InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 5.09.05

The pressure will be on as the remaining Gold Rush Tournament contenders battle while only two wins away from facing Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge will face Shawn Michaels as a bitter rivalry is renewed. Who can forget their brawl all around an arena on RAW or their match at Royal Rumble. Both men are on impressive win streaks, but one will have to end short of being the No. 1 Contender. Edge has already indicated that he’ll leave it all in the ring because he sees this tournament as the key to his first world championship reign. It his words, to have two guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship opportunities would be “money in the bank.” Can HBK tune up the band and turn away Edge? Tune in Monday night to find out.

In the other huge semifinal, The Rabid Wolverine will try to rip into The Big Red Monster. With drastically different approaches to a match, the winner will likely be the Superstar who dictates the pace and style. If Kane can apply brute force, he’ll likely advance; if Chris Benoit can cut Kane down and apply his crippling submission arsenal, he should be one step closer to his second World Heavyweight Championship.

And we’re sure to hear from Triple H, who was disgusted with Batista for his role in The Game’s match last Monday. Where does Evolution go from here?

Watch Monday Night RAW (9/8 CT; Spike TV) to find out.

But before we get to RAW, I want to respond to all the feedback I got last week. This may take a while, so be prepared…

good recap guy


Video package of the 1st round of the tournament is shown.

LIVE from Wilkes-Barre, PA
Hosts are Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

HHH comes RIGHT out, looking his usual happy self. Fans get right on him, reminding HHH that he tapped out last week. Hunter says that the match last week doesn’t matter, as the tournament itself is bogus. He says that Bischoff is afraid of giving HHH the rematch, as he knows that he will destroy his latest investment. Batista interrupts to a big pop, all dressed in white. Dave asks HHH what he’s afraid of again, as he’s faced him twice and beat him twice. Plus, Hunter lost his match last week. HHH gets all worked up by being called “not good enough”, and apparently Batista hasn’t gone through HHH, which is what you need to do. HHH claims that Batista needs him more than he needs Batista, as he is the measuring stick for this business, and if he leaves, Dave fails. So, HHH walks out. Batista tells HHH to not let the door hit him on the ass on the way out.

Commercial break.

Outside, Ric tries to convince HHH to stay, but Hunter wants Ric in the limo with him. Ric won’t, so Hunter drives off.

Muhammad Hassan & Daivari come out to a big pro-USA chant. Daivari admits that he let Hassan down at Backlash, and challenges anybody who wants to step up tonight, to prove his worthiness to Muhammad.

Khosrow Daivari(1-0) vs. Chris Jericho(1-3)
Daivari attacks, but Y2J comes back. Y2J’s shoulder eats post however, and Daivari works it over for 2. He gets an armbar takedown, but Y2J hits him the gut. Chris goes for the Walls, but Daivari gets to the ropes. Chris takes him back down and goes up, but Daivari catches him and looks to go for a hurricanrana, but Y2J reverses to the Walls of Jericho to make Daivari tap.

Afterwards, Hassan beats Y2J down, but Shelton Benjamin runs out to make the save.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Christy is seen in Bischoff’s office. She’s wondering if the divas count in the draft which is coming up, and Eric responds yes. La Resistance interrupt to ask for another World Tag Title match, but Eric protests that they had one last week. Eric comes to a compromise that if they can both win their singles matches tonight, they’ll get what they want.

Meanwhile, Christian catches up with Ric, and tells him that if he needs somebody to suck up to all day, he can suck up to him. Ric doesn’t like Christian’s jokes, and wants a match tonight. Christian says if he wants it, he’s got it.

Commercial break.

Sylvain Grenier(1-0) vs. Viscera(1-1)
Conway doesn’t even stay at ringside, as Vis takes it to Sylvain. Grenier tries to take him down, but Viscera gets a diewalk slam. He misses a splash, and Grenier gets a missle dropkick for 2. Viscera KILLS him with his Sit-down Powerbomb however, and the match is over!

Afterwards, Viscera takes some fan’s nachos and compares them to tasting as good as Lillian. He gets her to announce the result of the match again, as Vis likes her saying his name.

Backstage, Kane and Lita have some intimate moments.

Commercial break.

