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Hello again everyone. We’re almost caught up with the emails. Of course there’s a few left, I hope Daron’s up for it.

Oh, I’m up for it. The question is are you up for another round of verbal jousting with ye old evil editor?

Let’s start this up.

Tough talk, eh? We’ll see about that at the end of this bad boy”¦

James emails

Hey Jim,

In the late 80’s/early 90’s Marvel made a big deal of a fight between the Thing and Wolverine. As a result of this fight the Thing had a huge scar across his face. What happened to the scar?

Thing was scared back in FF Vol1# 374

Thing started wearing that helmet afterwards till FF vol1 #386.

Thing was cured at some point around #404 after they found the world that made people into Things.

And what a glorious time for comicdome”¦a giant orange rock guy with a bucket on his head, yeah!

What ever happened to Sharon Ventura, the She-Thing?

After some time she joined the Frightful Four briefly before secluding herself from society.

What was the story of the Fantastic Force?

Actually it was a group created by the Black Panther when the FF went and separated for a short time. They would reunite but BP formed a team of

Franklin: Psi-Lord

The team stayed together for 18 some issues and would include She-Hulk for a time too.

How did the series end and what happened to the adult Franklin Richards?

Adult Franklin disappeared back into the future and replaced by the younger version. His future no longer existing thanks to the defeat of Hyperstorm.

I’ve heard reports that Alicia Masters once romanced the Silver Surfer. Is this true and who is she dating now?

Yep they did have a relationship that ran for like 2 years or so comic time. But they are no longer romantically involved.

What prompted the Invisible Woman’s “evil” persona, Malice? Is she still around?

Malice actually was first created by emotion-manipulating brought on by the Psycho-Man temporarily brainwashed her into attacking the Fantastic Four in the guise of Malice. Actually the personality was with her for a good amount of time even her doppleganger from the Infinity War was Malice. It took Franklin Richards Psi-Lord version to defeat and absorb her into him.

At one point, Johnny Storm married a Skrull. What was that storyline all about? Where is the skrull now? Did they have any children and can a human have kids with a skrull?

Lyja the Laserfist was her name. Actually Johnny began dating and then married the blind sculptress Alicia Masters who turned out to be Lyja who was sent to spy on the FF. He dumped her and then she returned later and tried to get back with him. She disappeared after the Onslaught stuff.

Switching gears, a while back there was a character in Thor called Thor Girl. What was her origin and what happened to her?

She first appeared in Thor vol2 #22 born as the Designate. Her home world was destroyed but Thor helped defeat the one who did it. She used Thor as a template, transformed herself into an Asgardian goddess and journeyed to Earth. She protected Earth when Thor took over Asgard. She hasn’t been seen for quite some time now though but she is alive.

Actually, I think everyone in the “Thor Universe” is dead, at least for now. I’m not sure I fully understand the whole Ragnarok storyline, or how Marvel’s going to “fix” all of that, but I think she’s actually gone too. I can’t remember exactly”¦that whole arc was just about unreadable, trying to remember all the details isn’t exactly fun.

Where is Nomad now, and what happened to the baby he was taking care of?

Actually the last time we saw him Henry Peter Gyrich had brainwashed him into becoming the New Scourge in Thunderbolts. He was freed of Gyrich’s control. He gave up the costume but kept the holographic projector and disappeared until recently where in Captain America Sharon Carter found him.

Oh and he gave the kid back to it’s mother

After the Death of Superman, Superman was replaced by four imposter Supes. If I remember correctly, Marvel later tried a storyline like this with the death of the Punisher. Who were the characters and what are they doing now?

Punisher Suicide Run. That’s the name of the storyline.

The Punisher’s:

Hitman (James “Jimmy” Pierce)
Desmond Kline
Payback (Eddie Dyson)
Outlaw (Nigel Higgins)
Lynn Michaels
Yuppunisher (Dean Swaybrick)

What was the story behind the female Yellowjacket. I know she’s dead and I know she was evil for a time before joining the guardians of the galaxy, but how did she get the identity in the first place?

Rita DeMara became the new Yellowjacket by stealing and modifying the original Yellowjacket costuming and equipment from Henry Pym.

BTW, where is Skids now? And what about Rusty?

Skids actually has been hanging out with X-Corperation as of late.

