Lost – Recap – Episode 23

Well, the time has finally come for the finale of Lost, and I am proud to say that there is only two letters in the mailbag, and that’s because I don’t want to deal with too many letters, I’d just rather get along with the recap!

john “duran” duran where you been my man? i thought youd never arrive with the lost recap but im sure you got more important things to do with your time than write lost recaps for people like me with no tivo but better late than never right? right????? n e way going over your recap i think you may have forgotten something significant about the girl that Jack was talking to Michelle Rodriguez. Apparently her ticket number and Jack’s ticket number were in sequential order of the strange set of numbers on the hatch and the same numbers that seem to plague everyone else as well. She mentions several times her ticket number and also asks Jack do they want to switch seats. ok but possible spoiler however mild ahead im not 100% percent certain on this so but im am giving you a heads up on it
POSSIBLE Spoiler Warning

Michelle Rodriguez is supposed to be joining the cast next season im not totally sure on this but its a rumor i heard. which would make some kind of weird sense seeing as how she was on the back of the plane and her ticket number matched up with the strange numbers and remember the episode with the black lady on the dune of reflection and she tells either jack or charlie i cant remember which that her husband and the other were still alive. is it possible that the people on the back of the plane are alive elsewhere or elsewhen on the island? also a few episodes back when Boone gets on the radio and the voice on the other end of the radio answers back there were no survivors of oceanic 815. well clear this up from me but there is a debate elsewhere that what was actually said was WE’RE the survivors of oceanic 815 their are several websites with audio replay and it sounds like were the survivors of oceanic 815 and not there were no survivors and this is despite closed captioning saying there were no survivors. is it possible when boone got on the radio that he actually radioed the other survivors some how? jesus i feel like some crazy nut trying to explain why JFK was killed by the CIA for trying to expose aliens with small possible facts and looking for things where there may be nothing. but tell me what ya think.

oh yea i finally get that some kind of monstuuuuuuuuuuuur gimmick you do whenever the monster arrives its the name of an album from metallica or something right? sorry my pop culture reference for rock music is poor at best the only reason i know this is because i was channel surfing and saw a VH1 doc on metallica with the title some kind of monster and put the two together.

The last Lost recap was late mostly due in part to the fact that Thursday and Friday were very busy days for me, and then Saturday and Sunday you have the usual weekend stuff, which for me is actually working and not so much hanging out with friends, so Monday I finally cranked it out after work and sent it in. I apologize, and remind all of my readers that there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down and recapping Lost for you guys. This is the first time in recent memory that the Lost recap was super super late, and TiVo problems have given me grief quite a bit.

I missed the Numbers stuff because I usually don’t keep the numbers in mind while I’m watching the show. From now on, I’ll be typing the numbers out at the bottom of my recap so I can keep track of any references that may come along. I did pick up on the reference browsing TVtome.com after the episode aired, however. Just another one of those quirky references and of course the irony of having her ask Jack if he wants to switch seats.

As for your mild spoiler, that is not the first time I have heard this, as it is the most plausible and the most enjoyable idea I have heard regarding the transmission that Boone picked up. The alternate reality seems like a cool idea, but it will outstay its welcome long before new survivors do.

And yes, the SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRRRRRRRR is a reference to the Metallica song (and documentary) of the same name, one of those songs that I know isn’t that great, but I still listen to anyway because it’s Metallica and I’ve geeked for them since the Black Album.

Hey John:

Thought I’d tell you how much I enjoy your recaps of LOST. I love the show, and reading your take always replays the episodes (plus twice the humor) all over again in my head. I still die laughing every time I read about “SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRR” and “Obi-Locke Kenobi and Boone Skywalker” I read the old recaps whenever I want to laugh, and I’m always checking back to see if you’ve got the next episode up…Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say about the finale!

Peace out 🙂

As always, this kind of positive feedback is appreciated, as I take most of my jokes from the writing style of many Television Without Pity writers, who I’m not too proud to beg to be a part of. Seriously, guys. I’ll recap the crappiest show you want to give me. (Just kidding, Murtz. Don’t kill me.)

