We get our first ‘regular’ HEAT show in two weeks after the fallout of Backlash. Pretty good decent show too with three matches and two decent ones with the introduction of two new finishers. With the “Wave” going to the Maven and Venis match, particularly towards Maven’s new finisher. And that’s it, hit me up with any comments and once again… Happy Mother’s Day. I’m out, peace.