Kane(2-0) vs. Chris Benoit(2-2)
Kane gets an early scoop slam for 2. Benoit goes to the legs, and goes for ther Sharpshooter, but Kane powers out. Benoit goes for the Crossface, but Kane throws him off. Kane gets a sidewalk slam for 2. An uppercut gets 1, as Benoit gets his foot on the rope. Benoit tries to fight back, but Kane stops him in his tracks. Chris fights back and gets a sunset flip for 2. Kane comes back with a clothesline for 2. Chris tries to fight back again, but Kane stops him again and gets 2. Big boot, and Kane goes to the top, but flies into a dropkick! Benoit gets the germans x 5, and it’s Diving Heabutt time. Kane sits up however, so he gets dropkicked back down. Diving Headbutt gets 2. Chris goes for the Sharpshooter again, but Kane makes the ropes. Benoit enziguris him, and baseball slides him to the outside. He follows, and notices Lita’s down and tries to help her, but Kane takes advantage. Back in, Kane goes for the Chokeslam and Benoit tries another Crossface, but it’s to no avail, as Kane gets the Chokeslam for 3!

Commercial break.

Ric Flair vs. – Christian tells Ric that he’s a problem, so he has to go through Tyson Tomko first.

Ric Flair vs. Tyson Tomko
Tyson gets a powerslam for 2. Ric goes quick to the chop block, and hooks on the Figure-four Leglock. Christian breaks it up however, prompting the ref to throw him to the back. Christian doesn’t walk far when Ric gets a low blow and a roll-up for 3!

Commercial break.

Stacy Keibler walks out to the ring, as Todd is in the ring with her Stuff magazine. Grisham claims that this is the best Stuff ever, and showcases some of the pictures. Stacy pointes out a certain picture in which she has her favorite pair of panties on, which she happens to have on right now. She’s about to show them to the fans, when Simon Dean and Maven interrupt. He shills his Simon System, and Maven says that if there is a beautiful creature in the ring, it’s him, and it’s all thanks to the Simon System. Dean mixes up a shake, but Stacy drops it, pissing Simon off. The two get ruff with her, but Huurricane and Rosey run out to make the save.

Backstage, Coach comes in to talk to Eric, and compliments the new ECW ppv ad. Eric doesn’t want to hear it, is tired of Paul Heyman, and claims to squash the idea.

Commercial break.

Robert Conway vs. Shelton Benjamin(3-1)
Conway jumps him and takes control, getting a vertical suplex for 2, twice. Shelton fights back and gets a somoan drop for 2. Conway runs into a T-bone attempt, but he fights out. Shelton gets a kick to the head and a top rope bulldog for 3!

Afterwards, Hassan & Daivari get payback on Benjamin.

Commercial break.

Another showing of “Bad, Bad Man”.

Maria asks HBK if he thinks he can beat THE Edge. Unlike Benjamin, Edge is not a person whose future looks bright, and HBK promises to show Edge that HE is the real “Money in the Bank”.

Commercial break.

Edge(3-1) vs. Shawn Michaels(2-1)
Edge has NO smoke tonight. Big pop for HBK. We take a commercial right away and return with Edge fighting out of a headlock. He goes for the Edgecator, but HBK pushes him to the outside, and follows it up with a springboard crossbody! Edge comes back with a snap on Michaels’ neck. Ouch. Edge gets a snapmare and hooks on a wraistlock, but Michaels fights back. Big boot shuts him down though, and Edge gets 2. Odd takedown gets 2. Crowd gets behind HBK as he tries to fight back, but Edge stays in control. Edge goes up, but Shawn fights him for the spot, only to get thrown down. Edge comes off the tope, but Shawn kicks him in the gut to stop him. Flying forearm, knip up, and Shawn brings the right hands. Scoop slam and Shawn goes up to drop the elbow. The crowd goes crazy as Sahwn tunes up the band, but Edge looks to counter it into the electric chair, but Shawn counters THAT into a victory roll for 2. Edge comes back with a catapault and an Edge-O-Matic for 2. Edge ducks a clothesline, causing the ref to get taken down, allowing Edge to get the Edgecution. Edge goes for the Spear, but runs into the Sweet Chin Music. No ref though. HBK tries to revive the ref, and Edge gets his briefcase, but Shawn ducks it. HBK goes for a sunset flip, but Edge KILLS him with a briefcase shot to pick up the win.


So next week, it will be Kane vs Edge.

Biggest Cheers:
1)Shawn Michaels
3)Ric Flair

Biggest Jeers:
1)Hassan & Daivari
2)Dean & Maven