Enough jibber jabber. On with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: Another “while you were out” recap, similar to the one shown for the DH finale. A plane crashes, the plane gets ripped apart, people die but many live. Sayid makes contact with the French and Charlie is ecstatic but Shannon decodes the message to reveal a distress call, claiming that they’re all dead because of “it” and she’s the only one left on the island. Charlie delivers his famous line, and we skip ahead to Sayid finding the wire that leads to Rousseau, the French woman behind the transmission. Danielle warns Sayid to watch his fellow survivors closely when he returns to them. Claire is getting paranoid about her baby and Hurley is worried that someone might be attacking her. He wants to know who everyone is, and Jack takes this as him wanting to start a census. Through the census, however, Hurley finds someone who wasn’t on the passenger manifest. That man is Ethan Rom, of course, who steals Claire only to bring her back with amnesia and a baby still inside of her. The Ethan Rom part is skipped, however, as the point is made by Locke that there ARE people out there besides themselves, attacking them and murdering them, and it’s about time they started worrying about the others. Danielle makes her way to the survivor camp, and mentions the black smoke which was a warning sixteen years ago that the others were coming. The black smoke is back, and with only three options–run, hide or die (sure is a lot worse than win, lose or draw), Jack formulates a plan involving the hatch that Boone Skywalker and Obi-Locke Kenobi discovered way back when. Jack’s plan is to grab some dynamite, blow open the hatch, hide everyone inside and keep them safe from the others. But that dynamite has probably been there for quite awhile so if Jack doesn’t want to die, 9th grade science teacher Leslie Arzt is coming along. Meanwhile, Michael’s Ark II–the original having been set ablaze by Walt–sets sail carrying Michael, Jin, Walt and Sawyer. Danielle, Jack, Hurley, Arzt, Kate and Locke go off to find the dynamite to blow the hatch.

We open on the eye of Claire’s baby, which means we’re going to have a baby-centric episode? I sure hope not. Anyway, the baby is crying as the black smoke continues to billow in the distance. Claire is frustrated trying to take care of the child, as Charlie arrives to warn Claire that they’re all leaving the beach to go hide in the caves until Jack can return with the dynamite. Claire needs to learn how to take care of this baby, though, and she doesn’t want any help from anyone.

Sayid is directing traffic towards the caves, and Charlie goes to speak with him about getting a gun to protect Claire. Sayid reminds Charlie that Danielle warned the others would be coming by nightfall. Charlie doesn’t care about what Danielle says, so Sayid has to bring up what happened the last time Charlie had a gun. Yes, Charlie killed a murderer, but that murderer–Ethan Rom–could’ve been the missing link between the others and the survivors. Charlie is too emotional to be carrying a gun, so Sayid should be the one handling the weapons. If Charlie really wants to help Claire, Sayid suggests getting her packed and carrying her child to the caves, because that’s what she needs. Charlie seems upset, but walks off to do so anyways.

The Party of Six takes a gaze at the Black Rock, which turned out to be an old-style ship from Portsmouth, England. Hurley wonders how something like this can happen, and Danielle offers the rational explanation of that kind of ship being on THIS island. Hurley is satisfied with that explanation but Arzt suggests that a tsunami probably swept the ship two miles inland, which is where they’re at right now. Everyone starts to approach the ship except for Danielle, who decides that it’s time to leave. She tells everyone that the explosives are in the hull of the ship, and her help is no longer needed. Locke agrees, and calms Jack by offering to lead the now Party of Five back to the island. Jack isn’t happy about Danielle leaving, but decides to head into the hull of the ship anyway. Arzt is reluctant, however, since he came to tell Jack how to handle dynamite, not to explore some ghost ship, so he’ll stay right here. Hurley decides to hang out with Arzt as well, so it’s just Jack, Kate and Locke heading into the Black Rock.

Now inside the Black Rock, Locke, Jack and Kate explore the area around them, as Jack’s flashlight is pointed ahead and misses the crunching sound under his feet. It’s the bones of a skeleton, as Locke notices that they are slaves chained to the walls of the Black Rock. Locke suggests that the ship must’ve been going to a mining colony, setting sail from the Eastern coast of Africa. Jack pops open a door leading to a room that is crowded with chests and chains, and Kate notices something, leading them over to it. Sure enough, it’s boxes of explosives.

Outside the Black Rock Arzt is talking about his third wife–who didn’t sign up for this–and Arzt is wondering what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Hurley looks distant, and Arzt wonders if Hurley is bored. Arzt apologizes for not being cool enough to be in this merry little band of adventurers, and now Hurley is confused, paying attention to Arzt. Arzt knows a clique when he sees it, since he does teach high school after all. Arzt suggests to Hurley that there are 40 other survivors of that plane crash, so the four of them aren’t the only ones doing anything of value. They’re all people, too. Hurley seems a little weirded out about that, and that’s of course recognition of the fact that the show seems to be focused on Jack, Locke, Kate and so on.

Inside the Rock, Kate wants to pry the box of explosives open, but Jack would rather take it outside. Kate suggests that it might be a misleading box label, but Jack doesn’t want to open any box marked explosives with a pickaxe. Locke agrees to take it outside, and Kate finally agrees as well. Locke and Jack carry the box while Kate shows them the way.

