[OVW] Jim Cornette Out Of OVW For 4-6 Weeks


It is being reported that Jim Cornette, head of OVW, has been told to go on “vacation.” Various reports say that Cornette will be gone from OVW for four to six weeks. There are conflicting reports at this time on the situation. Some sources are claiming that Cornette has been suspended for repeated verbal outbursts, but another claims that Cornette is taking time off in order to “recharge his batteries.”
Tommy Dreamer informed developmental wrestlers in OVW that during this time, he would be scripting OVW’s TV. It is expected that Lance Storm, Al Snow and Danny Davis will also help Dreamer.
Some people are claiming that an incident where Cornette cut a promo on Kevin Fertig (also known as Seven in OVW and Mordecai on Smackdown) following a dark match involving Fertig and Daniel Puder against Kenzo Suzuki and El Diablo (Ken Doane) for wearing a hat in the match, is what finally caused WWE to crack down on him.
There is a rumor that Cornette actually got off easy with the “vacation.” It seems that WWE VP of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis was ready to fire Cornette over the incidents , since Laurinaitis would like to get rid of the “old guard” when it comes to certain positions that he oversees. Jim Ross apparently stepped in and convinced Laurinaitis to issue the suspension/vacation instead.

Credit- PWInsider.com