Rusty is dead. He died while still part of the Acolytes with Skids. He was killed by Holocaust

Jason emails

The one that’s stuck with me was from the What If the X-Men Lost Inferno… I believe it was What-If v2 #7 or 8. Wolverine had gone demonic at that point and over the course of the issue killed Spider-Man and Captain America rather brutally, and actually ATE a human baby. Yikes

Yikes that is a really creepy moment alright. Damn that’s a sick image.

Mmmmm, fresh baby flesh”¦ummm, I mean, yuck that’s gross!

Earl emails

Just out of curiosity, I know that everyone mentions that Rhino’s hide is invulnerable and can’t be pierced. Has anyone ever gotten it off of him or pierced it?

I was also wondering if he could be shot in the face or something as a way to stop him, since bullets bounce off his suit but no one ever seems to go after his face. Thanks for the help

Deadpool once pierced it after shrinking him and putting him on his key chain.

Andy emails

I’m not much of a Marvel fan, so I didn’t really follow the storylines the way I did DC back in the day, but I did buy Secret Wars. In that book, Galactus has a one on one talk with Reed and tells him that he is a “cosmic champion of life” was that conversation shown in it’s entirety in the FF book? Did anything come of this little nugget in later storylines?

Here I thought Adam Warlock was the cosmic champion of life. Ok just to show you how that name goes around Magus once said it about himself. Adam Warlock did earn the name. So my question is did you get it mixed up or Adam got the name to counter Thanos. Thanos is basicly the cosmic champion of death after all

Galactus proclaimed himself that and never really earned the title. Let’s just say it’s a self proclaimed effect.

Secret Wars didn’t really cross over much did it?

Secret Wars crossed over a good amount

After effects:

Spider-Man kept the black costume and it would become Venom down the line

Thing left the FF for a time now being able to change into a human form. Went on to have his own series and led to the Human Torch and Alicea (Lyja) getting married

Spider-Woman II came into existence out of it as well as Doom creating Titania and Volcana who became villains

Beyonder came to earth some time afterwards.

She-Hulk replaced the Thing in the FF for a time

Magneto went to the good side for a time

So Secret Wars was not meaningless.

I wasn’t really big into comics at the time, but I’m pretty sure Secret Wars crossed over into just about all the then current Marvel titles, or just about anyway.

Soak1313 posted

heya jim! since i am finally on the boards i thought i would post here instead of shooting you an email. i was wondering whatever happened to eric masterson? i always kinda liked when he 1st became thor and tried to talk with the thor accent. last i saw him he was thunderstrike. also how did his powers differ from thor’s as thunderstrike (if they even did), and what was the name of his mallet( it sure as hell wasn’t a hammer)?

Actually Eric as Thunderstrike had his own series for 25 issues and was killed in the last issue with a battle with Seth and Bloodaxe to finish it off.

His Mace (yep it was a Mace) was named Thunderstrike actually. That’s how he got his name.

He was not as strong: Could lift around 80 tons
Plus the Mace was not as powerful as Mjolnir

Yup, that’s just like the second generation, never living up to the first generation’s high standards”¦

Brad emails

Quick question: I was thumbing through a recent issue of Thunderbolts and noticed a guy who looks remarkably similar to the sorely missed Captain Marvel. I think the guy was a scientist? He had pale hair, a red outfit, even the same starburst symbol on his chest.

Does this guy have anything to do with Genis, or is it just a coincidence? Speaking of ol’ Genis has he made any appearances since his PAD series was cancelled? Man I miss that book something awful.

Yep it’s Genis actually. The one and the same guy. He knows Songbird quite well, which is a sign it’s the same guy. Although now he’s taken the name Photon. Captain Marvel II keeps getting her name taken by Genis it seems.

We actually had a conversation about this very topic over in the Roundtable no too long ago. I came down on the side of not being to happy with Genis’ new name or new look.

Jason emails


The nexus site and the Marvel Handbook are fun and informative reads, as always. I wanted to add a few characters to the list of Marvel’s top mercenaries:

Trick Shot
The Serpent Society

How I forgot Crossbones and Elektra is beyond me. Two of my favorites.

And Hobgoblin and Jack-o-Lantern were pretty feared when they worked for the Rose and the Arranger, respectively.