Outside the Rock, Arzt is now complaining about the gym teachers not sitting with him, boring Hurley once again. Hurley thinks it’s all in Arzt’s head, but Arzt believes that Kate got the best pieces of wreckage to build her shelter, and Jin doesn’t catch the fish to share with everyone. Not to mention that some have lost weight during their stay on the island, so it’d be nice to know where Hurley’s hiding all the carbs. Arzt wants to continue rambling when he notices Jack, Kate and Locke coming out of the Rock carrying the explosive box. Arzt stops Jack and Locke right where they are, telling them to slowly drop the box on the ground. They gently put it down and Arzt clears the area, asking them if they know what happens to dynamite when the heat gets over 90 degrees. It sweats nitroglycerine, of course. Jack tries to get closer once Arzt opens the box but Arzt keeps him back. Arzt explains dynamite as being nitroglycerine stabilized by clay, and nitroglycerine is the most dangerous and unstable substance known to man. Arzt then asks for Kate’s shirt to wrap the dynamite, as he begins to explain the man who created dynamite was never seen because he blew his face off. It was his lab assistant who discovered that he had detonated it, and the stuff really worked. Arzt finishes wrapping the dynamite and then explains that dynamite is extremely tempermental, so they can’t take any more of it than they need. Arzt agitates the dynamite too much, though.


And Arzt will never get the satisfaction of sitting with the gym teachers again, as he gets blown to bits by an errant piece of dynamite. The other four are blown away by the blast, as Hurley looks at the destruction in front of him and lets out a devastated “Dude.”

LOST is the program you’re watching, in case you blacked out months ago and woke up just in time to see Arzt kick the bucket.

And now, a word from our sponsors… I remember one person saying that they pretty much did everything but put a red shirt on poor Arzt. We all knew he was going to bite the dust, but not only has he finally died, but he also proves that the dynamite is probably far too unstable to bring back to camp to try and blow the hatch.

At the Sydney airport terminal, Jin gets coffee spilled on him thanks to Sun, but he excuses himself to the restroom. Meanwhile, a security officer apologizes for the mistake made regarding Sayid’s bag and its contents. Of course, Sayid did leave his bag unattended, but it was Shannon who called attention to it by being a bitch. Sayid has a plane to catch, so it’s a good thing that they’re letting him go now.

In the restroom of the Sydney airport terminal, Jin is washing his shirt off as another man asks for a paper towel since the other dispenser is broken. Jin doesn’t speak English, so the man gets it himself and then begins to speak Korean. That gets Jin’s attention as the man reveals that he works for Mr. Paik. He continues to speak in Korean, telling Jin that Mr. Paik knows Jin is planning to run away. But that watch will get delivered to Mr. Paik’s friend in California. Otherwise, Jin will lose Sun. The man’s parting words remind Jin that he is not free, he never has been, and he never will be. The man leaves the restroom…

…and we go to Michael’s Ark II on the waters, as Walt gets everyone to take a look at the island from a distance. Michael wonders how a place that big can go undiscovered, and Sawyer mentions that you can build one hell of a resort there. Michael is happy to be away from that place forever, however. Sawyer begins singing some Bob Marely and Michael and him share a tender moment, which is just all buildup leading to something terrible happening, I’m sure.

Sun sits on the Sand Dune of Reflection, looking out towards the water…as Shannon begins carrying a crapload of stuff AND VINCENT to the caves. Shannon is flustered by all the weight, sobbing immediately as Sayid arrives and notices that one bag has stuff belonging to the deceased Boone. Shannon needs those things and can’t just leave them behind. She then switches gears, wondering why they’re hiding since they’re just going to find them anyway. Shannon thinks it’s too much, but Sayid offers to help carry it as he leads the hike to the caves.

Back at the Black Rock, Hurley finds Arzt’s exploding to be messed up, and then explains to Kate that he blames himself. Hurley describes himself as kind of bad luck, but Kate dismisses it as an accident. Hurley sarcastically agrees…

…as Jack wets a cloth to wrap around dynamite. Locke goes to grab a stick, and Jack stops him, wondering if this is the best way. But Locke knows it’s the only way. Locke grabs the stick, slowly setting it down onto the cloth, and then asks Jack if he ever played Operation. Jack has, of course, being the Good Doctor that he is, and Locke mentions that he always got nailed on the funny bone. As he lifts a second stick up–two should be enough to blow the hinge, three to be “safe”–Locke lets out a buzz that scares the crap out of Jack. Jack tries to smile it off, but Locke is all grins about it. “You like to play games, John?” “Absolutely.” Jack meant that in all seriousness, of course.

Back at the island, Charlie has managed to take a blanket, some wood, and some bamboo to create a bjorn–which is Dutch for…baby carrier. Claire wants to put the baby in there, but here comes Danielle yelling for Sayid. There’s no time to get Jack and Kate, she needs Sayid. Charlie goes off to get him, leaving Danielle alone with Claire. Danielle takes a look at Claire’s baby, and then looks at Claire. Danielle wants to know Claire’s baby’s name, but Claire hasn’t named him yet. Danielle wants to hold him, but Claire tries to change the subject to why Danielle needs Sayid. Danielle takes this as Claire not wanting her to hold him, but Claire doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Danielle asks kindly, and then gets a little too close. She sees the scars on Danielle’s arm and then flashes back to the horrible dream Claire had about her baby being taken away. Claire wants to know why she scratched Danielle, and Danielle continues to get closer to Claire.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Oh no. There goes the Danielle heel turn, as she drifts from a tweener. And now Claire’s baby is officially gone. Of course, it can be explained that Danielle took the baby because it reminded her so much of Alex, including the age of the tot.

Flashback to Charlie looking for some drugs, uncovering a half-naked groupie in the process. She wakes up, as Charlie explains that he has to get ready for the flight to leave to Los Angeles. She wants one more bump for the road as Charlie finds the horse in the bathroom, but then lies and says that it’s all gone. She doesn’t believe that and then finds that Charlie has it in his hands. She wants some, even though she isn’t a fan of Drivethrough–or Driveshaft, as it’s really called. She attacks Charlie and eventually leaves him on the ground when he won’t let go of the drugs. She leaves in a huff, calling him pathetic even though she was the one desperate for the drugs.

Charlie is looking for some Sayid now, and he finds that easily enough too, telling Sayid that Danielle needs her. Sayid can’t imagine what for, until Sun calls for help. Sun is at Claire’s side, holding a bandage on her head that is bleeding heavily. Sayid and Charlie arrive as Charlie notices that the baby is gone. Charlie immediately goes nuts, whacking Sayid with a right hand and blaming him for bringing her to the beach. Charlie takes another swing but Sayid stops him, warning him not to hit Sayid again and if he wants to start assigning blame, there’s plenty to go around. Sayid says that she has a head start but if they move fast, they can catch up. Charlie wonders how that’s possible, and Sayid reveals that he knows where she’s going. Huh?

Back to the Black Rock, as Jack wants to carry all of the dynamite in his pack. Locke wants to split it up, however, putting three sticks of dynamite in two bags, a failsafe just in case one person gets blown up. Jack and Locke agree to be the ones carrying the dynamite, but Kate wants to be the one to do it. Jack wants her to stay out of it, but this is the reason Kate came. Jack is making the decisions for her, though, until Locke interrupts and suggests drawing straws. There’s no time to argue about who gets to risk their life, so it’s time to let fate decide. They all agree with that, as Jack asks if Hurley wants to carry some dynamite. But Hurley is too busy looking at Jack’s back. “You’ve got some…Arzt on you.” Time to draw sticks now, as the short ones carry the packs. It turns out to be Locke and Kate carrying the packs, as Jack shakes his head.

Back on Michael’s Ark II as Michael explains the electronic equipment they’re carrying in hopes of being found. The transmitter will send an S.O.S. and if there’s anybody nearby, it will come up on the radar screen. They turn the equipment on as Michael asks for someone to find them. Meanwhile, Sawyer is reading the messages in a bottle, as Walt complains that those should be private to the people. Sawyer knows this, but is still reading them with his goofy glasses anyway. He didn’t know, for example, that Tracy missed her husband and two kids back in Fresno. But of course, he sleeps next to Scott every night. Walt corrects him, though. “That’s Steve, Scott’s dead.” “Whatever.” Sawyer has to find a way to keep himself entertained, after all. “Who the hell is Hugo and how’s he got $160 million to leave to his mom?” Walt asks how Sawyer would feel if he read Sawyer’s letter. But Sawyer didn’t write one, because the only letter he ever wrote was to the man he’s gonna kill. Why’s he gonna kill that man? ‘Cause he needs to. Why? BECAUSE.

Sayid is running towards the black smoke, because that’s where he figures Danielle’s gonna go. He explains to Charlie that Danielle saw the black smoke 16 years ago, the same day Alex was taken from her. Now that she has a baby, she figures that she can trade Alex for Claire’s baby. Charlie thinks that’s insane, but Sayid doesn’t want Charlie to put reason to her actions, since she’s a mother who’s lost a child–just like Claire. Sayid opens the case and hands Charlie a gun, reminding him that it’s not about revenge, so don’t make it personal. Charlie gives a small nod, but here comes Claire, as she wants to tag along with Sayid and Charlie. Sayid doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Claire is hysterical in insisting that she let this happen, so she needs to fix it. Claire finally breaks down, looking at Charlie and asking him to get Aaron back for her. That’s right, the child’s name is Aaron. Charlie promises to get her back as Claire sobs into his shoulder…and the black smoke billows above.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Not a dull moment to spare in the season finale, as things are moving along at a breakneck pace with a total lack of filler to be found. And there’s still tons of time left in this episode!