Very much so. I would say they are up there on the list too.

And while they haven’t been heard from in ages (as far as I know), these guys were pretty tough in their day:

The Foreigner
The Bounty Hunter
The Answer
The Mauler

Wow talk old school. Some good names though.

Where’ve they been, anyway? These guys deserve a comeback. Great that you picked Silver Sable as one of the top female mercenaries. I don’t know if Marvel uses her anymore, but she was tough as nails back in the day. So what is the current status of ?

Foreigner : Actually the last time we saw him if I remember right he had fought Silver Sable in her own title.

Chance : Chance was last seen inside Seagate Penitenary in Thunderbolts around the time Hawkeye was jailed.

Bounty Hunter : You know I don’t think we’ve seen him since way way back in Spectacular Spider-Man Vol1 # 104

Answer : Actually here’s one for you. We just saw him recently. He’s one of the villains who escaped the Breakout in New Avengers

Mauler : There have been 3 people who have worn this suit. The first died. The second was a common goon and the third was defeated by Iron Man who took the armor back and made it useless to use back in the Armor Wars.

Silver Sable : Still working with her Wild Pack. She was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man 2000 Annual

Thanks for jogging my memory of some great old characters.

Your welcome.

X-Men The End continued

Origin Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
Planet: Unknown
First Appearance: X-Men The End # 1

Real Name: Talia Josephine Wagner
Occupation: Slave, Former Adventurer
Place of Birth: Unrevealed location in Australia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kurt Wagner (father, Nightcrawler), Wanda Maximoff (mother, Scarlet Witch)
Group Affiliation: Slaves, Former member of Exiles, X-Men
Powers: teleporter
Base of Operations: Slavers homeworld
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: Shining yellow
First Appearance: X-Men Millenial Visions

Origin Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
Planet: Broodworld
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #155

Real Name: Kurt Wagner
Occupation: actor, former circus performer, adventurer
Other Aliases: Fuzzy Elf
Place Of Birth: Castle of Baron Christian Wagner, Bavaria, Germany
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Raven Darkhölme (mother, Mystique), Azazel (father), Graydon Creed (half-brother, deceased), Nils Styger (half-brother, Abyss), Kiwi Black (half-brother), Christian Wagner (step-father, deceased), Margali Szadaros (foster mother), Jimaine Szadaros (foster sister, Magik II), Stefan Szadaros (foster brother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: former member of Excalibur, N-Men, X-Men
Powers: teleporter
Base of Operations: The Starjammer
Height: 5’9
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Indigo
Eyes: Shining yellow
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1

Real Name: Lilandra Neramani
Occupation: Majextrix-Shi’ar
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: The Aerie (now known as Chandilar, native world of the Shi’ar)
Marital Status: Once Engaged to Charles Xavier
Known Relatives: D’Ken Neramani (brother), Deathbird (sister), Blacklight (nephew), White Noise (niece), unknown son (son)
Group Affiliation: Starjammers, The Imperial Guard
Powers: strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility
Base of Operations: The Aerie (now known as Chandilar, native world of the Shi’ar)
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Feathers: Black
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #97

Real Name: Cal’syee Neramani
Occupation: Regent of the Kree Empire
Other Aliases: War III
Place Of Birth: The Aerie (now known as Chandilar, native world of the Shi’ar)
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Lilandra Neramani (sister) D’Ken Neramani (brother), Blacklight, White Noise (alleged relatives), Aliyah Bishop (daughter)
Group Affiliation: Horsemen of Apocalypse, Starforce, The Imperial Guard
Powers: Winged flight, superhuman strength
Base of Operations: The Aerie (now known as Chandilar, native world of the Shi’ar)
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: White
Feathers: Purple and Blue
First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #9

That’s it for this week. A good amount covered but you all need to get on the ball again and start emailing more questions. So email me your questions, comments or just anything you want me to cover. Also label your emails Marvel Handbook please.

Now let’s sign off here. Daron you may go first or last.

Well barring that rather insulting/obvious statement, I just have this to say”¦later y’all!


1. Although not Marvel hope everyone enjoys Episode III. I’m a big Star Wars geek myself and have been looking forward to this one.

2. question of the week: Who will be the Last Hero Standing?

That’s it for me. Reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you all next week.

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