In the Sydney airport terminal, Michael asks Walt if he wants something to eat, but Walt is too busy playing some game I’ve never seen before on the Game Boy Advance (product placement)! Michael tells Walt that Vincent is going to be okay if Walt is worried about that. Walt is non-responsive, so Michael says that he has to go call work and tells Walt to stay there. At the phone booths, Michael is calling his mother, asking if maybe she could take him since he has to leave for work at 5 AM every day and there’s no way to know how Walt is going to get to school, how he’s going to get back from school, etc. The mother seems reluctant to agree to this, as a far camera shot of the phone booth and the people walking by reveals someone pushing a wheelchair carrying Locke past Michael. Michael complains that Walt was never supposed to be his, so he doesn’t know what to do with him. Michael hangs up the phone, dejected, and turning around to see Walt right behind him. Michael is ready to think of an excuse but Walt must’ve just gotten there, as he needs new batteries for his Game Boy.

On Michael’s Ark II, Michael offers to let Walt drive the raft. Michael tells Walt to go north by northeast, hopefully putting them in a shipping lane or giving them some kind of land to hit. As Walt aims for the cloud on the horizon, he asks his father why he never stayed together with his mother. It didn’t work out, as everything went in different directions. Walt never saw Michael because Michael’s wife didn’t want him to, and did what she thought was best for Walt. Walt says that his mother was wrong…and then the raft hits something hard and the rudder breaks off. Everything goes into a frenzy as Jin goes to drop the sail and Sawyer dives out after the rudder. Michael grabs the rope from Jin, trying to throw it to Sawyer as Sawyer has a hold of the rudder. The rope gets to him on the second try and Sawyer ties it around the rudder, pulling it and Sawyer back in as Michael congratulates Sawyer on saving their ass and then hands him his shirt.

At the Black Rock, Jack formulates a plan that involves staggering their formation to keep a safe distance from each other, with Jack leading, Kate following, and then Hurley with Locke at the rear. Hurley looks nervous as he’s surrounded by two packs of dynamite and he’s cursed. And if Jack should see or hear anything–“Like a security system that eats people?”–Kate and Locke take off their packs and make a run for it. And so, they’re off.

And now, a word from our sponsors… It doesn’t seem like they’re keeping that safe of distance from each other, but maybe it’ll work out after all. I got a bad feeling about Hurley, I was actually wondering if Hurley was going to stay at the Black Rock to give blessing to the remaining three so that they wouldn’t, you know, explode. And we’re in the home stretch of hour one, by the way.

At the caves, Claire is still in stunned silence after losing Aaron, but everyone is now arriving back at the caves, including Shannon, who takes a look at Dr. Jack’s station where Boone’s life came to an end. Sun says that Boone died bravely, and Shannon thanks her for that. Sun wonders if all this they’ve been through is a punishment, as Jin suggested. The secrets kept, the lies told, but Shannon wonders who could be punishing them. “Fate.” Claire denies that, however. “There’s no such thing as fate.” Claire is apparently in Locke’s camp of everything happening for a reason.

Sayid and Charlie are making tracks towards the black smoke, with Charlie struggling to keep up as they begin to lose daylight. And then Charlie loses Sayid. Oh no. Charlie goes towards Sayid’s voice, and he finally catches up as Sayid suggests a little rest. Charlie doesn’t want to rest but Sayid insists that they must. And so they stop at the site of Boone’s injury. Sayid explains that the plane was full of heroin, and two men dressed as priest–drug runners in disguise. Charlie looks at the heroin at his feet, and the temptations are back. Sayid is ready to leave, though, as Charlie continues to fight the urges.

The staggered formation moves on, taking ginger steps back towards the camp. Hurley wants to talk about the hatch, specifically what’s inside. “Stacks of TV dinners, from the ’50s or something, and TVs…with cable. Some cellphones, clean socks, soap, and twinkies. You know, for dessert after the TV dinners. Twinkies keep for like 8,000 years, man.” Locke likes Twinkies too, but he thinks that hope’s inside the hatch, if you want a serious answer from Locke.

Further along, a loud screeching is heard, but it’s not SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRR, simply a scary bird. “Whoever named this place ‘Dark Territory’…genius.” Along the way, Locke somehow manages to get ahead of Hurley in the formation, but it comes to a stop when Jack and Kate look over in the distance and see a puff of black smoke shoot by. They both saw it, and Kate knows that it’s time to skedaddle. The screeching gets louder, as everyone runs but Locke. And then the ground starts exploding, and everyone makes a run for it, except for Locke, who drops his pack of dynamite… as the SECURITY SYSTEM COMES ALIVE!

Jack calls for Locke to get away from it, and then runs after him. The Security System continues to crunch, as Jack calls for Locke again. The dirt comes up from next to Locke once again, knocking Locke on his ass as Locke gets a good look at the Security System, once again.

And now, a word from our sponsors… That does it for the first hour, as Locke is just too damn curious for his own good.

The second hour begins at The Security System, as Locke finally decides to make a run for it, running back into Jack and the rest of the pack. A creature shrieks as Kate runs back for Jack. Locke gets kicked up by the System and then gets sucked in as gears start clicking backwards, dragging Locke with him. Jack leaps and grabs onto Locke, as they both are dragged, the gears clicking and clicking. Finally, they hit a sinkhole and there’s nothing but black under Locke as Jack hangs onto him for dear life. Kate arrives and Jack asks for the dynamite, so Kate opens her pack…but it was in Jack’s pack the whole time. Kate looks at him weird, but Jack just screams for Kate to go get the dynamite. Locke suggests that Jack just let him go, insisting that he’ll be all right, but Jack refuses to let go. Jack tells Kate to throw the dynamite in, but Locke says that it’ll blow them all up, and tells Jack to let him go again. Kate listens to Jack, tossing the dynamite in as it makes a distant explosion that blows up another part of the system, but the smoke flies right back away as this island is TOTALLY weird and Jack and Kate pull Locke back out of the hole.

On Michael’s Ark II, Michael finds Jin’s Cliff Notes version of the English dictionary and Jin shows that he’s learned quite a few words. The rudder is back together so the raft is ready to go. Michael hands back the watch to Jin, telling him that it’s his, but Jin wants to give the watch to Michael.

At the caves again, Sun has some tea for Claire, but she’s fine…and then takes the tea when Sun silently insists. Sun wonders what Aaron means, but Claire doesn’t know. Sun thinks that they’ll bring Aaron back, but Claire isn’t so sure. Sun said that he would, though. “Charlie will bring your baby back.”

Speaking of which, Sayid and Charlie are making tracks through the jungle and Charlie finds a towel sitting on a rock. Charlie assumes that it’s the baby, but he’s an idiot. He unwraps the towel to find a log, and then a trap falls with rocks in it, one of them making a deep cut on Charlie’s head. Charlie’s cut is too deep and he’ll have to go back, but he wants Sayid to fix it, since he’s a soldier and they have to have some way of healing wounds on the battlefield. Charlie isn’t going back without that baby, so Sayid warns him not to move. He grabs a bullet, twisting it open with tweezers and telling Charlie to tilt his head back and remove the towel. Charlie gets gunpowder poured on the wound, screaming in pain as Sayid grabs a couple of matches. “This is not going to be pleasant.” Charlie is ready though, so Sayid lights the matches on the count of 3 and then lights the gunpowder as Charlie lets out a blood-curdling yell.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Jesus Christ. Charlie better make it back after that crap. First he gets hung and now he gets gunpowder lit on his god damn head?

Hurley is sleeping, but eventually wakes up to see no display on his alarm clock, no light to turn on, and then realizing that he took all of those necessary things out to charge his batteries for his CD player, his headphones, and so on. Hurley calls for his car, but when they say it’ll take 20 minutes, Hurley hustles out the door, since his mother’s birthday is tomorrow and he can’t miss this flight. He goes down the hall to the elevator, but when it opens it’s packed with people. Hurley runs for the nearest exit, as Charlie yells after him that someone has a bloody flight to make. Hurley’s car is there, and he hauls ass to the airport, but his car completely dies…as he watches a plane fly overhead. He runs to the airport, slapping his passport down on the counter as the woman goes as fast as the system will allow, despite Hurley’s impatience. He even has to buy two seats since he’s a larger man, but he gets that done and then the woman says that the flight is already boarding at the international terminal…on the other side of the terminal. The woman gets snippy and says she doesn’t think he’ll make it, so he snatches the ticket and is on the run. He gets in line for the security check, but he cut so he has to go to the back of the line. And who’s next in line? Arzt. Hurley looks at the flight board, noticing another flight and paying an old man with a new hip $1600 to borrow his scooter. And so he scoots on over to gate


where the lady is just closing the door. Hurley asks her to open it back up, and has to call the pilot so that the lady can let him on. “This is your lucky day.” Hurley gives the lady a big hug before making her way out.

And now Hurley is running through the numbers in his head as he walks with Kate. Kate hears one of the numbers, which happens to be 23. 23, of course, was the amount in thousands of dollars being offered for Kate’s arrest in Australia.

Meanwhile, Jack and Locke are teaming together, but Locke doesn’t want Jack to be so close. Jack figures that if they blow up, they blow up. Then he asks about Locke asking to be let go when he was being pulled in by the Security System, since that thing was probably going to kill Locke. Locke seriously doubts that, but the Good Doctor needs a peek inside Locke’s head, to wonder why Locke would assume that the System wasn’t going to hurt him. Locke thinks that he was being tested, as Locke is a man of faith, which makes him much different than Jack, who is a man of science. Locke asks Jack if he thinks this could truly have been an accident, surviving a plane crash, some with only superficial injuries, crashing on this island, of all places? No, John thinks that they were brought here, and that every single survivor has a purpose on this island. Interesting concept. What was the purpose of Joanna? Scott? Boone’s purpose was to make Jack see that he can’t save everyone and that he has to let some patients go sometime. Arzt’s purpose was to warn the rafters about monsoon season and also to warn that the dynamite would be very delicate. Jack wants to know who brought them here, and Locke reveals that it was the island. It chose Jack too, it was destiny. The Good Doctor wonders if Locke talked with Boone about destiny, and John describes Boone as a sacrifice that the island demanded. What happened at that plane was part of a chain of events that brings them to this point. Jack wants to know where the path ends. “The path ends at the hatch.” Everything is surrounding the hatch, they are destined to blow the hatch open. Jack thinks that they’re going to blow it open for survival, but Locke dismisses survival as being relative. Jack doesn’t believe in destiny, but Locke thinks that Dr. Jack does and just doesn’t know it yet.

On Michael’s Ark II, Walt is sleeping and Sawyer is activating the equipment. Michael is worried that the battery is going to run out sooner than what they’ll need to get rescued, but Sawyer reminds Michael that Sayid required that the equipment be turned on every hour. Sawyer then changes gears, saying that Michael’s patience is Sawyer’s favorite trait of his. Walt does whatever the hell he wants, and Michael doesn’t budge. Sawyer would’ve shown him the back of his hand sooner rather than later. Mike wonders if that’s what Sawyer’s dad did to him, but James says that his father never got the chance to beat him, since he shot himself dead when Little Sawyer was only eight years old. Mike then wonders if that’s why Sawyer wants to die. Why would a selfish man like Sawyer go out of his way and risk his life to save everyone else? Two reasons: He wants to be a hero, or he wants to die. “Well…I ain’t no hero, Mike.” And then comes a beep. The beeping continues, and Sawyer looks at the radar. “That what I think it is?” Something’s out there, to the west, and Jin, Sawyer, and Mike are awake to find out what it is as the beeping stays steady.

And now, a word from our sponsors… Well, I’m thinking that this is the Security System making sure the rafters don’t make it. Which is a really big downer to leave us on on the season finale.

Locke is waiting to board, as a flight attendant arrives with bad news: The special wheelchair they used to load disabled passengers has gone missing, so the only other option is to be carried on or miss the flight. So John Locke is carried into his seat by two flight attendants, clearly embarrassed as he’s the first one on the plane. He reaches for a manual in the seat, but loses his grip on it, and can’t reach it due to his lack of legs.

Finally, Hurley, Jack, Locke and Kate all arrive at the hatch. Locke wants Hurley to take some dynamite out a couple hundred yards, and Hurley asks for a flashlight because the whole torch around the dynamite thing is not making sense to him. Locke gets Kate to run the fuses, and Jack and John will rig the charges together. They begin to run the fuse…

…as Charlie and Sayid arrive at a large torch on the other side of the beach There are no tracks or footprints of any kind leading to or away from the torch, but Charlie realizes that this has to be the black smoke. They begin to approach the torch until they hear a baby crying. They both turn towards it as Sayid calls out for Danielle, and Charlie begins to get angry but Sayid calms him. Danielle is sobbing in the distance and finally appears, carrying the baby. “They were not here.” Sayid tells Danielle to hand over the baby, but Danielle just wanted Alex back. Indeed, she thought that a trade of Aaron would get Alex back. Sayid calms her the best he can, and Danielle finally hands the baby over to Sayid, who hands it over to Charlie. Charlie then begins to yell at Danielle, believing now that there were no others and that the fire was started herself. Danielle heard them whispering, though. Charlie thinks she’s a nutjob, though, as Danielle continues to explain that the others where whispering that they wanted the boy. She continues to cry as Charlie walks away with a “You’re pathetic.” The black smoke rages on.

Back at the hatch, Jack and Locke rig the charges, as Locke does everything except for the fuse, which Jack wants to do. And he does it, successfully. They walk away a distance, and then Locke volunteers to light it as everyone gets back. Kate asks Jack as they walk away about Jack’s pack being the one with the dynamite, and Jack says that he doesn’t want drawing straws to make big decisions. “Everybody wants me to be a leader until I make a decision they don’t like.” Jack lets Kate know, however, that if they survive through tonight, they’re gonna have a Locke problem. Jack wants to know that Kate has his back, and she does. Locke wants to get going, and Hurley is on his way, but he drops his flashlight…and the light shines on the numbers imprinted on the side of the hatch. Hurley immediately yells for everything to stop, going hysterical as Locke doesn’t listen and lights the fuse, the fuse burning as it goes closer to the hatch. Hurley tries to stamp it out, but it won’t work because he’s not fast enough, and Jack has to finally dive on Hurley as the dynamite blows.

The beeping returns as we go to Michael’s Ark II, with Walt finally waking up as Sawyer wants to fire the flare gun as he thinks it’s getting closer. But they only have one flare, so it has to be a sure thing. Jin can’t see anything in the horizon, and Sawyer knows that because it’s DARK. Jin wants to know what side it’s on, and they start bickering, but Sawyer interrupts and asks for Han and Chewie to talk to him for a second. Michael isn’t sure that it’s something that is worth firing a flare for, and we don’t even know if it works. Sawyer doesn’t think Sayid’s fixed something that didn’t work after fixing it, and Walt then notes that it’s moving away. The judgment call has to be made, fire it or not. Walt finally beckons his father to do it, and so Michael does. And as the flare is fired, it falls back into the sea as the beeping stops on the radar. And then it returns. Everyone is celebrating, but Jin wants silence. And as the boat approaches, there’s a brief silence. And then a gigantic floodlight hits them and triumphant music blares in the score. Everyone is celebrating…as the boat comes closer. The music continues to play as Michael explains everything, and the man captaining the boat says that’s something else…but they’re gonna have to take the boy. What the hell? Michael doesn’t know what’s going on, and Sawyer’s look is one of the most awesome illuminated in the light. They aren’t gonna give the boy up, so the captain switches the floodlight off and Sawyer draws his gun, but not fast enough, getting shot as Jin dives in after him. They grab Walt and take him away, and Michael tries his best to help, but gets outnumbered and beaten down. He gets thrown into the water, and with no one left on the boat…the last man gets off and throws a grenade on. Michael’s Ark II is destroyed, as Walt screams for his father as the motorboat goes away. Ho. Lee. Shit.

And now, a word from our sponsors… I’m staggered. I knew something was up…could this be the crew of the Black Rock? I mean, there were flies buzzing around them as the captain spoke … this is just insane. Are they the others, maybe?

Back at the caves, Charlie and Sayid arrive carrying Aaron to a distraught Claire, whose day is brightened by seeing her son again. Everyone gathers around the returning baby, and Shannon for some reason is featured out of the group, but it’s because she’s looking over at Sayid, and she runs to him, giving him a big hug.

The music changes its tone as we flashback to Claire, Kate, the Marshal, Sawyer, Jack (who sits in front of Locke), Charlie, Sayid, Jin and Sun, Michael and Walt, all arriving on the plane. Kate has the handcuffs put on her, and Sayid brings out a picture of Nadia. Shannon rifles through her things, but Boone hands over the inhaler. A sweaty Hurley is last on the flight, looking at Walt and giving him the thumbs up, making Walt smile. Hurley takes his two seats, and puts on his headphones, cracking open a comic book…in spanish. With a polar bear on one of the pages. There’s Claire again, and Arzt, and Locke takes a look at Jack and they meet eyes, with Jack nodding and smiling at John.

And now, at the hatch, the four of them approach, looking at the hatch door. Together, Jack and Locke bend down, lifting it off and uncovering what’s inside. The camera falls down inside the hatch, revealing a ladder…that seems to end halfway down.


So, reading TVtome.com, and I missed plenty of number references. Go there yourself if you want to look at them, but I nailed down plenty of them. Anyway, yeah. That was amazing. I’m in shock after watching The Others grab Walt.

Thanks to everyone who put up with my monstrous recaps and the time that I’ve put forth trying to improve them for you as you keep e-mailing me your thoughts and correcting my mistakes. It’s appreciated without limit, and your patience with me, especially in getting these last two recaps up is a blessing for me, as a descriptive writer who has too many things to do in his life.